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Should we pick up “The Crimson Dragon” again?

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As you can see, we have dropped this novel, however, we have a plan to pick it up again, but there is still a problem. When I read the chapters of this novel further, I saw some unpleasant content in this novel. The protagonist killed a lot of people without mercy. He even built a concentration camp and put people into gas chambers. I’m worried that people will associate it with Nazism. So, do you think that it will cause problems? Should we pick up this novel again?

I can tell you the story here. The protagonist, Claudius, as a dragon, fell into a deep sleep for over a hundred years. When he woke up, he found that his city had been stolen by humans, so he laughed at these “thieves” and put them into a concentration camp without mercy. Undoubtedly,  this plot is “against humanity”. Therefore, we are worried that it will cause problems if we pick it up again. What do you think about it?


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