Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 3

Translator: QComp

Editor: Moxie


Chapter 3 – Wolf

Wolf ears? When Lily had walked some distance away from Hao Ren, the latter suddenly froze on the spot as he rubbed his eyes. However, when he took a closer look, it was still the ordinary, short-haired girl.

However, he could swear that he had really seen a pair of really weird, pointy ears! He could even clearly remember the pattern of the ears on Lily’s head: triangular, vigorously pointing up, and covered with beautiful silver hair. He was absolutely certain! Hao Ren had always been very confident with his vision and short-term memory.

But as of this moment, there were no such ears on Lily’s head anymore. What he saw just now was too iconoclastic, so he patted himself on the face to comfort himself, “It seems that I am too sleep that’s why I’m beginning to see things.”

“Landlord What did you say?” Lily suddenly turned over here, her big eyes shining and full of vitality in the night, “What did you see?”

When Hao Ren said to himself that the girl really wore a pair of good ears, he knew that even his whisper couldn’t possibly escape her ears, however, he did not show it in the slightest. He just casually waved his hand. “Nothing, I must have seen something wrong. Let’s hurry up, so you could settle your things tonight.”

“Oh,” Lily replied. She was still walking in front of him while carrying the huge suitcase. At this time, she suddenly asked, “Landlord, do you know a place to eat around here? I have not eaten anything today… Or may I eat with you? I’ll pay for it. Oh Landlord, you should walk ahead and lead the way. I don’t know the route…”

After a few steps, Hao Ren caught up with the girl. Although he felt that the girl might have some problems in the head, she was still an interesting and straightforward person; he replied, “No problem, you can spare your money. I have to cook anyway, and it’s not a problem if I have to prepare another share.”

Just as he finished speaking, the “KaLaLa” sound suddenly came from the sky again!

This time, he looked up faster than earlier, and he clearly saw an eagle-sized, bat-like shadows flying across the night sky!

He certainly didn’t think that it was truly a bat, but he just thought that it was a bird searching for food in the residential area. This place was not far from the wasteland, and occasionally, wild birds would fly to the neighborhood, but he was worried that Lily might have a bad impression on the district, so he casually appeased, “Don’t worry about it. Maybe there are some wild birds flying over, as this place is very close to the wasteland.”

Lily’s voice suddenly came from a place nearby, and she sounded a little urgent, “Landlord, I think you should return first, I… I will catch up later on, I still need to deal with something!”

Hao Ren was surprised to hear that. Puzzled over her words, he asked, “How can that be? I have to show you the way, the trail is winding around, and it is quite easy to get lost… eh, why did you get so close?”

Noticing that the sound was close to him, he immediately turned around only to see Lily’s face which was only a few inches away from his. Her pair of unusually bright eyes were staring at him, and although her eyes were really beautiful, they were still quite frightening in the dark. Shocked, Hao Ren jumped more than half a meter away, “Let me tell you! I’m a serious man! ”

Well, it was quite a problem that whenever Hao Ren was nervous, he would only speak in gibberish.

Maybe it was an illusion. Hao Ren discovered that there was an expression of urgency on Lily’s face as she looked up at the night sky. Lily sniffed hard for a few times and said, “Landlord you go first. I can really catch up to you, I have already remembered your smell… hm, why are you so hesitant, I really have some private matters to attend to! ”

“No!” Hao Ren’s temper got stubborn to the point where he even stopped arguing what the meaning of “remember your scent” was. He just showed a poker face as he spoke, “What if an accident happened? In such a dark night, do you really think I’ll just leave you here? I will have trouble with my conscience – just what on earth are you trying to do? Why are you being so covert? ”

As mentioned, Hao Ren was truly a good man – at least, he was a person who knew his responsibilities. In his perspective, he was the one who brought Lily here, so it was only natural that his duty was to lead her safely to his house. Although she seemed to be a girl with great strength, it had nothing to do with his concerns; if this girl really had an accident, he would have a guilty conscience.

Besides, it did not occur to him how someone, who had just arrived, could have something so urgent to do at this juncture?

Lily was really anxious, and her behavior became apparently strange. She put the suitcase on the ground, which issued a great “boom” sound, and then she warily looked at surroundings. The outdated buildings on both sides of the path were all two to three stories high; although there was also a brilliant time when residing here was a sign of wealth, with the passage of time, the glamorous houses had become mottled old houses, and there were only the dark black walls blocking the two sides of the road, leaving the night sky with only one narrow strip.

Lily’s gaze darted between these walls, and she began to twitch her nose repeatedly, as if trying to distinguish some odors from the air. At the same time, she also stretched her hands and feet gently. Seeing all these, even someone as slow as Hao Ren had also realized that things were not right. However, although he still felt that something was weird about the girl in some aspects, the two consecutive strange sounds from the sky had made him too nervous to pay attention to those. And now, seeing Lily’s strange behavior, he knew that the other must have discovered, “Lil um… what’s wrong?”

“Just call me Lily,” the other party subconsciously said, then she looked at Hao Ren in surprise, “Uhh… Landlord why are you still here?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Hao Ren carefully approached Lily, and although his tone was relaxed, he fists were still tightly clenched. Although he could not see anything unusual around, he did feel that the atmosphere here had become bizarre. A faint smell of blood from the dark corners was diffused by the cold breeze in all directions – Honestly, he felt that his calf was beginning to flutter.

Hao Ren considered himself to be brave, but bravery was not meant for weird, unknown situations like the one at present.

Until now, Hao Ren still didn’t know what was happening, and although he had heard a lot of strange ghost stories in both urban and modern versions, including ghosts of innocent people conceived as guilty, and the DEATH at the crossroads, but he had never believed them as something more than entertainment. However, weren’t those strange stories happening to him now now?

At the start, he could still convince himself that he was overreacting and he was “infected” by Lily’s behavior. But as minutes passed, the smell of blood in the air had become too strong that his mouth smelt a little fishy. The cool breeze from all directions could possibly freeze people like cream, and eventually, he understood that what he encountered might be something unexplainable by science.

At this time, he suddenly remembered that moments ago, Lily hurried him to leave hastily, and he was reminded of her vigilant behavior when “everything around was still normal”. He thought of the preparations she made without falling into a state of panic… he suddenly realized the so-called “Soft-headed Girl”, which he proclaimed her to be, definitely knew what was going on!

“Oh shit! In what world line did I go to? 1
How can I encounter such a situation…” Hao Ren carefully looked around, doing his best to tolerate the cold and pungent smell of blood. He was feeling that his mental speed had slowed down, “What the motherf***ing shi*t is happening to this world… Where is the Big Bang Theory?”

“Landlord, I apologize for involving you. That ‘thing’ might have come for me,” Lily’s voice suddenly came from behind Hao Ren. With a hoarse voice, she continued, “You’re a good man, better than anyone I’ve met, so I’ll try to let you survive, I promise! ”

“Please, don’t give me a “Friend Zone Card” at such times…”Hao Ren gnashed his teeth and turned to chat. However, after he saw Lily’s appearance, he could barely utter a single word.

A peculiar girl was standing by his side; her silver hair reached her waist, her looks were beautiful, but her pair of golden eyes certainly did not belong to humans. The pair of pale and gold pupils were even glowing, which reflected grandeur completely different from normal eyes. In addition, a pair of silver wolf ears were also standing on end on her head, shaking from time to time due to the wind, and turning around to search for every single sound source around.

Behind the girl, there was a bright and silver tail, drilling out from cracks of her clothes and swinging in the air.

A wolf girl… or in a more popular term as of today, “Moe Anthropomorphism”?

Hao Ren did not know why he could still Tucao, but he knew that he was really into a big trouble.2
He didn’t know whether he could still see tomorrow’s sunshine… or not.

  1. World Line: A theory proposed in the JP anime “Steins;Gate” laying the foundation for the Parallel Universe Theory.
  2. Tucao(吐槽): a Chinese phrase, roughly like tease, means give acute comments on things or behaviors of other people, which are too exact for the others to refute.