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Blade Online - Chapter 32 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online – Chapter 32

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Translator: humbletroll

Here’s something my Editor wants to say:

I saw LOGAN … It was good. The female wolverine is very vicious.

Chapter 32


The Bone Spider moved to attack us at a terrifying speed using all of its eight legs. I evaded the attack by moving sideways. I cut the rear of the spider using 〈〈Void Slash〉〉 and a transparent slash cut the spider’s peculiar buttocks1(rear) off. The HP of the spider did not decrease by much. Even if given at my level and the fact that I used 〈〈Void Slash〉〉, there wasn’t much damage.Though the Bone spider had a comparatively strong defense, but it looks like my 〈〈Void Slash〉〉 wasn’t strong enough for boss level monsters.

The Bone Spider stood up on its four legs and looked back.

The Bone Spider jumped on us just as it is to crush us. Using 〈〈Step〉〉 we jumped backwards and evaded it. As for the attack, when it fell down, a great shock wave was released in the surroundings. Naturally, Bone Spider received some damage itself when it fell down so it could not attack soon hence I waited for the shock wave to disappear. As the Bone Spider wouldn’t be able to move for a while, so it’s our the best chance to attack it. We approach it in a dash and attacked it at same time using respective skills.

“〈〈Force Slash〉〉”
“〈〈Tri Stab〉〉”
“〈〈Heavy Swing〉〉”

My quadruple, Rin’s Tri stab and Ryuu’s new skill – “Heavy Swing” simultaneously hammered onto the Bone Spider’s face. We were able to reduce its HP by 30% at a stretch. It was written on the bulletin board that the Bone Spider would not be able to move once it uses its skill. So, we retreated as soon as the attack was over. A few seconds later, the Bone Spider straightened up and vigorously attacked with its sickle-like chelicera at the spot where we were a while go. Chelicera were the 2 fang-like things you see on a spider’s mouth. If someone got caught in that huge scissor-mouth then there would no escape. It’s important to gather information after all.

*Shaaaa* The moment the Bone Spider shrieked while shaking his chelicera, about 10 skeletons came out from under the ground. Indeed. It’s difficult to fight both Bone spiders and skeletons at the same time. It would have been difficult for Ryuu and Rin alone, but since I was here so there wasn’t any problem. I quickly eliminate the emerging skeletons using 〈〈Void Slash〉〉.

“It feels like cheating already.”

Ryuu who saw it smiled wryly. It was no such thing to that degree. If it were the lead group then it would be easy for them.

The Bone Spider started to move again. It was a Charge attack. We split to left and right to avoid the attack.


The Bone Spider did not stop after doing this once. It vigorously turned back and charged again. Rin was its target. I became stiff due to astonishment. Shit! I instructed them beforehand to be careful because charging attack would not be over after one time.

Ryuu ran at the same time I shouted at her to avoid it. He tried to intercept the Bone Spider in the middle of its charge by pushing away Rin with all his strength and placed himself in front of it while holding his axe. Too rash. At your level, it’s impossible to face the charge of such thing from the front.
(TL: This reminded of Ryosuke trying to stop shinigami’s GTR with his FC but the ending is not same here. For those who don’t understand, it’s Initial D reference)

I clicked my tongue and dashed with everything I had. I am pretty confident of the speed that I had trained in “Bloody Forest”. However, I could not make it in time. Ryuu used 〈〈Heavy Swing〉〉 and swung his axe downwards onto the face of Bone Spider. As his axe struck the head of Bone Spider, at the same time Ryuu got blown away by its charge. After flying in the air not knowing for how many meters, finally after a few seconds he dropped and tumbled on the ground. Ryuu’s HP was decreasing at an alarming rate. Even though he won’t die thanks to 〈〈Vitality〉〉, but the sensation of pain in this world was almost same as the real world. Ryuu dropped down dead tired. He may not be able to move for a while, Shit! isn’t this same as the previous2 boss fight!?

I rushed to Ryuu and picked him up. It seems that he still hasn’t lost his consciousness. He somehow managed to hold on.

“Ryuu quickly drink the potion!”
“Yes…… Sorry……”

Ryuu who forced a smile while having a pained expression took out a potion from item box and slowly swallowed. HP was restored into the safe zone. It’s safe for the time being. The pain would not disappear instantly, but he should be able to recover himself in few minutes.

Rin came running towards us while looking ghastly pale and having tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……. Forgive me Onii-chan…..”

She thought that Ryuu was killed by that single slow. After knowing that he was alive, she felt relieved but then began shedding tears….. It was impossible to fight like this anymore. It can’t be helped. Looks like I have to tell them to fall back and defeat the boss myself huh?

“Both of you, fall back. I will defeat that thing.”
“Please wait……..”

Just as I was going towards the Bone Spider. When I looked back, he(Ryuu) already stood up and his facial expression seemed to be quite comfortable too.

“We will also fight. There would be no meaning if we leave everything to Akatsuki-san only.”
“Let us fight!”

Rin and Ryuu said so with a serious expression. I don’t have any reason to not let them fight.

“Understood. Act as discussed during the briefing.”
When I said so, both of them broke into a joyful expression for an instance and returned to serious look again.

From here on, our attack was excellent. While avoiding the charge and pressing attacks of Bone spider, whenever we got an opportunity, we would go all out with our attacks. Since I knocked down the immediately created skeletons so there weren’t any problems. The Bone Spider crawled up the wall and the came right 3 above us and rocked his body shudderingly.
Then a large number of bones fell off from its body. His body was getting smaller, however, it’s not a problem.

We avoid the falling bones. If I am not mistaken, the bones would form into huge Skeleton which was bigger than normal ones. The bone stuck together and transformed into three big Skeletons. Two of them were cleared up by 〈〈Force Slash〉〉 and a remaining skeleton was defeated by Rin and Ryuu using a combo of 〈〈Tri Stab〉〉 and 〈〈Force Swing〉〉.

When the Skeletons were finished, the Bone Spider which became smaller than usual suddenly fell down. It was written on the Bulletin Board that some members of Lead Group became the prey of this sudden fall. Of course, we avoided it since we knew about this. The Bone Spiders HP reduced by 10% due to rebound by the floor. The scattered fragments of the Skeletons fly around.

“Let’s end this!!”

Together, we gave one last blow to the immovable Bone Spider. With that, the Bone Spider’s HP became zero. The Bone Spider’s trembled while giving out a scream and its bone fell around itself. In the end, they were only ordinary bones and model has disappeared. The bones which were scattered became grains and disappeared.

TL Notes:
1 Buttocks here means the bulging back part of spider which is the abdomen of a spider and is called Opisthosoma. I guess author wrote like this to make it easy to understand or he was lazy to google it. See this for more info.
2 See Chapter 20 for information.
3 The monster was clung to the roof of the pit. Like this – spider

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