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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 So this is going to be my life from now on !?

Holding a bundle of poor quality paper, Hao Ren felt a surge of excitement and the urge to cry as he walked back home.

From today onwards he would be an employee hired by a super transworld civilization, an Earthman who could directly speak to God, backed by the Space -Time Authority. They were such monsters that simply hearing their name could make people shudder for a long time. And with the Contract with God in his hand, his work number could even be found in the attendance book in Heaven. If he was thrown into a world where a Theocracy reigned supreme, he could proudly announce that he was one of the candidates for ‘Son of God’ – And if he could pass the practice test, he could change his identity from a contract Son to a lifelong Son…

You tell me, could you say that it was not something that would make you “excited” to the point of tears?

Why was the God stuff so different from what he had seen on TV or read from novels?!

But anyway, he had been registered and enrolled in a really mighty place, and no matter how strange Raven12345, the TSA behind her and the entire “Hilling Empire” were, they were more incredible than anything Hao Ren had seen.

Hao Ren looked down at the contract in his hands, recalling the words Raven12345 said to him in the end, “From today on, you are a Practice Examiner, and currently your only task will be to take care of the tenants in your house. We Hilling God Tribe were not used to governing our affiliated institutions like the churches used by most religions, so our unit uses attendance and contribution to rate our employees. It’s better if you don’t take the legends and gospel of the Churches on Earth as an example. I have met those kinds of ‘naughty kids’ in other worlds… Don’t bother with that, you just need to do your own job.”

Sighing quietly, and reconfirming that he had entered the lion’s den, Hao Ren folded the piece of paper into his pocket, and prepared to lock it somewhere safe to prevent “Roll” from tearing and eating it. To be honest Hao Ren did not entirely believe what he experienced today, and he was still skeptical about Raven12345, especially when holding the pieces of paper in his hand. But just as said before, Hao Ren was a person who could clearly recognize the current situation. Whatever background Raven12345 had, comparing their abilities, the difference was like that between God and a Human… Even if she had flaws like picking her nails, ate “Jian Bing Guo Zi” with unions and spoke with terrible intonation, she was still far above normal people.

So Hao Ren had to cooperate if he wanted to make sure that he’d live a good life.

Walking on the road in the wilderness under the scorching sun, Hao Ren pulled out his phone to see the time, and looked in front of and behind him only to see that both directions were empty, without a single object on the road. He could not help but groan in his heart: working for this God was too unreliable. She didn’t even solve his problem of transportation! Since he had received an oracle from God, his status in a theocratic society would at least be equivalent to that of a prophet, so why did he have to take a crowded bus when going back home? Worse than that, there was no bus at all even after waiting for so long! He could not help but recall the myths and legends on Earth, trying to remember how the Son or the Prophet went back home after they received the oracle – whether they shared a crowded carriage or ran back. In the end, he couldn’t come to a conclusion: Which Bible would write such sort of things on it!

Just as he was thinking nonsense, a ringing suddenly came into his ears. As Hao Ren grabbed the phone, he saw a number he didn’t recognize – Thank goodness, it was not the weird number 00000012345 which could almost end his life.

“Hello? Who are you looking for?” Hao Ren picked up the phone, and asked very politely – From today on he was a man with a noble identity, and he should always pay attention to his words and deeds. Although the goddess behind him was not very reliable, he decided to make himself look reliable.

And then Lily’s voice came through the handset, with a little bit anxiety: “Landlord! It’s me! Lily!”

“Soft… Lily?” Hao Ren almost spoke out the words “Soft-headed Werewolf”, thank goodness that he controlled himself in time. “What happened?”

“Oh, it just occurred to me that your phone number was on the rental ad, and yesterday I searched for the address for the whole day with no result. What if I had called you directly at that time…”

Hao Ren’s forehead sweated: “… You gave me such an urgent phone call just to say this?”

Lily’s voice was suddenly excited: “Oh no! Vivian’s situation was a bit wrong: She flew out suddenly just now: opened the window and flew out in the daytime! I couldn’t chase her even I tried hard to! ”

Hao Ren really wanted to roar out: F**k, only this was the key point! Why didn’t you say this first, you soft-headed werewolf!

“Vivian flew out? Did she transform into a bat?” Hao Ren didn’t know why he was still concerned with such strange things at such an urgent time, since he was still a little muddled. Just a few minutes ago, he had proudly struck his chest and guaranteed to the self-proclaimed God woman that he would let the strange creatures in his house live a peaceful and quiet life, yet only a few minutes after that promise something already went wrong!

“She transformed into a lot of bats and flew away,” Lily corrected his error meticulously, and then added hastily, “When she flew away, she said that this place was not safe… I didn’t know who to turn to, so I just called you.”

“Wait at home, and don’t run out casually. I’ll be right back.” Hao Ren said hastily. From the corner of his eyes, he saw that there was a shabby bus approaching him, so he reminded Lily as he hailed the bus before he hung up hastily. After he squeezed onto the bus, he blindly pondered: What the hell is Vivian trying to do?

Although Hao Ren knew little about the Aliens and his only knowledge was from those unreliable TV programs or urban legends, even he was sure that vampires were really uncomfortable in the sun – Vivian had admitted that point herself. With this, he felt confident that a vampire flying out as a bunch of bats wouldn’t just want to take a morning walk – There was definitely an emergency! Besides, what did Vivian mean by “This place is unsafe.”? Did she mean his house?

Hao Ren knew that in his house, the vampire was stronger than the werewolf, and that Vivian was strong enough not to worry about Lily’s fighting force, so he could completely rule out that “The vampire was chased off by the werewolfs’ scent” as a possibility, so why wouldn’t his house be safe?

Hao Ren suddenly felt that the task entrusted to him by Raven12345 … might have pitfalls.

It was already half an hour later when Hao Ren made it back to the Southern Suburbs, and when he just got off the bus he saw a few people dressed in overalls coming from the other side. His heart clenched: Exposed so soon? What did these guys come here for? Were they the researchers delegated by the National Science Research Center? Were they arranging traps to arrest the vampire? Were they installing monitoring equipment near his house? Were they commandos disguised as Netcom employees?

And when they approached, Hao Ren was finally relieved: They turned out to be a bunch of maintenance workers…

Hao Ren heard their conversations faintly as they passed by:

“… First time to encounter a situation like this. How could a brick fly up so high?”

“Who knows, it couldn’t have been thrown up by a person, right? The TV Tower is so high, who could have so much strength. But it’s really strange, the brick smashed almost three rebars…”

“Right? I got the notice this morning that the TV signal around here the Southern Suburbs was down. I wondered what had happened, and it appeared that half a brick smashed into the TV tower… So what should we put in the maintenance report?”

The maintenance team walked further away, while Hao Ren listened, stupefied. He finally understood two things:

First, he knew why the televisions received no signals.

Second, he knew where at least one of the bricks thrown out last night by Lily had flown to…

But what’s the use knowing these things?!

Hao Ren ran to the door of his house and first looked around carefully to make sure that there were no suspicious people in black suits or commandos lurking around, before he searched for his key to open the door. But when he only barely put the key in the keyhole, the door opened itself.

Vivian stood in front of him with a smile on her face, safe and sound. “Landlord you have come back?”

Hao Ren’s breath caught in his throat for a moment before he steadied himself, staring at this vampire girl who was said to have been “flying out” with a complicated expression: “Vivian you… didn’t you fly away? ”

Vivian laughed hollowly. “Umm, I went outdoors because of a situation, but now I’m back.”

Hao Ren: “…”

So I have to put up with this kind of life from now on?!

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