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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin

Chinese Title: 起源树下的猎人
Author: 牧官/ Mu Guan
Novel Status: Completed
Total Chapters in Raw: 1011 Chapters
Translation Status: Ongoing
Raws: HBooker


Wang Ji was revived in the summer of 2017. After waking up, he realized that his brain has a part missing.

An unknown short message warned him that a Destroyer, which could destory human civilization easily, had took root and sprout. This civilized world had entered the countdown of its death. He was the only person who could stop it, and he had only less than 18 hours.

The Item Support from other worlds were the keys to save this world. They were being disguised as clues and was dropped into the city Wang Ji lived. 

Ninjutsu artefacts, Assassin personas, and magical items from black market had been dropped into Wang Ji’s world, helping him against the disasters from unknown spaces. After reviving into this world, Wang Ji wasn’t an ordinary person anymore. He would become an unprecedented hunter in the history of the whole world!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, War