Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Werewolf Occult

Hao Ren looked at the girl in shock, whose long, silver hair and golden eyes were shining in the night sky. More importantly, her pointy ears were so attractive that Hao Ren could hardly divert his attention. If not for the fact that her appearance didn’t change, Hao Ren would have been unable to recognize that this was the silly girl he brought here from the city center. However, it was really her – not only her looks, but also her clothes could prove that.

At this time, the wind was cold, and the moon overhead also seemed to exhibit a cold light. Their clothes were cold, and even their breath was cold – Hao Ren felt that he was almost frozen, yet the abnormal cold could make him stay awake. Especially when they were surrounded by the smell of blood, his soberness was more important: he had to stay alert to the surroundings while figuring out what these all meant, so that he could understand why he had encountered such weird things in the real world.

He ceased the nonchalant talk with Lily as before; perhaps it was the strange surroundings that ruined his mood, or perhaps it was Lily’s exotic appearance that disabled him to utter another word. In all fairness, a girl with animal’s ears was quite adorable, but God knows whether the girl in front has some “setting” of personality change after transfiguration: Hao Ren was one hundred percent sure that he could sense a hint of savageness from Lily’s eyes, which made him tremble with fear as all sorts of grotesque works both home and abroad began to flash through his mind. With the cold air and sense of blood becoming increasingly strong, the road’s surface was covered with a thin layer of frost, and soon, it was unknown when the moon was dyed pale red. Hao Ren was only wearing a thin summer clothing, and he was shaking more and more violently in the wind. As for the other party, Lily, she seemed to be completely unaffected; she simply sniffed hard, shaking her ears a few times as she said, “The crafty bat has covered up itself with its scent of blood… Landlord… don’t get too far from me, those flying guys are active at night, and they are most adept at sneak attack. ”

After transformation, Lily’s voice had a sense coldness. Hao Ren finally relaxed after hearing what she said; evidently, her temper did not change too much, and so he dared to ask: “Lily, what happened just now? You…”

“I’m a werewolf! ” Lily’s ears were more invigorated just now; she continued with a prideful tone, “Although I’m not sure why, but I’m a werewolf! But before, I always hid my identity, and this was the first time I was exposed… Damn, nothing good happens whenever I encounter those flying guys.”

“Oh.” Hao Ren answered. In his heart, he felt that his world view had to change greatly from now on, but just as he was about to say something, Lily suddenly growled, “Enemy Attack!” Lily had just finished speaking when suddenly, in the corner of his eyes, Hao Ren discovered that the moon’s red edge shook a little bit. A black dot in the middle suddenly amplified from the halo, pouncing towards their location!

The dot changed into black shadows as it approached, and Hao Ren felt that the vague shadow was more like a cloaked human than a bat. However, he had no time to think anymore, because the shadow was just in front of them!

He prepared his body to dodge the shadow. Now that he knew that he was the target, his first reaction was to jump aside, but just as he jumped,, that shadow pounced forward at the same time, almost touching his hair.

As it missed its target, it pounced straight to the ground. Lily did not dare to let this opportunity go; the instant Hao Ren succeeded in dodging, she immediately whipped her legs at the attacker. It was a simple and crude attack, yet a burst of air even appeared the moment she swung her leg. In the next instant, a snapping sound consecutively echoed out a dozen times. Hao Ren could only see that the silver-haired girl almost turned into a flash; her speed was actually comparable with the shadow. She fought with the vague, human-figured shadow with the most simple fist attacks, and her fighting style had no moves or tricks. She was just punching out or swinging her leg straightly, but although her fighting style was simple and crude, they were still rather effective. Her attacks almost created visible ripples in the air, and the shadow, which had its fate decided, suddenly shrank into bat shapes and rushed into the sky; it turned out that it was trying to flee.

Lily missed her last punch as the black bat had flown to the wall. Lily tightly furrowed her brows as she issued a “whining” sound, just like the protest of wolves, from which, Hao Ren was very familiar with – when he was a child, he lived in the mountains, where wolves were commonly seen at night.

She exerted exactly the same sound!

But it was not the right time to compliment; Hao Ren knew that he was now involved in an incredible event. If it was not a novel’s plot or a usual TV show, he might have pondered that this might just be some sort of magical experience. However, now he just knew that this was a vital moment: the bat fled high in the sky, but it did not leave. “It” just leisurely cruised at high altitudes, seemingly laughing at the werewolf because it could not fly. The bat also drew a variety of tracks, sometimes an ‘S’, sometimes a ‘B’…1

Hao Ren knew that as long as the bat was still circling in the sky, he would never be safe. Although the werewolf girl seemed to have quite a strong combat skill, but apparently, she could not fly nor issue long-range attacks. More importantly, she was soft-headed – if the bat rushed straight down at him, maybe Lily could not handle it! Especially, what if the girl fail to react in time?

“Wu Wu…” Lily’s threatening sound from her throat became more and more intense; the fuzz on her ear all stood on end as she suddenly looked up at the moon, uttering clear yet distant howls, “Awoo!!”

Yet the moment she looked up while howling, the bat rapidly plunged off, and Hao Ren almost hopped up. Just as he thought, this werewolf girl was soft-headed! Why would she do some moronic pose at such a life-and-death moment!

But just as the bat was about to approach Lily, Hao Ren suddenly saw the latter lift her wrist. Before he could clearly see it, he heard a piercing sound, and the bat that had just swept down nearly pulverized itself after it was hit severely, making it flee again to a high altitude awkwardly. This time, Hao Ren was finally able to see what Lily was carrying in her other hand. That thing was a square-shaped thing containing clear, bright red lines, and seemed densely cold. It was a brick!

“Ha! If you can, just continue to fly! ” The werewolf girl provoked the hovering bat in the sky, “Do not think that I am unable to deal with you without long wings! Since the day I knew that I was a werewolf, I have been studying how to deal with you flying bastards. I have been practicing this Pegusus-Ryuusei Brick for five years! Come on! Let’s fight again!” 2

Hao Ren nearly fell to the ground when he heard this. How come that the legendary werewolf’s grappling skills turned out to be throwing bricks? And she even succeeded!

The injury suffered by the bat seemed pretty harsh. It could not even fly straight, and the smell of blood and cold fog seemed to have subsided. It was obvious that the bat could not sustain itself anymore. “It” confronted the werewolf for a few more minutes. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lily quickly picked up another brick from the ground to reload, so to speak. Seeing this scene, the bat seemed to have been finally discouraged. After circling around the sky for the last time, it flew away into the dark sky.

Lily did not give up the opportunity to add insult to injury, she threw out all the bricks available, and although Hao Ren could not see the trajectory of the two bricks, but it seemed that the bat’s figure had distorted a bit; apparently, one of them made a hit – at least the five year’s exercises of Pegusus-Ryuusei Brick was not wasted.

But Hao Ren was more worried about where the bricks landed. Since this girl werewolf had great strength, its initial velocity was even comparable with shells… he could only pray that no one was exposed by the bricks as the place was sparse.

The attacker was repulsed, and the surroundings has gradually returned to normal, as if the smell of blood was simply an illusion. Soon, the heat gradually came back, and as Hao Ren rubbed his nose, he could not help but sneeze. This sharp temperature changes were really unbearable, and evidently, a cold was inevitable.

He looked up at the werewolf girl and watched as the beautiful silver hair fade into the original short black hair. In the next moment, the pair of wolf ears also disappeared. He smacked his lips, but did not know what to say.

Even someone as soft-headed as Lily could feel that the atmosphere was awkward, or maybe she had been expecting this, and she smiled an awkward smile at Hao Ren. She picked up her big suitcase on her shoulders and spoke as she prepared to leave, “Well, Landlord, looks like I wouldn’t be renting anymore … you just hurry home. And by the way, do not tell others what happened today, or I will be in great trouble.”

Finishing the sentence, Lily was about to leave.

“Wait!” Lily was already a few steps away when Hao Ren finally came to his sense, “Where are you going so late? Follow me back, and let’s settle you down as early as possible… ”

Lily turned around in surprise; her pair of big, shining eyes were filled with confusion, “Why? Aren’t you afraid that the flying guy might come again? The guy’s target is me – I’m a werewolf, the sworn enemy of that kind of thing. ”

Hao Ren clenched his teeth and finally smiled lightly, “Because I am a good man!”

  1. ”S”,”B”: the two letters combined is an abbreviation for a word of abuse in Chinese.
  2. Pegusus-Ryuusei: It refers to the skills of a character” Pegasus Seiya” in the Japanese anime” Saint Seiya”.

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