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Blade Online Chapter 39

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Translator: Kuro_Ouji78

Editor: hdggxin

So, since humbletroll was kinda busy I filled in for him here. If there are any mistakes(especially with the names and nicknames) please point it out.


A new path was created thanks to the human caterpillar knocking down all the trees in the way. While carefully evading the tree fragments, we made our way forward. We arrived at the resting place in about two minutes by foot. The sun was setting  and sound of lot of insects could be heard from around us which made mine and Rin’s heart beat faster. It seems that there were many nocturnal monsters. Fortunately, because the setting was in such way that no monster would appear on the way to resting area, we did not have to fight against any nocturnal monster.

There were more than ten stumps which were to be used as chairs and there were ten tents to stay in. It was made considerably larger than the previous one for players to stay in overnight. However, there were no players to be found. Actually, there was no one to be seen in the entire area. When I asked Kokuu, I found out that this area was unpopular when compared to the <<Undead Carnival>>. Well, I guess I will go along with it. But I have to say, it is quite creepy that rotten corpses are more popular than the hive of insects.

Since there were a lot of tents, we decided to use it appropriately. After a little break, the party gathered at the centre of the resting area for dinner.

I decided to build a fire using the items kokuu had such as firewood and firestones. Everyone sat around the fire. Dinner was meat that Kokuu got from a monster which he defeated somewhere in the area. I decided to roast and eat it. And the drink was barley tea.

Just like in anime and mangas, the huge meat seemed soft with bones sticking out from both its ends. We cooked it with the fire until we confirmed that it was finely cooked.
I took a bite off the meat with a *Gui* sound and chewed it in my mouth. Every time I chewed it, a lot of meaty juice gushed into my mouth. It had a wild taste different from beef, pork and chicken. Because the taste of food in this world used real taste data, there should be a meat that tastes the same in reality, but this is the first time I ate such a meat. Rin and Ryuu also seem to enjoy the meat.
I removed the oily taste by drinking barley tea and I talked to Kokuu who sat diagonally from me while eating the meat elegantly……. I tried not watch as I saw Kakeshi-san eating meat with an indescribable face as the juice dripped from his mouth.

“What kind of guild is the << Ouroboros>> that Kokuu belongs to? I once checked it on the bulletin board. ”

I started talking as Kokuu took out a white handkerchief from somewhere and wiped his mouth.

“What kind of……. Well… The current Guild Master of the<<Ouroboros>> was one of the strongest player candidates along with <<Storm Emperor>> and <<Meteor>>”

“Certainly, Kuryuu-san was《Epicentre》 right?”

“Well, Kuryruu-san is surely an amazing person, it has only been a few months since this game started and <<Ouroboros>> and <<Shining Light>> started at the same time. But then, it grew with an unstoppable momentum. At first, we came second at the first event and the second time we came first.”

As Kokuu spoke passionately about his guild master Kyuruu, a look of yearning could be seen in his eyes mixed with admiration. A tremor ran down my spine.

” Kuryuu-san isn’t the only amazing person, but all the top brass is amazing. The top brass consists of seven people. They are nicknamed <<Dragon’s Fang>>, <<Dragon’s Claw>>, <<Dragon’s Wing>>, <<Dragon’s Eye>>, <<Dragon’s Arm>>, <<Dragon’s Foot>>, <<Dragon’s Tail>>.  The title of <<Dragon’s Foot>> is still available. So, that is my aim for now. By the way, the top brass and the sub master are different.”


It really was quite confusing. But it seemed quite steady and it might be okay to leave Ryuu and Rin here. I plan to get out soon so I don’t care much about all these top brasses.

After the meal, Kokuu went into the forest to get some materials he wanted. These were the materials that could only be obtained from nocturnal monsters. Kaniya-san and the others retreated into their tents leaving me with Ryuu and Rin in front of the bonfire.

Ryuu wiped the grease off the Rin’s mouth. A red-faced Rin yelled as she hit Ryuu on his chest. It was a pleasant sight. My cheeks also loosened. When we were kids I also used to wipe the sauce off the Shiroi’s face the same way and her face would also turn red.

—-What is Shiori doing right now, I wonder?

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about Shiori right now. The feelings of apologizing for what happened in the real world and the resentment for being abandoned are mixed together. I don’t know what to do. But, I have a feeling that I would find an answer if I meet her. It’s just an intuition though.

“You guys are really close”

Looks like my thoughts leaked from my mouth. The two of them stopped playing and looked at me.

“Ryu…… You only act like a big brother at unreliable times like these!”

Rin pushed Ryuu, who was sitting next to her, lightly and, moved to sit next to me. Ryuu tried to sit next to her but Rin stuck her tongue out along with a “breee..” sound. Ryuu smiled and sat down next to me instead.

“Is that so? But Ryuu seems quite reliable though?”

“That’s not true. When we were in the real world…………..”

After that, for about thirty minutes, Rin told stories that told the truth about Ryuu. Seriouly!? You mistook cold medicine for laxatives and drank it?

“But Ryuu’s my one and only onii-chan..”

When Rin said so with an embarrassed face, my chest hurt. I remember a similar thing that Shiroi said long ago. Shiori’s face at that time floated in my head and I felt like my chest was tightening. To shake the feeling of, I looked at Ryuu who heard Rin’s dialogue. At that time, Ryuu screamed as he fell backwards from his chair.

I saw it.

I saw it.

A blade sticking out of Ryuu’s left side of his chest.
Ryuu’s HP dropped to zero.

“Suzu……, Please….”1
Ryuu’s figure turned into grains of light and disappeared.

Author Notes:

Ryu had “Vitality” for instant death avoidance, which was an accessory skill of the armor he found in golem mountain, but “life force” has been lost because he changed his armor.
By the way, the current armor which he was wearing had the highest defense power.

TL Notes :

1 This is Rin’s actual name

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