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Godly Student– Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Turns Out There are Teachers at School


“How do you go to school and not recognize your teacher-in-charge? Are you taking this seriously? From now on, you don’t have to come anymore,” Yan Nuo sarcastically said.


Teacher in charge? Teacher? Schools had teachers? How come I’ve never seen a teacher?


You really couldn’t really blame Cheng Yu for his ignorance since he had never been to school before. In his previous life, he was poor and was unable to go to school. Then, he just followed his master Xiu Xian wherever he went. Another thing was that he didn’t have any books. Before, he had no interest in reading, all he cared about was ravaging girls. Besides that, he would not go out, only going to nightclubs.


He didn’t even recognize his classmates, not to mention teachers or the teacher-in-charge.


Another point was that he was a third year, and during this semester, it was mostly self-studying and review. Generally, there were no teachers during the morning or afternoon. In the evening, they would be there for counseling and to help students with any questions they had.


Ever since Cheng Yu came to this world, he had been to school more than the previous Cheng Yu. Even so, he had never been to afternoon classes before. Yesterday, though there was a teacher, he just slept. The teacher loved to talk, so as long as Cheng Yu didn’t bother anyone, he didn’t care.


Cheng Yu now knows that schools originally had teachers; he became an unprecedented top quality student of all ages.


“Haha, so it’s teacher! Earlier, I was so caught up in your charm that I almost fell into some devilish magic!” Cheng Yu shamelessly said. As she was a beautiful woman, Cheng Yu was not afraid, as long as she was not indeterminate.


“Hmm, for your praise, teacher accepts. Seeing you happy, teacher is also happy, so tomorrow, there will be a test. It will be an English test, if you do not pass, I will let you know what being possessed by devilish magic is!” Yao Nuo proudly said as she picked up her books and left.


Seeing the teacher leave, Fatty ran up, “Boss, you even dare to take liberties with the teacher. But boss, how’d you become so handsome all of a sudden. If you are eating an elixir, and have more, you must think of your little brother first!”


Cheng Yu was surprised for a moment, but then understood. After building his foundation, he was technically not a mortal anymore. So, his looks and temperament were not the same. When people saw him, they would have a misty feeling that he was unreachable.


“That’s not a problem, following me was the best decision in your life. By the way, Fatty, what was that woman’s name?” Though there were some flattering suspicions about Fatty, he could tell that he was a good person.


“Boss, do you really not know her?” Fatty was surprised. Originally, he thought that Cheng Yu was just hitting on the teacher and wouldn’t ask.


“Nonsense, if I knew, why would I ask?” Cheng Yu said with dissatisfaction.


“Well, she is Yao Nuo, our teacher. Our English teacher.”


“Oh, what’s her background?”


“She just graduated college and became our teacher. Hey, we have an exam tomorrow. My dad said that if I don’t graduate, I really have to return to help him kill pigs.” Fatty bitterly said as he walked to his seat.


Looking at Fatty Qian’s face that was filled with worries, Cheng Yu sat down and muttered to himself, “Yeah right, with his guts, he wants to take the college exam? Shouldn’t he just go home to help his father kill pigs? But the again, this Fatty, we won’t know if he’ll kill the pigs or they’ll kill him. Ah, it seems I must help him!” Cheng Yu was wondering if he should give him a Spirit Memory Pill.


He had refined these pills when he first refined at Yang Ruoxue’s house. These pills were used to improve a person’s memory. After eating it, it could greatly improve their memory, and by chance, even helping their physique and giving them good health. They could even reach the point of having a photographic memory, to never forget. This was something he wanted to cooperate with Yang Ruoxue as well, but she was already so busy with the Eternal Youth Pill and Rejuvenation Pill… No matter, there was time, and money would not run away. Plus, it wouldn’t be too good to suddenly have so much, that wouldn’t be wise.


“What are you whispering about?” Lin Yuhan whispered in a low voice.


“Ah, Han Han. Han Han, this is the first time that you’ve taken the initiative to talk to me, I’m so happy. You have to keep this up in the future! This way, you’ll quickly conquer my heart.”


Hearing Cheng Yu’s sudden words, Lin Yuhan was flushed, as she turned away in embarrassment.


“Haha, Han Han, why are you blushing like this? I remember you weren’t like this in the past.”


“That was before.”


“Before you despised me, ignored me, even disdained me a bit. But now, there’s nothing but admiration.”


“Who adores you, I don’t! Don’t make reckless remarks.” Lin Yuhan angrily said.


“Haha. Oh right, did your mother take the medicine yet?”


“She… at first, she didn’t want to eat it. But when I told her I ate it, she ate it with great difficulty. Now, she says that it’s important to meet you.” Lin Yuhan was embarrassed to bring a man home. The medicine worked, but who would believe him.


“Oh, this is nothing big. Who would believe, they don’t need to take it. You know, a god-like man like me… many things are not recognized by others. People just see me as an unruly person.  In fact, I have just been trying to hide myself, to be normal, that I am not some godly being. I have been trying hard to become more proper, my hearts aches so much. Han Han, you must help me massage it.” At first, he was just speaking normally. Then, he suddenly took Lin Yuhan’s hand and placed it on his chest and said that he was in pain.


Cheng Yu was feeling quite happy. This small hand was so smooth and soft, it was so comfortable. One day, it would be his.


At first, she was very moved, but as he continued to talk and then suddenly grabbed her hand, she quickly retracted as her faced turned red, “You’re not allowed to talk nonsense. Later, you can’t speak as you wish.”


“Oh. I’m sorry, my emotions just now took over, I hope I didn’t offend you.” Cheng Yu seriously said.


“I need to study. There’s an important test tomorrow, you should study too. The teacher said that if you fail tomorrow, she’ll humiliate you.”


“I don’t believe you, you just want to take advantage of me.” Cheng Yu laughed happily.


“Hmph, I don’t need to lie to you! Such wishful thinking!”


“In your heart, do you think that I’m a shameless person?”


“You’re more shameless than shameless.”


Cheng Yu didn’t speak again as he just laid on the table while Lin Yuhan ignored him and continued to study.


As class ended, Fatty ran to Cheng Yu to wake him from his dream of Pan Jinling, “Boss, let’s eat BBQ tonight!”


Cheng Yu lifted his head and wiped away his saliva, “BBQ? Okay, you treat.”


“Of course, if the boss eats, it’s only natural that I pay.” Fatty said with pride.


The two walked to the gate and saw that Lin Yuhan was being blocked by Jiang Ming and his friends.


“Jiang Ming, you again, I’ll call for people.” Lin Yuhan angrily said. She just got out of school and was stopped by Jiang Ming and his friends.


“Call? Go call. Haha. I want to see who dares to come, you know that this city of Xue Lang is under the control of my Brother Knife. With him here, I want to see who comes.” Jiang Ming grabbed Lin Yuhan’s hand as he pointed to the red-headed middle-aged man and arrogantly said.


“You let me go, you can’t touch me, this is against the law!” Lin Yuhan struggled and said.


“Haha illegal? Lin Yuhan, you brought this upon yourself. I, Jiang Ming, have liked you for so long, yet you actually like that Cheng Yu scum? Don’t tell me that he is better than me? He is just the nephew of the mayor. My dad is the chairman of Yun Neng Science and Technology, I don’t lack any money. Is following me not good? I will let you see how I beat him up, I will make you kneel and beg me to stop. Haha!” Jiang Ming corrected Lin Yuhan and laughed heartily.


“Look, the people we’ve been waiting for came.” Jiang Ming looked at Cheng Yu and Qian Jinbao, walks over and says while looking at Lin Yuhan. “Cheng Yu, there’s so many people here, yet you still dare to come, it seems you really care about her!”


“I’ll give you a chance, let her go and I’ll let you safely leave here.” Cheng Yu quietly said. To be honest, since Cheng Yu had already built his foundation, he didn’t want to dispose of these mortals. In the the Immortal World, there was an unspoken rule—They were not to dispose of mortals, as they weren’t worth anything in their eyes. Because of their cultivation and pride, they only saw mortals as ants. And he was an immortal, though not a true immortal. But he was so, once upon a time.


Of course, if they didn’t wish to leave, then he had no choice but to take care of them.


“Haha! Brother Knife, did you hear that? He said that he was going to give us a chance to safely leave here.” Jiang Ming laughed.


“Haha. Brat, you have a good sense of humor. When I beat you to a pulp, we’ll see if you still have a sense of humor then.” Brother Knife also laughed and said.

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