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Godly Student– Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Building Foundation


“I can’t eat anymore.” Lin Yuhan quietly said.


Cheng Yu looked at the half-eaten plate of food and said, “Why’d you eat like this?” Lin Yuhan gave a look of being wronged, “I finished eating this drumstick.”


Lin Yuhan picked up a small drumstick as she nibbled and looked at Cheng Yu, as if she was being wronged, “Finished, let me off.” He then began to eat mouthfuls, as he then started to eat what she leftover, even the drumstick. Seeing this, she blushed.


Wiping his mouth, he turned to her and said, “From now on, you are to eat like this everyday. You are not allowed to say no. If I come back to see that you are eating Chinese radish and cabbage again, you will know the consequences. Fatty will be watching over you, I will give him money to hand to the chef.” He took out two thousand and tossed it over to Fatty, as he left the dining hall.


Looking at Cheng Yu’s back, Lin Yuhan’s face was filled with complex colors, as she walked back to the classroom.


In the afternoon, Cheng Yu finished reading the rest of his book then went to sleep. Then, when school was out, he gave Lin Yuhan the pill and then went home with his cousin.


After he hastily finished dinner, he seriously told his family to not enter his room. Even if he didn’t go to school tomorrow, they cannot bother him until he came out.


Looking at Cheng Yu’s serious look, they knew that it actually happened. After Cheng Yu healed from the last accident, his temperament and character both changed, and he also became mysterious. For example, his magic-like medicine pills. For example, the Longevity Pills he gave everyone so they could prolong life and let people never become ill. In their minds, it was a miracle. However, they all knew that Cheng Yu wouldn’t tell them the truth, so they acquiesced to his mystery and didn’t ask anything else. It would be all ok since it was a good thing for everyone, and this point was the most important!


Cheng Yu sat down in his room and took out a vial of pills, as he took out a Foundation Building Pill.


What was the “building foundation”? As its name suggests, it was “build a solid base”, just like a building needed a solid foundation. To be frank, to “build foundation”, one needed to “get through all the body’s meridians”. What should they use to get through their meridians? Of course, by using their true qi from their pubic regions. During this time, Cheng Yu had filled enough true qi in his pubic region by eating the Qi Gathering Pill. Now, he was planning to get through all his body meridians at once, because to get through all the body meridians at once, would have the best effect. However, in his body, his true qi wasn’t enough to support it, so he needed a Foundation Building Pill to boost up the speed of getting through his meridians. Lowering the level of difficulty and increasing the success rate.


Cheng Yu swallowed the Foundation Building Pill. True qi began to attack his body, but his meridians were heavily clogged. Luckily, Cheng Yu was an immortal, so he was able to use his spirit sense to help guide the true qi through a part of his body. This allowed his physique to slowly transform. Due to that, the impact on his meridians was a lot lessened than before.


Two hours later, he opened up his Governing Vessel, as he then continued to attack his Conception Vessel. At 11 PM, he was successful, as his mind and upper body became free and refreshed.


The Governing Vessel was in the middle of human body’s back, flowing in the spine. Its lower part was linked with the pubic region, and its upper part linked with the brain. The Conception Vessel was in the middle of the belly, flowing to the chest. Its lower part was linked to the pubic region, and its upper part linked to the mud ball.


So, getting through the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel, making true qi flow from the pubic region to the backfin and then flow up to the mud ball, passing through the Governing Vessel to the fore beast, going down to the pubic region, and then finally forming a circle. This was the microcosmic circulation.


However, Cheng Yu didn’t stop. He kept impacting the Thoroughfare Vessel, the Belt Vessel, the Yin Heel Vessel, the Yang Heel Vessel, the Yin Link Vessel, and the Yang Link Vessel. Till the second day at 12 AM, he finally got through all his meridians. Now, he had finished the “building base” stage. Then, he swallowed two Spirit Restoration Qi Pills, turning his spirit qi into true qi, which flowed in a circle in his body.


Cheng Yu stood up to feel that his body was now truly filled with qi, he was very satisfied. He had now truly entered into the world of immortals again.


A cultivator’s realm in the Immortal World was divided into the—Body Refining Stage, Qi Condensation Stage, Foundation Establishment Stage, Gold Core Stage, Primordial Nascent Soul Stage, Spirit Severing Stage, Unification Stage, Crossing Tribulation Stage, and finally ascended to the Immortal World and achieving the immortal position.


The reason why Cheng Yu was able to build a foundation was because he retained his immortal soul, though his body was that of a mortal’s. In general, he wasn’t an ordinary person. With his immortal soul, his body had unlimited amounts of nourishment. So, slowly over time, his mortal body would change as well. Just as Cheng Yu had been constantly tempering it.


Secondly, Cheng Yu successfully tempered his body by eating only two Body Tempering Pills. Due to his special physique, nothing would be better than Body Tempering Pills, which contained immortal qi inside it. If he was an ordinary person, in order to successfully temper his body, he needed to eat at least 50 Body Tempering Pills. Don’t think that it was an enormous sum, because if they weren’t top-level pills, which were refined by Cheng Yu, a person needed far more pills to temper his body!


The third, about the training qi period. After a person successfully practiced his body, he would have a strong body. Of course, it didn’t mean that he would be as strong as King Kong, it just meant that he had a strong physical endurance. After a person successfully practiced his body, it would be difficult to keep enhancing his body’s strength, so the next step was to find the qi inside of his body. For most of people, it was extremely difficult, and due to this, not every person was qualified to be an immortal. It depended on their physical qualities and their understandings. Many people couldn’t feel the existence of qi during their lives. So, in the immortal world, aptitude was the fundamental of living itself, and also because Cheng Yu’s aptitude was pretty good, his master chose him.


Cheng Yu could omit the training qi period because he already had qi in his body, and it wasn’t some common qi, but immortal qi. Since he had immortal qi in his body, it was natural to feel the qi.


During this time, Cheng Yu used the Qi Gathering Pill to cultivate his power. It helped him quickly turn enough spirit qi into his own true qi. As a Pill Master, Cheng Yu had great convenience in cultivation. If it was an average person, maybe they couldn’t obtain enough true qi to get through their meridians during their lives, which also meant that they couldn’t build a foundation during their lives. Other people could only get through their meridians one by one, and wouldn’t know how long it would take them to obtain enough true qi to get through even one of their meridians. The most important thing was, it didn’t work every time. So, every step on the road of cultivation was extremely hard. And also due to this, the identity of a Pill Master in the immortal world or fairyland was exalted. Because getting well with them meant that you had more chances to step forward on the road of cultivation, farther away than other people.


And Cheng Yu, opening his meridians successfully was more inherently due to his prior training. He already knew what he had to do to accomplish things. Now, he only needed to strengthen himself. So, as long as he had enough Foundation Building Pills, he would succeed.


Now, Cheng Yu successfully built his foundation. However, he didn’t know he would be an immortal again in this life. Because he had relatives in this world, he didn’t want to feel regret again, just like in his past life. Though he was a Pill Master now and could let his relatives practice cultivation and stay young with him. However, he didn’t know if his family members would like it. After all, he had gradually integrated into the world and found that not every person in the world wanted to be immortals. They hoped for a long life and wanted to see their future generations, but it didn’t mean that they wanted to be an ageless and undead person.


Moreover, if they weren’t successful immortals, they would only live to at most, a millennium. Though, with a Grandmaster Pill-maker, their future was boundless. Though, they would grow lonely as they watched their descendants grow old and die. Soon, waiting for a chance, for that millennium to come, so that they too may be free of suffering.


Although their lives now were short, they were happy, there were no regrets. Already thinking up to here, they already have 100 years to live.


Though, later, they might unexpectedly wish for it.


Walking out of his room, he remembered what his mom had said. She would be leaving back to the capital early in the morning today. He then headed to the kitchen to find some food to eat before heading to school.


As Cheng Yu entered the classroom, a beautiful woman was standing in the front. She was about 27 or 28-years-old. He had never seen this person here before.


“Cheng Yu, I really was looking down on you. It seems that you can still come to class!” As the woman saw Cheng Yu enter, she immediately announced.


Hearing this woman, he was astonished, did he know her? I didn’t offend her, right? Such a beautiful woman, if he did offend her, he surely would’ve remembered.


“Beautiful lady, this is my classroom, of course I would come here. Though, I don’t know you, why are you here?” Cheng Yu raised his eyebrows, as he didn’t care.


Hearing this, the woman was astonished. Yao Nuo was the substitute teacher because the original teacher in charge of the class was in a bad condition. Thus, Yao Nuo was in charge of teaching this semester. She was Cheng Yu’s teacher.


She knew that Cheng Yu was a rich second generation that wouldn’t show up. He came to the first day of class, but after that, she didn’t see him again. She had only just come back from university. She had seen a lot of silk pants as such, but she had not seen such in high school. But this kind of rich people, a teacher like her couldn’t afford to offend. Even if she saw something, there was nothing she could do.


Therefore, when she came today, she didn’t pay much heed when she saw that Cheng Yu’s seat was empty. But now, she had been put at gunpoint, how could she pretend that she had not seen it just because of what he had spoken earlier.


This had made her furious, luckily she was the teacher in charge of him. Was there one that talked like this to their teacher? Pretending that he didn’t know her.

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