Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 33

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I love april fools so here is 6 chapters.


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Amaku Yasashii Sekai De Ikiru Ni Wa – 33


I am sitting on Blanc and waiting for Ballad to return. I got a hint of how to finally jump over that last Oxer from Jin and cannot wait to challenge that jump one more time. However, I do not want to break my promise with Ballad, so I wait for his return. He has accompanied me without any complaints and has helped me a lot during this time. Therefore, I feel it is only right to wait until his return.

I am still on top of Blanc while waiting for Ballad. I want to immediately know when he returns, so I stay on Blanc to get a better vantage point. The view when you are more than 2 meters above the ground is quite pleasant, and I can still feel that I am on the ground because of my link with Blanc. As a result, my body does not have any weird feelings.

“Master, he has returned.”(Blanc)

“Oh? Yes, I can see him.”(Doyle)

As I am enjoying the feeling of being taller than usual, I hear Blanc tell me that Ballad has returned. I look in the direction that Blanc is pointing to with his muzzle and can see Ballad riding slowly towards us with a big bag on Amaro. I thought that he would rush back here, but it seems he slowly rode back while enjoying his ride on Amaro. I wonder if his other reason for coming back slowly is to give me more time to rest. While thinking these things, Ballad spots me on top of Blanc and quick dashes towards me. I am afraid that the bag of medicine will break, but considering it’s Ballad who can hold 17 plates and 13 cups while walking perfectly normally,  I throw away this thought. I stay in place and wait for Ballad to arrive.

“Master Doyle!”(Ballad)

He closes the distance almost instantly and comes to a position where I can hear him very clearly. He shouts my name and there is a hint of hostility as well as disappointment . . . I smile wryly. You do not need to worry so much, I did not break our promise.  Ballad is quite the worrywart subordinate.

“That was pretty slow for you Ballad.”(Doyle)

“Why are you on top of Blanc when you should be resting! Did you practice by yourself!?”(Ballad)

“How rude, I am just getting ready to practice. I have not broken our promise.”(Doyle)

I want to say he is too much of a worrywart, but I stop because I am grateful towards this attitude of his. As he starts to say that I broke my word, I tell him otherwise and quietly wait for him to make his decision. Ballad starts to scan the surroundings and check my figure from top to bottom.  As I start to thinking about reassuring Ballad, Blanc starts to speak.

“My Master has been patiently and properly waiting!”(Blanc)

“You see? Even Blanc is vouching for me.”(Doyle)

“I cannot speak horse, thus I am unable to determine what he actually said!”(Ballad)

I try to piggyback on the statement Blanc makes, but I forget that I am the only one who can understand horses. Blanc is upset at Ballad’s words, so I try to comfort him by stroking him.

“. . . Did you truly not practice by yourself?’(Ballad)

“I gave you my word. Also, do you see any injuries anywhere?”(Doyle)

As I see that he will tell me to stop practicing altogether any moment now, I try to convince him some other way. I tell him to check me for injuries, as this will provide conclusive evidence that I did not break my word. It is strange for him not to believe my words immediately, but I guess this time, his anxiety has taken hold of him much more strongly due to my repeated injuries.  He finally breathes a sigh of relief after checking my body and Blanc carefully.

“. . . I will believe you this time, Master Doyle.”(Ballad)

“There is no need to worry. I will at least keep my promises.”(Doyle)

I tell Ballad that I will at least try to keep the promises I make. He looks at me with a discontent expression that contains a hint of frustration.

“I do understand that you have never broken a promise that you have once made! But this matter is not about that! This is truly another matter entirely! You are the only heir to the Aghinis name and my only master! It is only natural for me to worry like this.”(Ballad)

“. . . Is that so?”(Doyle)

I am surprised at Ballad’s response, as he simultaneously tells me off and praises me. He sets down the bag full of medicine that he obtained from Leo and speaks in a slightly angry voice.

“It is so!”(Ballad)

I am slightly taken back by Ballad this time because I have not seen him like this before, but since he gave the ok to continue the practice, I try to challenge the Oxer again.

“Then I will challenge it once more. Please give the signal when I am in position, okay Ballad?”(Doyle)

“. . . Understood.”(Ballad)

I tell Ballad that I am going to resume practice and tell him to give me the signal when I am back in position. He connects Amaro’s reins to the fence near the well and replies to me in a slightly discontent tone.

. . . I thought this the day I made the bouquet for Claire, but Ballad has this aura around him whenever he starts to be angry. He gives you the feeling that you should not disobey him, but I think it is also because he is usually very obedient and follows the order to the letter.

I still feel that aura so I start to quicken my pace as I return to the start point. I wonder if there is some other aura or matter he may be angry about?

I wonder if Leo said something to him?

While thinking these things, I return to the start position and readjust myself.



“Are you ready?”(Doyle)


Blanc gives a loud cry shortly after saying that. He seems to be delighted with this. I stroke him and pat his back to signal that I am also ready. I wait for Ballad’s signal. The burden on my chest seems to be lighter, and I feel my heart racing. I strongly grip the reins and look forward at the first obstacle. Ballad swings the flag to signal to me, and I ride out with Blanc immediately.

We easily jump over the first three obstacles and run towards the fourth and fifth Oxer obstacles. They do not pose any problems either, and we continue on. One after another, we jump over the obstacles until we come upon the last three combination obstacles. Blanc is running smoothly, and I do not disturb his movements with any weird pulls on the reins. We get over the eighth and ninth obstacles and come upon the last oxer.

As I make my way to the last Oxer, I close my eyes. I can ride Blanc even with my eyes closed. I keep balance with the vibrations I feel from my feet and body. Blanc is also a very skilled horse. Thus, he did not make any weird movement, proceeds towards the last obstacles, and jumps at the correct time. I open my eyes and feel that jumping over that obstacle is quite easy . . . I have learned something truly important from Jin.

———Skill [Horse and Rider as One] obtained——-

I feel I have obtained a new skill and pat Blanc who has performed remarkably.

“. . . Thank you, Blanc.”(Doyle)

“Please do not worry Master, I will handle everything. Blanc will forever support you as far you require, no matter the distance!”(Blanc)

Blanc proudly states that he will go on no matter the distance and carry me no matter what. I stroke his mane in gratitude.

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Thanks for the chapter!


Thanks for the new chapter!


Thank you for the chapter.


Thanks for the chapter! For some reason, I just had an image of a chibi Doyle just enjoying the feeling of being higher than 1 meter. It was hella cute.


Thanks for the chapter.

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