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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – The Impoverished Vampire

The cold air and the low pressure was still swirling in the living room, but at least the two “culprits” did not intend to continue their war. Hao Ren sighed. He put away the teapot which had been frozen into a lump of ice, and looked at the tea table which had been scrapped, feeling that life was probably just such a scenario: 80-90 percent of life experiences were disappointing, and the remaining 10-20 percent was even more disappointing…

But anyway, Vivian and Lily finally believed that each other was telling the truth, well, perhaps not entirely convinced, but at least they promised they would not fight temporarily – As long as each other did not give herself away, they would continue to treat each other as neutral units.

This was the result of a dialogue for a full hour; the result of presenting the facts and logical reasoning for a full hour; and Hao Ren venturing to preserve his dignity as the landlord to an extreme. While keeping the two girls patiently listening to each others’ interpretation reluctantly, they proved what they said was true in their own ways: Lily proved that she did not coerce the landlord by calling “Roll” to testify, and then she showed Vivian her hand, indicating that there was no spirits of blood on her hand; she did not curse Hao Ren. Vivian decided to believe her as she looked too soft-headed; Vivian proved that she could restrain her vampire’s instinct to suck blood, by letting Hao Ren find a congealed duck blood in the refrigerator… to be honest, Hao Ren thought that this way was more unreliable than any other methods, but the magical thing was that Lily actually believed….. Could you believe that, Lily actually believed?

After everything was settled, Hao Ren had the chance to ask why Vivian had paid a visit this morning. As Vivian looked quite surprised when she saw him, she did not seem to have come for Lily exclusively.

Vivian nodded, pulling out a colorful paper from her small bag, “I followed this address because I am looking for a house to live in.”

Lily, who was sitting next to the tea table, suddenly transformed into the werewolf form, her pair of animal ears suddenly stood up, and suddenly, she had a strong, terrible feeling!

Hao Ren was surprised too, and he discovered that it was cut off from a newspaper after receiving it, which was exactly the rental ad he put up two days ago! How come that there had been no tenants for half a year, while suddenly they were coming here continuously?

And most importantly, why were none of them “normal” humans!

“Umm… the address is right,” Hao Ren’s facial expressions was weird, wondering what went wrong with his life. He looked at Vivian up and down, “Did you come here to rent?”

“Yes.” Vivian nodded repeatedly.

Hao Ren asked tactlessly: “Why my house……”

His implication was that why would such an abnormal event happen to them, but Vivian apparently got him wrong; the vampire girl winked, “Because the rent here is very cheap, well, I don’t have much money, and this is the only house I can afford – I really do not want to live in the wilderness, the ruins or the cemetery like before.”

Since Hao Ren opened his mouth a few minutes ago, he hadn’t found a chance to close it. He was shocked by the vampire girl’s calmness and her living conditions: Wasn’t it said that vampires were the most elegant aristocrats in the dark? How come that the one in front of him lived such a dire life?

“This house is really quite cheap, and you may stay here if you are not afraid of its remote location,” Hao Ren nodded. After being stunning for a few seconds, there was still a trace of shock in his face, but anyway, as the saying goes, you will not feel more tickling when you have enough lice, and you will have no worry about your debt when you already have too much1. Furthermore, there was already a werewolf, and because of that, he could already predict that his life would become abnormal in the foreseeable future. He didn’t care about the additional vampire living here, just as a “fun” to his life.

“But I have to point out one thing in advance, you cannot stir up trouble… while I certainly will not give away both of your situations, at least I am afraid you may murder me to hide the secret.”

Saying murder, Ren Hao was, in fact, not too concerned with it: both of the girls in front of him were not the same with those legendary creatures, and regardless of whether they were heterogeneous in their own kinds or not, they still looked pretty innocuous in this place.

But just as Vivian and Hao Ren was about to agree on the rent, Lily suddenly banged the table and stood up, “Wait a minute! Are you telling me that I will live with this rat with wings? Under the same roof?”

You could see her degree of slow-mindedness. 2

A cracking sound echoed out, and the tea set, which already had a bunch of cracks, finally could not hold together.

“Do you really think I’m willing to live with you beast?!” Vivian was also agitated, but at least she still remembered the truce agreement promised like before, and she did not leak the cold air casually, “If it were not for my severe poverty, who would come living here!”

Hao Ren suddenly felt that perhaps to refusing Vivian was the right way. Letting this werewolf live with a vampire under the same roof would definitely cause trouble, and their temper would really let him doubt whether they would comply with the agreement! And besides, the rent also didn’t count too much…

But he had already gone too far, and changing what he had already said was certainly inappropriate. As such, he could only appease Lily who looked unhappy, “All right, all right, Vivian do not seem like a bad guy, and we have agreed on accepting her… Oh wait! I am the landlord, and this is MY home! Why the hell should I consult you!”

Hao Ren finally remembered this fact in the last minute: This is his own territory, and when did the two creatures begin acting like they were the householder?

He could only attribute this to the fact that the two girls’ sense of presence was incredibly strong, and under the impact of a series of events, his brain, which was not originally excellent, began malfunctioning.

Lily made a guilty smile, and the werewolf girl, who was nowhere near the legends, nodded as she shrank her neck, “Then you make the decision. However, I still do not like this thing with long wings.”

“That’s more like it.” Hao Ren nodded as he held his arms on his chest. At the same time, he was already planning how to make the two who were far from normality live in harmony in the future days… Harmony was not quite possible, and he just needed to avoid them destroying the house. In fact, he had already been intimidated by such a chaotic life, and if possible, he really wanted to invite the two to leave. However, there were two problems: First, the two superwomen were not good to offend, and although they seemed agreeable, if he drove them off without a plausible reason, it would definitely cause trouble, and Hao Ren did not dare t take the risk; Secondly, Hao Ren did not feel that he could beat any of the two Superwomen, and in case his magic of words did not work, it would be game over. His situation was just like riding a tiger.

In fact, the two reasons above could be aggregated into one: how on earth could a human bargain with two monsters!

But no matter how difficult his situation was, he still tried to use all of his meager power to maintain his “normal” life which seemed to be ending soon. But just as he was lost in thought, an almost earth-shattering scream suddenly came from beside him.

“Ah! My purse!”

Vivian almost bounced up from the sofa, and although the vampire girl was usually able to keep a little elegance, now her elegance had vanished completely… well, she lost her purse

“It must be last night… Last night I was hit dizzy by this bastard, and I lost my purse somehow!” Vivian searched her body and the mini bag she brought for a long time, and then she finally looked at Lily in despair, “You stupid dog! That was my last amount of living costs! You pay me!”

Lily’s face was slightly embarrassed, but she looked away, “You can’t blame others just because you are lacking something. You don’t have money to rent, and I also do not need to look at your stupid face!”

But after a moment, Lily looked back, “Maybe you should look for it at the door or the streets nearby? Perhaps it fell on the ground.”

It proved that this soft-headed werewolf really had a kind heart.

“I flew very far to find a bright place under the moon to restore my strength yesterday night,” Vivian was dispirited, “How can I find out where I dropped it… Woo, my last living expenses, I have saved it for too long… this is the fourth time I lost money this month, and that was my last sum of money!”

Hao Ren’s eyebrows were twitching: How could the vampire lead such a miserable life? Wasn’t she a noble in the night?

But he soon realized that there was another great thing: It seemed that he didn’t need to worry about the scene where the vampire and the werewolf would have a big fight. At this moment, he finally had a sound reason to let Vivian leave.

Long live the peace!

  1. The Chinese saying is: “虱子多了不痒债多了不愁”
  2. “You”: Sometimes the author used the first-person view to “communicate” with the readers directly, Tucao on the characters from another narrative tone.

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