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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Simply Having the Sixth Sense Have no Use!


What did it feel like to have a wolf living in your house? He had no explicit feelings about it, because he didn’t catch the transformation under a full moon, didn’t catch a bloodthirsty werewolf killing all his family, and did not catch the witcher leading two hundred Paladins to punish the evil while flattening his house at the same time. Indeed, Hao Ren felt that this evening was so peaceful as if nothing had happened: that werewolf was affable, obediently paying rent, and did not turn violent after her transformation; her only feature was being a talkaholic and afraid of cats, as well as being slightly irksome. However, she had no other shortcomings, and she even looked “Moe” whether transformed or not. All these did not seem to be unacceptable to Hao Ren.

Early next morning, Hao Ren was awakened by a wet feeling on his face. As he opened his eye, he saw a black and white cat’s hairy, silly face facing him, and in the two golden vertical pupils, he found only one message: breakfast!

“Good morning, Roll.” Hao Ren fought back his desire to return to sleep again, and after continuously stretching his arms and yawning several times, he was finally fully awake. He waved the “second in command in the house” away to the ground, got out of bed and began dressing in a groggy state.

Then he suddenly remembered that there was a new tenant in his house.

And suddenly, he also remembered that the new tenant was a calling herself a werewolf.

This made him toss and turn until midnight yesterday, and thus, by the time he woke up he still felt drowsy. At this time, he could not help but scratch his hair and whispered, “Am I dreaming?”  But soon he realized that he was not dreaming. The sound of footstep’s crackling came from the direction of the living room, and then the familiar loud-mouthed sound, “Landlord! Why does your television receive no signals? Didn’t the ad for rent said TV was available? “

Hao Ren sighed, finally accepting the fact that his life would change completely from now on. However, he knew that he had been prepared for this – to be honest, unless someone had been fancying such scenarios for several years, how could he be prepared for the current situations! He simply did not know how to get along with a werewolf, and he also did not know what would happen the next day; according to the current circumstances… he should just go step by step.

He pushed the door and walked out, then he found Lily sitting in the living room; the werewolf girl had changed her clothes, and she was now wearing a cool vest and jean shorts. Her vibrant temperament and slightly wheat-colored skin coupled with her dressing made her look like a coach from a fitness TV program. Seeing Hao Ren coming out from the house, Lily immediately waved happily, “Landlord, Good morning! What’s wrong with the TV’s signal? “

Then she saw the cat, which had an air of inspecting its territory, sitting on Hao Ren’s shoulder, causing her to suddenly backflip behind the sofa. Exposing half of her head timidly, with the pair of golden eyes staring at the cat’s face, only after a long while did she finally greeted the cat with a trembling, almost worshiping voice, “Roll… Good morning…”  “Please behave yourself like a werewolf,” Hao Ren glanced at Lily silently, feeling that with one more word with the girl, his uncertain sense of crisis about the future would weaken by one percent. Someone like this guy could really relieve people’s pressure. And then he looked at the LCD TV in the living room, which was bought two or three years ago, and noticed that the screen was blue. “Broken? The one in your room also received no signal? “

This ugly rental apartment had a very rich decoration: each room had a TV, which were bought two years ago when his renting “business” was booming. And because there was a bargain sale at that time, the TVs did not cost him too much money. Now that each house was equipped with a television, this was his most attractive advertising tagline for renting.

Lily nodded as she carefully climbed out from behind the sofa; her action was like a dog moving with four limbs, “There’s also no signal in my room. I always watch the morning documentary channel every day.”

“Do you like to watch the documentary?” Hao Ren casually asked while squeezing behind the TV to check if it was the line which had a problem. Lily’s voice came from behind him, “Nope, just recently, there was a dubbed film telling the story of the prairie wolves, and I thought I should keep informed of my family compatriots’ trends… “

“Did you come from the African grasslands?” Hao Ren turned as curiously asked. At the thought of each others’ identity and the topics they were discussing, he felt a clear and subtle sense.

Lily shook his head, “No, um, I don’t know where I came from either, it may be near a snowy place, but because I had no clear memory before my ‘awakening’, I couldn’t remember much. But I thought wolves around the world were a united family – you humans still call yourselves Earth beings even though you had so many races, and I thought the reason we ‘Aliens’ are at a disadvantage over you humans are our lack of unity… “

Lily started her eloquent speech again, and Hao Ren felt completely unable to keep up with her – Shit, how could he follow such a topic? Discuss with a canid about snowy canid’s evolution or species’ composition?

“The line doesn’t have any problem, there’s also no problem with the TV. And since the TV in your room doesn’t receive any signal too, it should be the signal tower which has a problem. ” Hao Ren lifted his head from behind the TV, and he looked like a very professional maintainer, but in fact, he did not understand much at all. He instinctively felt that he should not lose his face in front of a soft-headed werewolf who could be scared to the point of hiding away just because of some cat, “Since the number of cabled households was low, basically we rely on the TV tower.”

“Oh.” Lily answered with a seemingly regretful tone. However, her gloomy state was only maintained for a few seconds. Hao Ren went on to feed ‘Roll’, and then went to the kitchen to cook. But just as he was about to move towards the kitchen, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Maybe it was an illusion, but one second before the knock on the door, Hao Ren suddenly felt a somewhat familiar feeling of cold air. However, the cold air only lasted for an instant, and he considered it was caused by his excessive tension.

Lily furrowed her brows as she sniffed. However, she also found nothing, so she just pointed at the door, “Landlord, visitor!”

“I know I know,” Hao Ren ran all the way to the door, while thinking about who it would be to visit such a remote place. Considering the schedule, it should not be those collecting utilities. After he opened the door, he habitually began, “Oh, who are you looking for?! “

Standing outside was a strange girl.

She was tall with her height at least 1.7 meters. Visually slender with long hair to her waist, and she was wearing a very plain black dress, an old sneaker, and there were no other decorations. However, her simple dressing could not cover her outstanding appearance; she looked delicate with a sense of “Expensive Spirit”, especially because of her pair of small eyes, that when she narrowed them a little, there was an elegant beauty. And her nose was delicate and slightly upturned, her lips were thin, and overall, she was quite attractive even without makeup. Her whole face gave others a feeling of a half-blooded Asian and European, and it gave others the impression of a beautiful half-blood girl. The most attractive thing was her skin: her skin was clean and soft, almost delicate and brittle, and extremely white… but it seemed to have gone too far, and Hao Ren thought it was even a little pale.

Hao Ren was really not the kind who could not move in front of a Beauty despite his desire to be engaged. Otherwise he would have already lost himself. Yesterday even when he saw someone as beautiful as Lily romping in front of himself, he was still completely unfazed. However, the main reason why he was stunned now – was the fact that the girl in front of him looked more surprised than him.

The strange girl kept off the sun with her hands, and it seemed she did not like those sunny days. When she looked at Hao Ren pushing the door open, she could not hide her surprised expression, and began exclaiming before Ren Hao could say anything, “You were the one last night… How could you still be alive?!”

“Stop being bitchy!” Hao Ren replied subconsciously, and then he realized the information in the other party’s words, “Last night… Hell! Lily transform, be quick!”

He had met only one “person” other than Lily!

And now he could be sure that the feeling of cool air was not an illusion; it was his ‘sixth sense’ which he had been training from his childhood, but it seemed simply having the sixth sense without vigilance had no use– He had opened the door, and now he was less than two meters away from last night’s attacker!

Hao Ren’s last thought in this chapter was: What would have I expected from a beautiful girl…


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