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Twin Sword & Infinity Armament

Good news,

The translator for Twin Sword & Infinity Armament has joined our site…

All the previous chapters of both novel has been edited, so it would be good to start from the beginning if you read early..

Our editors team has spent a lot of time on editing all the chapters for us!

Team: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade,Brandon, Cherry Blossoms, Kensei, Ryan, Sascha 

Translator: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

For now both novels will release a single chapter every week!

Welcome them and Enjoy the Read!

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Peerless Demonic Lord – New Translator

Good News again! 
We finally got a good translator for Peerless Demonic Lord

Such a promising novel, with huge potential… 

Everybody please welcome “Immortal Dreamer”…

He will be doing 4 Regular Releases a Week…. and 40$ per additional Chapter… 

Wish him luck and Enjoy the awesome read!! 

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Looking for Editors / Proofreaders

We are trying to bring over a few more novel translations…

So currently we dont have enough editors, and some releases are being delayed…

So if you have good skills in English language then, lend us a hand….

Apply by using the contact form! If you are interested!

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The Nine Godheads Special Sponsored Chapters

As you know, we have a new translator on board,

The translator is having a promotion from today till 9th of September

Where they will be doing sponsored chapters for 10$ instead of 20$

So support the translator the best you can!

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New Translator for The Nine Godheads

Good news!

We finally got a new translator on board for The Nine Godheads!

He is a good translator with already an on-going translation!

Please welcome daryldyh

He will begin his work by re-editing Chapter 31..

He will be doing regular 2 releases per week and 20$ per additional sponsored chapter!

Hopefully the regular number of chapters increase as time goes depending on demand! 😀

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No TNGH till thursday

So, as it says above, there will be no Nine Godheads up to thursday. I am really sorry for the inconvienience, but i have some matters that i must attend to. Stay tuned for more chapters in the future, and thank you for all the support you guys are showing me 😀



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NovelUp: A feed reader app for mobile

Cover art

NovelUp is a blog aggregator for RSS and Atom feeds.

Best RSS feed reader for asian fantasy novel translations.

Read hundreds of translated novels and daily translations.

Always keep updated on various releases from the top novel providing sitess!

Its available on both iOS & Android…

 NovelUp- screenshot



Download for:




Please note that its still on development stage, so thre could be bugs, as new features are also still being added…!

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