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Godly Student– Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Quenching Body, Building Foundation


“These godly pills are truly wonderful! Just a sniff and it had already refreshed and cleared the mind.” Yang Guomin marveled.


“We owe him a great debt!” Yang Tianhu said as he looked at the miraculous vial of pills.


“Dad, you cannot say that. To us, these pills are invaluable, but to him, he can always refine some more. The most important thing is that he likes our family’s Ruoxue. If not for her, we wouldn’t have even received a penny. Why else would he bring back a dying person and give us a vial of Longevity Pills.” Yang Guomin analyzed.


“Right! Dad, this I can understand. Other people had come here because of Xiao Xue’s face, this kind of fairy would allow their husbands to not be able to run away. No matter how one puts it, they are all in the grasp of Xiao Xue, you spoke of sister-in-law.” Yang Guomin’s wife—Liu Yun—said.


“Haha, I am quite content with Young Yu, but it seems Xiao Xue (little snow) isn’t quite willing!” Yang Ruoxue’s mother—Qin Mei—said.


“Therefore, you must persuade her. Xiao Xue is intelligent and beautiful, but her scope is way too high. Normal people are not suitable for her, but now even an immortal figure isn’t! Though Young Yu is young, that is nothing. Moreover, he is probably quite popular at school with girls chasing him. What do we do if someone else snatched him, would that not be a big loss?”


“Ruoxue, ah!” Cheng Yu said lying on the sofa.


“Hmph, you are not allowed to call me like that.” Hearing Cheng Yu call her so intimately, Yang Ruoxue was dissatisfied.


“Ruoxue, ah, you’re becoming hostile and destroying the bridge after crossing the river. Earlier your family accepted the dowry gift and our relationship. We ought to nurture our feelings for each other, what do you say?” Cheng Yu didn’t put what she said to mind as he just bombarded her with what he felt.


“Who wants to nurture relationships with you?! Also, you clearly said that it wasn’t a dowry gift, but just a gift, what relationship?!”


“Haha, though I said it wasn’t a dowry gift, but your family has probably already seen me as their son-in-law.  Even if I said so, your grandfather would still consider it to be a dowry gift. Who knows, maybe they’re discussing our marriage right now.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.


“You’re a scoundrel! I will not marry you!” As she continued to listen to what he said, she thought about leaving her family for a while. Seeing a satisfied and arrogant expression on his face, she became sour. She grabbed a pillow off the sofa and threw it at him.


“Hey sis, if you want to tease your husband, you shouldn’t do it in front of us. It could lead us astray.” Yang Zhenqi spoke.


Hearing this, Yang Ruoxue grew even angrier as she hit her brother over the head with a pillow and scolded, “You smelly brat, to even help an outsider bully your sister! From now on, don’t expect any pocket money, I won’t give any.”


“Wow! You’re being so unfair, I’m going to tell grandfather! Brother, my sister is so ferocious, how can you like her? You should really handle her.” Hearing his sister snap, he immediately began to take revenge.


“You, dead boy, you tell grandfather and I’ll beat your mouth to mush!” She ran toward her brother, who upon seeing her rush at him, ran out of the villa screaming, “You’re finished! I’m going home to tell grandfather that you are too savage and we should have a family meeting to seriously teach you!”


Yang Ruoxue panted for a while as anger filled her face. She returned to the living room, and saw that Cheng Yu was drinking tea as he smiled and said, “Is he really your younger brother? He’s so much better than you, I quite like him.”


“If you don’t have any business, then immediately leave!” Yang Ruoxue was super angry. Since she ran into this scoundrel, she had never been angry. How did he accomplish this?


“Well, I’ll stop teasing you. Let’s talk business okay, do you have the contract?”


“Okay.” Yang Ruoxue calmed down and went to her room to get two contracts, “I’ve already signed them, take a look to see if anything is wrong. If it’s okay, then sign it.”


Cheng Yu didn’t even take a look as he just signed it. “I’m not afraid of you wanting to cheat me.”


“But if you want to, I’m willing.”


“Idiot!” Her lips twitched as she turned to the side.


Cheng Yu put away his copy of the contract, “Now, I want to refine some medicinal pills. I need your people to look for some Nine Suns Grass and Vajra Diamond Grass. Ah, that’s right, I also need some Meteor Iron.” Cheng Yu just minded his business as he then headed to his refining room. As he didn’t hear a reply, he turned around. He saw that she was quite angry, her face was swelling and it was very red, she was trembling. He was puzzled as he asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Who do you think I am? Your servant or housekeeper? Why should I do this? A person should pay for work right?”


“Of course, I thought that I was one of your people.”


“No need, I don’t want you as one of my people.”


“Then will you help me?”


“First, in front of me, you must show respect and aren’t allowed to speak rubbish.” She said as she looked at him. This was important as this scoundrel would drive her to death from anger.


“Well, what’s next?” Rubbish? I never spoke rubbish, I promised to not harm you. Cheng Yu evilly laughed in his heart.


“Second, after you refine the pills, you must give me half.” This kid was so bad, refining so many pills but embezzling so much. Only taking out a vial of Longevity Pills today. He was absolutely not a good person. This boy, although he is young, he had many secrets. Who knows, maybe in the future, the partnership with these elixirs may bring in good profits.


“That will not work.” Cheng Yu directly refused. What a joke. A man must have secrets, he must be mysterious so that the woman will forever not be able to see the bottom of their abilities. To always be fresh. This truly indeed attracted women like magic.


“Why? If you say it, I will rush to find everything for you. Don’t tell me that a few small pills are too much?”


“That is not the issue. The issue is that these pills are useless to you and to give them to you would be a waste. Also, did you think that refining pills was easy? Every time I refine pills, I waste a lot of energy and qi.”


Seeing Cheng Yu’s serious face, she thought for a while, “You must tell me what pill you are making, if I do not think it’s of any use, then I don’t want it. This will do, won’t it?”




“Stop. I told you to respect me, you aren’t allowed to speak to me so intimately.” Cheng Yu opened his mouth to speak and was stopped by her immediately.


“Eh, who do you call it, good or bad, you need to give me some privacy. Being like this, you make things difficult for me. Everyone has their own little secrets, you being like this isn’t very good.” Cheng Yu said as it wasn’t possible to compromise.


“You don’t like me, if you like me, shouldn’t you tell me everything? Shouldn’t you come clean?”


“You speak as if it is very reasonable, but I feel that our relationship is not clear. If you were my wife, I would tell you everything without reservation.”


“Well, that’s not possible.”


”In that case, I cannot.”


“You… don’t you want me to look for your materials?”


“Ruoxue, you know, right now, you’re not cute at all.”


“Hmph.” Yang Ruoxue looked up and snorted in contempt.


“In that case, before I refine, I’ll tell its uses to you. If you won’t find the materials, then I’ll just have to go.” Cheng Yu drew his bottom line.


Yang Ruoxue listened to Cheng Yu and agreed. (TL: Man…this chick…still thinks that she is superior….).


At 10 in the evening, Cheng Yu and Zhao Yifang finally returned home. Cheng Yu opened the door but then remembered that the little girl had already fallen asleep. Since his childhood, he had never carried a girl. Yet, her carried her to her room. Then, for the rest of the night, he didn’t utter a word.


Early morning the next day, Cheng Yu hurried to Yang Ruoxue’s house. Yang Ruoxue was not home. Her mother explained that because of her grandfather’s sudden serious illness, her daughter was too busy looking for a doctor. But now that he was better, there was a pile of work to take care of. If he needed anything, he could ask someone to help him take care of it. Cheng Yu was surprised before when he found out that she was the chairwoman. But why does she have to go to work everyday, he didn’t think about this before. Then again, it was very important that she personally handled the formula for the Eternal Youth and Rejuvenation Pills.


Cheng Yu waited at her house until someone finally came to deliver the materials. He went into the pill room until five, and as he left, he was quite happy. Then he went home.


Cheng Yu sat on his own bed, looking at the shiny metallic storage ring on his finger, as happiness surged through his heart. With this toy, things would become more convenient. From his storage ring, he withdrew a bottle of pills and started to practice. Extracting a Body Tempering Pill from the bottle and popping it in his mouth, he then used spirit qi to dissolve it. Though it wasn’t as effect as the Foundation Building Pill. A grain of warm current entered his body, slowly strengthening his body. After four hours, Cheng Yu opened his eyes and waved his fists. En, the strength was not bad, this body was now similar to before. Thus, Cheng Yu ate another Body Tempering Pill. When he awoke again, it was already 6 o’clock. Knowing that there was no way to create the foundation, he regretfully shook his head. He could only continue to create his foundation at night. Standing up, he felt that his body was full of strength. He was pleased as this body would be able to support the fierce shock of the creating the foundation.

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