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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 15

Translator: QComp

Editor: Bastil, Lillipop96

Chapter 15 Employed by the God

Hao Ren was stunned to hear the words which almost choked him: “What did you just…say?”

“Well, Space -Time Authority.” Said the silver-haired woman, smiling. Although she had a cool and alien temperament when she didn’t speak, immediately she appeared agreeable when she began to do so.

“No, I mean, the latter part?” Hao Ren asked rashly.

“Oh, special agencies in ‘Wang Ba Tuo Zi’.” She just nodded, admitting readily.

Hao Ren almost wanted to bash his head into…Well, maybe it’d be better for him to hit something after leaving the place, since all the things here seemed quite expensive, and he might not be able to compensate if he smashed them. But he was serious about bashing his head into something: How was she able to connect the term ‘Space-Time Authority’ and the ‘Special agencies in Wang Ba Tuo Zi’? And this white-haired woman didn’t feel any discomfort when she said that? And looking at her expressions, it was as if what it should be.

Hearing the words, Hao Ren’s mind was like hearing the following sentences: Mr. Wang had three children, the first child was called ‘Da Ming’, the second ‘Er Ming’, and the third, ‘Bricker William Hannibal’…1 However, what the silver-haired woman said was reasonable, that it actually caused Hao Ren speechless: Beside this place, there was indeed a ‘Wang Ba Tuo Zi’.

“Ah…ha ha…” Hao Ren hollowed with his face stiff, and changed his position on a thick pad on the seat, which felt like a cloud of cotton. He feared that if he heard something more shocking, he might fall to the ground… “Space -Time Authority… Oh wait what did you just call yourself?” He then remembered that the other had just introduced herself, but as he was busy racking his mind, he did not hear it clearly.

The silver-haired woman did not mind this at all, and her temper was more agreeable than expected: “My name is Raven12345, and you have to keep it in mind because this is important.”

“Including the numbers?”

“Including the numbers – In fact, the numbers are the ‘main body’,” the so-called Raven12345 nodded hard, “that distinguishes me from other Ravens. Any other problem?”

Instantly, a bunch of settings including a Cyborg, a Clone, Dark Forces and the Evil Military seeking the downfall of the Earth flashed through Hao Ren’s mind – Detailed as texts of 200,000 words in length with more than a dozen main characters’ love and hate, and three sets of male-female relationships. We shouldn’t blame him for his rich imagination, it’s just that he had watched too many movies. But he wisely did not ask where the other Ravens were, and just scratched his chin, “Raven12345 … Well, a very creative name, Ah, ha ha. So what do you come to me for?“

The silver-haired woman smiled, “A weird creature has come to live into your house, right? If my calculations are correct, it should be a ‘Werewolf’.”

Hao Ren was tense in an instant, and his muscles could not help but shiver. He had intended to keep it a secret, as he thought that Lily’s identity must not be exposed. Sadly, this was also his last possible resort to salvage his familiar daily life, but he did not expect that this mysterious woman in front seemed to know everything! Yet soon he was relaxed – Since the person also belonged to “Alien”, it couldn’t be helped that she knew something about it. Hao Ren clearly realized that he was still a newcomer to this mysterious field, and he thought that he shouldn’t behave too shocked, or he would lose the initiative in the conversation. And since she didn’t mention Vivian, it showed that her intelligence report was a little bit outdated, and certainly Hao Ren would not take the trouble to mention it.

So he just nodded. “Indeed, but I think it shouldn’t have been a taboo right? You Space -Time… Authority regulates this..?”

“There is no such taboo. Just to let you know that, in the future there will be weirder guys living in your house, and accommodating them will be your job.” Raven12345 said the shocking words casually. “We units have great faith in you… “2

“Wait a minute!” Hao Ren could not help but jump up, “You arranged all of these?”

“Not currently, but in the future it will be.” Raven12345 shrugged her shoulder, “Anyway, you’ve gotten in touch with the werewolf called ‘Lily’. Furthermore, I happened to be in need of a helper, and you’re fit for the job.”

“So what do you guys do?” Hao Ren frowned, as he felt that the Raven12345’s words was somehow topsy-turvy. She always inexplicably began talking about something herself, and she was always off the point. At least you should explain the duty of the “Space  – Time Authority”!

“We? ‘We’ this group is so big,” Raven12345 touched her nose, “We, the Hilling Empire control a vast territory. We regulate numerous universes altogether with many departments and complex divisions of labor. And you can generally think of us as the ‘God’, which is easy for you to understand. By the way we have only ascended to the ‘God’ recently and our organization is very young, but the young are always more promising, aren’t they? As for the Space -Time Authority, it is a subsidiary organization under the Empire, dedicated to the management of each universe. It’s responsible for the transmission of information, dispensing and regulating the crossing between universes to increase the cohesion of the world or something like that… At least the file from my superior said so recently. If it is changed in the future, we will discuss it then. I’m just a grassroots cadre of the Space -Time Authority, in charge of the chores in this universe, such as, preventing the Doomsday if some races are seeking death, and regulating the evolution of celestial bodies. Logically speaking, this is not my job, and because of some special reasons… I’m working here as a stand-in. As for you, it was because I need an assistant – I need to regulate all the universe-level things. So to deal with the trivial things in local areas, I needed to find an agent and you were chosen. How? Do you feel like you’re the Chosen One?”

Hao Ren listened dizzily to the whole story which was almost like a fairy tale, and he calmly stood up, “Thank you, you’re a good man,3 and your special show is very interesting. May I ask where the exit is?”

There was not even a slight surprise on Raven12345’s face, as if she had seen too many similar situations. After Hao Ren finished speaking, she gently made a snap of her fingers. “In accordance with the employment requirements, a newly-employed trainee examiner is required to be given a lengthy psychological test. Now you will be given the most basic….”

Hao Ren did not have the time to say anything, when he suddenly felt lighter in his body, and then the surrounding landscape changed dramatically!

The gorgeous building was gone. Thick darkness was blowing towards him from all directions, and Hao Ren found himself standing in a void. Then suddenly, there was a fragment of light in this darkness, which turned into millions of rays of light!

First a cloud of indescribably scorching light appeared, with an unrecognizable structure and without a fixed shape. This cloud of light rushed towards him with insurmountable vigor, and then it spread to infinity in an instant. Hao Ren only had the chance to blink an eye before this light expanded to a size he could not understand.

Then the light dimmed and the ultra-high levels of energy began to decline and degrade rapidly, and in this cooling light, the primitive particles were born. The aftermath of the initial flash gently blew through the universe and the earliest primitive nebula was formed, laying the foundation for the structure of galaxies and the giant celestial bodies in the future.

As everything continued to cool, the ancient stars began to form from the densest parts of the nebula while the nebula itself evolved into separate clusters. Local nuclear reactions inherited the huge energy from the Big Bang, and the things in the world ushered a more moderate period. With the continuous cooling, the primitive stars were rapidly running out of fuel for their combustion and started spewing out the heavy elements accumulated throughout the years. These were the most stable substances formed after the ‘initial flash’, and they fled along the path of the stars’ afterglow, collided, melted, and were then captured by the newborn stars.

The initial star systems formed.

Substances became thinner and the restless galaxy also became stable after releasing a lot of energy and consuming a lot of materials. The universe’s complexity began to grow, with various stars’ evolution, with life’s reproduction and Hao Ren felt that the scene in front of him was now beyond human comprehension, as he was standing in an almost omniscient point of view to observe the whole universe. With just one glimpse he found his target: beside a young star, a blue planet was covered by green…

And then the scenery was stuck, and a line of words drifted in front of his eyes: Genesis Video Expert – Trial version. To continue using, please recharge.

The scene around finally receded, and Hao Ren found himself still sitting in the large ornate room with his clothes drenched in sweat. The so-called Raven12345 smiled at him, “This is the record of your universe’s evolution until today, and of course the timeline of some local segments have been adjusted to facilitate your view. This was not recorded by me, it was the snapshot directly stripped from the underlying information of the universe. So, you just had a personal experience equal to the Genesis. How do you feel?“

  1. ’Da Ming’ and ‘Er Ming’ are common nicknames for children, apparently not in the same ‘style’ of the third name, another weird interest of the author.
  2. The word frequently appeared in some Chinese history dramas, and when the superior from the unit (mostly the CCP) told his men such words, it served as a flag for the man…and his consequence…
  3. Here it may be a friend-zone card, not for sure.

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