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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Volume 1 Released on Amazon!

We just published Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God, Volume 1 (from c1 to c83) on Amazon Kindle! To support us go and purchase the book or drop a review if you have already read the novel (or its manga, which you can find by searching for its title on google)!…

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Free Book Promotion!

Our ebook “I, Hentai Manga Artist” is currently running a Free Book Promotion on amazon! You can buy it for free from Friday, July 12, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 11:59 PM PDT.

If you want to read a hilarious, light story, I personally strongly recommend this ebook to you!

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The Almighty Asura: Book 1 – Released on Amazon


In the turbulent era, under the reign of cunning hero, the young man of iron and blood fights his destiny. His father was murdered, twenty thousand of his people was slaughtered. This young man accidently attains a mystery book of Asura, and then he begins his journey of revenge with fierce and blood!

Book Details:
From Chapter 1 to Chapter 61

To support us please go buy the book on amazon or drop a review on it if you have read earlier chapters.  We will shortly start re-releasing the chapters of it on Zenith.. 

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Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters – Book 1 Released on Amazon!


Kitahara Shinichi passed through into a world flooded with ghosts.
Hell was empty, all gods had died, only the ghosts were revived and raging in the world.
Just this month, 6 people died at school in a row. Bugs with human faces were laughing quietly. A little girl in red peeped at him secretly.
Finally, he returned home. His parents were killers who had been wanted for years. His sister was a zombie feeding on human flesh. His childhood sweetheart was a ghost returned from hell.
But, he didn’t know any of it because he had lost his memories.
Well, from now on, all he could do was struggling for survival.

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Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters?

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