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Looking for Editors/Proofreaders

Looking for Chinese Translators!

We are in dire need of more Editors…
As you can see there has been an increase in the release rate…
Furthermore, there are few novels which have been delayed because of no editors…
Other than that, we are also starting some new translations, while some novels are also planned to be moved over…

If you are interested in editing any of the novels, we are doing… Please apply…
We are specifically looking for editors for the following novels.. :

  • It’s Impossible My Evil Overlord is so Cute
  • Higawari Teni
  • Starting From Zero

Being an editor allows you early access to all the chapters on our site…

To be an editor, you are required to do our editors test, Please read instructions carefully..

Editor Testhttps://goo.gl/ewMxYN

After completing the test send it to us via Discord (Click Here to Download) Discord: Rythrinx#4565 / [email protected]

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