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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 The Mysterious Call

The plan he thought was actually very plausible, but ultimately, Hao Ren was too ashamed to just drive Vivian away. As mentioned before, he was a good man – he would not join the fun if he could not offer a hand, but in no way could he turn a blind eye whenever he could indeed help a person. If he just drove Vivian away, then what? This vampire, who seemed to be living a miserable life, might be forced to live on the streets, or perhaps just like she said, live in the wilderness, the ruins or the cemetery overnight with no food or drink, no shelter or work, and whichever train station she went, she would definitely alarm the auxiliary police. Even if she wouldn’t end up in compulsory custody, it would still be forced repatriation… how pathetic.

To simply watch such a beautiful girl sank into that dilemma, most people did not have the heart.

Hao Ren was still really wondering though how a real vampire like her would be reduced to such a state. However, it was truly hard to say, because the vampire before him was quite unusual. Anyways, not even a single vampire in any kind of fiction or movie could stay stubborn to this extent. Not only was the vampire before him poor, she was also some sort of a hypocrite and loved humans.

However, he didn’t say directly that Vivian could stay at no expense: his kind heart had a limit, and he had not reached the level of a saint. Besides, he had to take into account the feelings of Lily, who paid her rent normally, so he could only made a compromise and let Vivian pay back what she owed as rent after she found a job or the purse.

“Is that really OK?” Vivian did not seem to believe that there was such a good thing happening on her, and she looked at Hao Ren incredulously, “It may take quite a long time for me to repay the money, as my luck in fortune is really poor… ”

Hao Ren’s eyebrows were shivering. He looked at the vampire girl’s facial expressions, heard her tones, and began to wonder how miserable she had been everyday?

“No need to worry about that, you just, live here, ” Hao Ren waved his hand, and turned to Lily who looked unhappy. “That’s final! This is my house, so at least for rent, I make decisions. ”

Then he looked at Vivian. “There is an room available upstairs, I’ll take you there, but your luggage? ”

He should have asked this earlier. Lily, who had simply come from another city, had lugged a hundred kilograms of suitcases. This poor vampire girl was unlikely to have lived simply with just her clothes, right?

“Oh, it’s outside!” Vivian finally remembered her luggage, rushed out and brought in an old rucksack through the door, luckily, her misfortune in wealth had not spread to her stuff, as the big bag which had been left for so long had not been stolen.

After seeing Vivian’s bags, Hao Ren could not help but sigh. He vaguely remembered that when his father was still alive, he often carried a rucksack of similar style on business trips, and the package that had been passed down from his grandfather …… He wouldn’t see vampire-related movies any more.

Just as he was heading upstairs to help Vivian prepare the room, a loud rumbling suddenly came from the side. Lily stood up awkwardly, rubbing her belly. “Landlord, shall we eat?”

Hao Ren looked up at the wall clock, and noticed that it actually was ten o’clock. With the great disturbance from this morning, He had almost forgotten “breakfast”, this setting. The only member who had filled “his” stomach was “Roll” itself!

“Damn, my life is worse than a cat’s.” He joked muttering, and then heard Vivian’s pleasant surprised voice. “Really? You provide free meals? Do I need to pay extra fees for the meals?”

Vampire girl ‘s face was filled with surprise and happiness. Hao Ren very much wanted to tell her the truth that in fact the meals was not free and right now this was because it was the special period, but after seeing she was immersed in the glee he could not say a word. Holy crap…… it was toooo pathetic for a vampire to live such a miserable life!

As breakfast had been delayed until this time, it was more like lunch, So Hao Ren decided to cook what he was best at – noodles. Anyways, Lily had said that she was an omnivorous werewolf, and someone as poor as Vivian did not seem fastidious about food, so he could just make a simple meal. Of course, before going to the kitchen, he turned and asked the vampire girl: “Vivian, do you eat normal food? It is said that vampires only drink blood, as they cannot digest normal food. ”

He suddenly felt chills crawl up his neck!

“I am a member of the Blood Tribe1, not a low-level vampire,” Vivian first seriously corrected his error, then scratched her face shyly, “Although some Blood Tribe members really can only digest blood, I can eat ordinary things, as I have no choice: In these years,  whether it is a human or an animal, they just carry too many strange diseases. If I accidentally drink some contaminated blood my stomach would ache for several days, so I have to check the target’s certificate of health before sucking their blood. Sometimes, even if they have a health certificate, it may have been forged…… I really cannot stand this, so I have not touched blood for several years. ”

Hao Ren: “……”

Just as he was heading towards the kitchen, a loud ring suddenly came from the arm of the sofa. Lily pounced, holding Hao Ren’s Nokia phone, which had nearly five years of history, and yelled out, “Landlord, phone call! From a very strange number! ”

Hao Ren ran over and took the phone, then wondered what number could be called as a “strange number”. When he saw it, he was really dumbfounded. The number on the screen was 00000012345!

Was there really such a phone number in the world?

The monotonous Ringtones kept ringing persistently, and Hao Ren could not help but pinch his cheek to determine that he was not in an illusion. Somehow, he felt that it was getting louder, gradually giving him a feeling that the sound was coming from all directions, and it felt like the mobile phone was gradually becoming hotter and the ring’s pace was becoming quicker…… His sixth sense ,which had been really weird since his childhood, was also restless, indicating that the call was extraordinary.

Like he was cursed to, he involuntarily pressed the answer key, and put the phone beside his ear. “Hello? Hello there? ”

There came a melodic, but somehow loud mouthed, female voice. “Hello Hello? Is that Hao Ren? ”

“Yes, this is Hao Ren,” Hao Ren said, while trying to recall when he had disclosed his phone number, and at the same time recalling when he had become  acquainted with a woman with a similar voice, but simply could not recall anything, “Who are you?”

“Don’t mind that temporarily,” the strange woman said out loud, and judging by the background noise she seemed to be calling from a very noisy place. Occasionally he could hear a strange whistling sound, perhaps it was from a construction site. “I am a member of the Spac …… oh, an import/ export trading company. You submitted your resume two days ago? I am informing you about your interview this afternoon. ”

Import and export trading company? Hao Ren was puzzled for a moment, then he remembered, indeed he had submitted quite a few resumes before he had decided to look for a job in the city. Basically he just wanted to try his luck, after all he had no work experience, and was not a graduate from some elite college, so all his chances were rejected. Even after hunting for a job from door to door for a whole day, not to mention submitting the resumes, he had not succeeded, so he did not expect that today there would be someone asking him about an interview. It sounded like an incredible unit, an import/ export trading company?

Had he received a stroke of great luck?

He turned to look at the two new tenants in the living room, he had submitted the resume looking for work because there had been no income from the rental apartment and had been forced to by life, but now there were tenants ……

Well, these tenants didn’t seem reliable, one was a werewolf, and the other was a poor, starving, stubborn vampire. Above all else, he felt unrealistic to even  ask the two to honestly pay the rent. Thus he felt that he could not rely on the hope of continuing to live off the rental business.

This time the impatient woman’s voice came from the phone again, “Hey! Are you still listening? I’m informing you of an interview in the afternoon! ”

Hao Ren thought for a second, then nodded firmly. “Okay, I will be there in the afternoon.”

The strange woman gave him an address, which was not far away, and then hung up the phone.

Hao Ren stared at the screen. “Talk Time: 0 minutes 0 seconds”. He switched to the call log.

It was blank, as if the number 00000012345 had never appeared.

  1. Later we may use simply the term “Blood Tribe” instead of the “member of the Blood Tribe”, in agreement with the Chinese meaning.

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