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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 Working for the God

Hao Ren sat straight on the chair, not moving even a single inch. He placed his hands on his knees with a solemn expression, as he realized that he was faced with a situation beyond human understanding. And if he still wanted to enjoy the rest of his life smoothly, the wisest choice would be to take back his normal lazy and slovenly lifestyle, and listen carefully to the woman in front of him who claimed herself as the God.

“How do you feel after experiencing the Genesis yourself?” Raven12345 looked at Hao Ren with a smile.

Hao Ren watched Raven12345’s expression, and confirmed that this woman was indeed easy-going. So he grinned guiltily, “If I ask you whether all these are just illusions… will you just kill me?”

“Nope, because many people have asked the same question as you did, and I am not at all surprised.” Raven12345 shrugged her shoulder, “Until you believe what I’ve told you, I will continue to lead you to do more things from now on. You just need to take my words as the truth temporarily. Now, let’s talk about your job.”

Hao Ren raised his hand, indicating the other party to pause for a second, because he needed some time to sort out what had just happened.

He had thought that his bizarre experiences were just restricted to the range of Earth, but this woman claimed that she was from … another world? Not the Earth or a foreign planet, not even a foreign galaxy, but another universe! She claimed that she came from an Empire ruling multiple universes and she was working at a unit called “Space -Time Authority”, which was responsible for the management of the cosmic order. And this woman, who called herself God, needed an agent here on Earth to handle trivial things, and that’s why she had found Hao Ren. These made up the whole story, and it was apparently not difficult to understand: It was just challenging to Hao Ren’s worldview.

Hao Ren secretly glanced at Raven12345, while she chose to ignore it. And taking advantage of this opportunity, Hao Ren began to compare the silver-haired woman in front of him with the images of the Gods and the fairies in his mind: Hd added a pair of wings behind her back or added a halo atop her head… But after thinking about it for a while, he finally gave up:  He knew that it was only a waste of time. The moment he met the werewolf who was afraid of the cat, he should have thrown all the legends on the Earth to the sewer 1.

“Are there really other universes?” Hao Ren looked at Raven12345 excitedly. “I have read it in books, the Parallel Universe theory or something like that? Is it real? ”

“It’s more complicated than that. The real Macro Universe Structure is much more complex than what people have imagined, ” Raven12345 curled her lip and didn’t bother to answer the question, “For now, you won’t get in touch with anything from the other worlds: You can only be allowed to do so after you have become the permanent employee or you are given some special tasks. Your most important work at present is to take care of your own business… ”

“But why me?” Hao Ren couldn’t help but interrupt the other party, as he felt the need to fight for his own interests. Even if he didn’t have the strength to beat down the other, at least he should try to sound strong-willed, “At the very least, you haven’t asked for my consent, right?”

“Oh right, I forgot that,” Raven12345 clapped a hand to her forehead, which left Hao Ren with a cold sweat,  “The principle of voluntary work… Indeed there is such a principle , but I have always assumed that you have agreed to it! You really don’t want the job?”

Hao Ren didn’t expect that there was even another option left for him: He had thought that if he refused to cooperate, he would be murdered to conceal the secrets. But after Raven12345 came up with such an alternative, instead he began to hesitate. Which option should he choose? Should he really refuse? He always felt a little regret … as if a brand new life would be gone, which hadn’t even started.

“What if I choose to disagree?”

“You will be washed off the memory of the past two days, and I will take away the werewolf. Rest assured, neither you nor the werewolf will be harmed. Only that, you will not be in contact with these creatures that are out of norm. The ordinary should live an ordinary life, and those who get in touch with the abnormal with a normal human body, have always died miserably all the way from the past. ” Raven12345 explained nonchalantly, “I can find other agents. Anyway, there are a lot of people on the Earth. If I am left with no choice, I can apply for an intern from my superior to work as my assistant, right?”

Hao Ren’s heart sank. An unclear feeling welled up in him, and he shook his head. “What if I agree to your proposal? What on earth do you want me to do? Let me clarify first that, I won’t do anything against my moral. I am a good man.”

The corner of Raven12345’s mouth slightly hooked up. “Don’t be so nervous: After all, you will work for the God Tribe! In other God Tribes, this position is called ‘the Son of God’ or ‘the Agent’, you know that?! And we don’t use this style of naming simply because our Tribe have a special system. What are you still worried about? We won’t ask you to do anything bad, and you only have two main tasks. First, to accommodate some tenants just like what you did before. The only difference is that these tenants are somewhat special, and they need your help. They need a place to settle down and someone’s supervision. You are required to receive and take care of them so they won’t harm the human world. Secondly, help me deal with other work.”

Hao Ren: “…”. He instinctively felt that the second was the more important part!

“The tenants as you have said, are those who like Lily, right?” Hao Ren was trying to learn more about it. Although the behavior could not help him take the initiative when talking with Raven12345, at least he could prevent himself from being pitied by her. ” ‘Alien’? Can I ask you the reasons for catering them? Is it only because you don’t want them to destroy the human world? ”

“It is actually quite complex,” Raven12345 was very patient in explaining to him. “For any civilization, it need direct help from the God only if it suffers some kind of disaster or other serious situations. Otherwise, they deserve the right of undisturbed natural evolution. I know what your myths and legends have told you about us Gods, but the real Gods are a little different from those legends. We create, rule and also destroy worlds, and there are strict rules and regulations on all these behaviors. No one has the right to interfere or sabotage the mortal’s life. Before we ascended and became the God Tribe, we committed many mistakes in this field. This has been a very serious issue till now. And the logic is the same with your world. The human civilization should evolve in the absence of external interference, and it’s fine if you encounter some twists and turns in your own development, but if a third party is trying to distort human evolution, I have the obligation to help you defend against it. And your job… is to clean up the ‘aftermath’.”

Hao Ren tried hard to understand Raven12345’s words though only a bit. “You said there is a … ‘third-party force’ attempting to interfere with the process of human evolution?! Lily … So my future tenants are all related to this interference?”

“Don’t think about it for too long. That was something which happened a long time ago. The greatest threat was handled by me, and you humans are now in a safe era. As long as you guys don’t seek death, you can live until you die naturally,” Raven12345 looked at Hao Ren’s eyes, “As for your tenants … indeed, they are related to some great event, but it is still currently classified from you so don’t ask too much. Now, are you willing to do this? Although you are only doing some mop-up work for the ‘Space – Time Authority’, to tell the truth, in other worlds this is a really enviable job. Also, the treatment can be counted as a temporary worker for enterprises and institutions… ”

Hao Ren: “…After hearing your words, I am even more reluctant to agree, okay!”

Raven12345 just let out a laugh at the sky, showing no care about that.

Hao Ren looked down, trying hard to think about the issue which could change his fate and his future.

He still wasn’t fully convinced by this woman. He could not understand the so-called multi-universe, the God Tribe, the Macro World sort of things, and just as Raven12345 said, at present he could only assume that everything was true. Now, he was thinking about his next move.

At the moment, if he agreed, he would embark on a different path from his current life, and to quote Raven12345’s words, “work for the God”. Whether what the silver-haired woman said was true or false, whether there were some traps in her words, and whether his future was smooth or filled with despair, Ren Hao would surely face a new, unimaginable life. His fate would change, whether it be good or bad.

And if he shook his head, he would just lose two days’ memory. He would forget something which should not have been known by him, an ordinary person. Then he would be back in his old role as a landlord, or he would find a normal job and laze away the time just like the others. And if possible, maybe he would find someone he didn’t even love as his wife and live his life until he died.

No need to struggle with that.

  1. Hyperbole.

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