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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 9

Translator: QComp

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Chapter 9 – Abnormal Creatures

Hao Ren went to the kitchen and prepared a few cups of tea. Afterwards, he shifted his gaze between the two girls in the living room. The vampire girl and Lily was sitting at each ends of the table, and the situations was tense; the chilly air and the wild atmosphere mixed with each other, and Hao Ren could almost see a slim grey cloud swirling above the tea set. The tea was already prepared on the table, but the two superwomen did not intend to take this opportunity resolve their conflicts.

Under such a smothering atmosphere, Hao Ren could only lower his existence, shouldering the double pressure from both the werewolf and the vampire with his fragile physique, while trying to find a way to convince the two of each other’s misunderstanding.

Lily still firmly believed that the vampire wanted to suck the blood of the landlord, and whatever the latter claimed were just fabrications in order to extricate herself; she thought that Hao Ren was talking nonsense because he had been spelled by the vampire. As for the vampire girl, she insisted that Lily wanted to coerce the human help her enter the human cities; she thought that Hao Ren’s words were all because of the werewolf’s threat… This created a deadlock: they did not trust each other, did not trust a third party, while they could not find a fourth party…

Well, in fact, there was indeed a fourth party, which was the kitten squatting nearby and eating food. However, the so-called “Roll” had no consciousness of the chilly atmosphere in the living room: it was just guarding its pot like guarding the whole heaven, to the extent that Hao Ren almost suspected that the soft-headed cat might also be an “Alien”.

“Well,” Hao Ren, as the host, had to eventually break the silence, so first he turned to the source of all misunderstandings, which was the vampire girl, “So this vampire lady, that is to say, last night…”

“Please do not call me a vampire,” the plainly dressed, long, straight black haired girl who had a reserved and elegant temperament frowned slightly, “Only those who cannot control their instincts are called vampires, and we who can control our scarlet **1 are aristocrats in the Blood Tribe2 You humans always make it wrong. You have a lot of sharp misunderstandings towards us. You can call me Vivian, and I cannot tell you my full name temporarily.”

“Oh,” Hao Ren nodded, and although he did not know what was the difference between the bloodsucking servants and the senior, nor did he know what was the scarlet **, he could see that the long, straight black haired girl was actually very easy to get along with, “Vivian right? So last night, you did not intend to attack us? On the contrary, you wanted to help?”

“I saw you, a human, together with a werewolf, and I didn’t know whether you were being deceived or threatened,” Vivian nodded, “Originally I thought of taking you away immediately, and whatever the spell the werewolf had cursed on you, they’re inferior and is always easy to deal with. But I was in a poor condition last night, I… I was even injured by the hidden weapon. A beast is a beast, using everything they have to fight, with no sense of beauty at all.”

“Hypocrite,” Lily snorted, “A loss is a loss, why trouble finding so many reasons. From which point did you find me threatening the landlord? He can run or jump, and I was not gagging his neck. “

The cold wind around Vivian suddenly strengthened, “Werewolf’s paws have a curse. Do you really think I do not know even such common sense?”

On hearing this, Lily looked at her hand in surprise, “Really? I’m so powerful?”

Hao Ren decided to ignore the soft-headed werewolf first, and turned to look at Vivian sincerely, “You see, I’m really not intimidated! I swear Lily did not put a curse on me!”

Vivian nodded immediately, and just as Hao Ren was pleased to find that this vampire… girl from the Blood Tribe finally understood, the former turned even more serious than before, “Do not worry, I know that because of the curse and the fact that you do not believe my ability, you dare not tell the truth. Please wait until I recover, and I will let you see that, this brick-throwing dog is not an opponent to a high-end Blood Tribe!”

On hearing that, Lily immediately slapped on the coffee table. In an instant, there appeared a large uniform crack on the desktop, “Who are you calling dogs?! You rat with wings! “

And Vivian also no longer suppressed her hostility. When she rose to her feet, the tea table in front of her was covered in ice in a speed visible to the naked eye, “You really think you’re the big cheese? Come. let’s fight! Just because you guys who cannot control your instincts seek death 3 everywhere, the overall situation become what we are facing today!”

The murderous atmosphere, which was originally controlled by the owner of the tea table,  finally spread out. After a few roars and the increase in intensity of the cold atmosphere, “Roll” at this time, finally realized that something was wrong. It gulped down its meals and rushed to the second floor, leaving Hao Ren1 looking at his furniture with a broken heart, “My coffee table…”

And nobody knew how he withstood this murderous atmosphere.

“Landlord don’t worry, I will pay for it.” Lily was such a good girl; she immediately realized her mistake and apologized to Hao Ren even if she was still filled with fury.

Hao Ren was completely aware that the werewolf in front truly had some problems in the brain, and that the Blood Tribe vampire was a single-minded girl! Although Vivian seemed normal, but he was afraid her brain was actually not much better than Lily’s. In these years, those who were gifted could not live without some kind of flaws in their temperament, right?

Just as Lily and Vivian was ready to fight in the living room, Hao Ren had finally lost all of his patience. He punched on the tea table as he roared with his largest, most powerful voice, “Enough! This Is MY House!!”

This roar had never been performed by Hao Ren before, who had always been an amiable guy. But as the saying goes, the listless leopard’s ruffle still has deterrent. Finally, the vampire and the werewolf girls realized that where they were about to fight was someone else’s home, and one of them also realized that she owed the landlord a tea set’s worth of money. As such, the two stopped to look straight at Hao Ren.

“Why are you looking at me?” Finding that his roar had actually worked, Hao Ren was quite shocked. He did not expect that he himself actually have the courage to roar in front of these powerful creatures who could kill a person with ease. He felt he had not lived his life in vain, and at the moment, as the four eyes fell upon him, he felt a burst of confidence, “Look at yourself, one soft-headed, the other stubborn! I’m the one in charge here, okay? Can’t you let me, the litigant, make my OWN conclusion? And what’s more… is this consistent with your identity? When were werewolf and the Blood Tribe so desperate to protect the mankind? You guys should let me, the one who’s still unclear about everything, be the one to understand, before you argue on your disagreement, okay?”

Hao Ren had been troubled by this for too long. In these days, cultural exchanges after the explosion of information was profound, and almost everyone had heard about the stories of vampires and werewolves. Information about them could easily be searched in a fantasy movie library. In ten movies, there were at least two related to the two species, and in the mind of Hao Ren,werewolves were bloodthirsty and senseless, while the vampires were insidious and ruthless, They were equivalent to two symbols, but the two in front… why did they have such reactions?

Before figuring out the reason, he could not even find the right pace when seeking death!

Surprisingly, Lily spoke in unison with Vivian, “I am not the same with those wild animals!”

Then the two girls also felt a little surprised and looked at each other. They snorted at each other and looked away, apparently believing that only they themselves were sincere.

“I don’t know the matter with my other clansmen, as if they could not live without fighting against human beings, but I have been living with humans since I gained consciousness,” Vivian said as she held her arm, “And I… hate my other clansmen from my instinct. Don’t ask me why, as I do not know either, but anyway, I grew up in this way, and I could also could not bear seeing other ‘Alien’ fighting with humans. They are too stupid. That’s it.”

“I have not seen any other ‘Alien’,” Lily sniffed, and it seemed she was very unhappy with Vivian’s “smell “, “I woke up in a very cold place, which should be a snowy field, in human form. I was adopted by an old woman, and I have been living with humans for the next few decades. Only when they doubted my never-growing appearance would I move. I love humans, and I am accustomed to humans, any problem?”

Hao Ren looked at both of the unusual creatures, and decided to believe them, because whether he believed them or not – he could not fight against any of them.

  1. ”**”: Sometimes what the censored words under the asterisks referred to was even beyond the guess of the translator, and in such cases we would just leave the star unchanged. lol
  2. “Blood Tribe”:In the following we would refer to the terminology “Blood Tribe” as the traditional meaning of the clan of vampires.
  3. Seek-death: Literally translated from the Chinese buzzword”作死”, which means that the dangerous behavior may lead to a terrible outcome, causing the protagonist to suffer from adversity, having a sneering sense. Generally used when the party is a naughty kid or the softheaded who acted without considering first.

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