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Godly Student– Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: In Fact, My Humor has Always Existed


At this time, everyone had gathered around to watch. They wanted to see what happened, but in the face of the ruthless Jiang Ming, no one dared to come up. Now that someone was stepping up, they had to see. The students knew that if Cheng Yu was involved, they would get to watch a good show, as some saw the scene that happened between him and Jiang Ming in the cafeteria yesterday.


“In fact, my humor has always existed. Just, I don’t know if you can bear it!” Cheng Yu faintly smiled.


“Cheng Yu, are you not aware of the current situation, do you know who he is? This is Brother Knife, he is an elite in Blood Wolf City (Xue Lang>>>Blood Wolf). There’s no one in this area that doesn’t know of him. I can’t believe you dared to act to foolishly before him. However, that doesn’t matter, very soon, you will get to know him very well.” Jiang Ming proclaimed.


Lin Yuhan had a wronged and worried expression as she was being clutched by Jiang Ming.


Cheng Yu looked at Jiang Ming and said, “So you are determined to destroy me?”


“I am, what are you going to do?”


Cheng Yu squinted, and in an instant, he appeared before Jiang Ming. He grabbed the hand that was holding Lin Yuhan, and pinched. One could hear the sounds of bones breaking, as Jiang Ming let out a blood-curling scream. Then Cheng Yu kicked him in the chest, as his body flew out like a kite. Flying in an arc, that was no less than when Xu Dongyuan did.


Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan over and put her by Fatty Qian’s side. Brother Knife, seeing Cheng Yu’s abrupt move, was frightened. In one move, he took care of it all, his brothers seeing this, let out an “Ah”, as a dozen of them rushed up. As Cheng Yu didn’t want Lin Yuhan to get hurt, he then rushed out and sent out three punches, as screams were heard endlessly. Everytime he punched out, a person would be sent flying. Soon, there was a pyramid of bodies, leaving behind only the sound of painful cries. Seeing his men on the ground, Brother Knife saw that if these people did not have broken legs, they had broken arms.


Brother Knife began to form cold sweat, it seems that he had hit an iron plate this time. At this time, Jiang Ming was trembling with a pale face.


“Haha, I don’t know if you felt my joke? I don’t know if my sense of humor was adequate, if not, would you like to come and have a taste?”


“Haha, Mister really has a rich sense of humor. This was all just a big misunderstanding, this was all due to his inciting.” Brother Knife was bitterly hating this Jiang Ming for not clearly understanding the other party’s background, before trying to taking such a fanfare revenge.


“Haha, I am a very understanding man. If it is a misunderstanding, then we will just write it off.” Cheng Yu said with a smile that was more kind than kind, and more sincere than sincere. Even Lin Yuhan and Fatty that were standing to the side were surprised. As well as those who were all watching, they were puzzled at having heard what he said. When did this violent playboy become such a good speaker?


“Yes, yes, yes. This was all just a big misunderstanding, I will make sure to have my brothers come back to apologize next time.” Seeing that Cheng Yu was being so cordial, he should also follow along. Taking at look at his men, and then Jiang Ming who was sweating a river, he was foolish for having gone along to help in this matter.


“Haha, no need to apology. But, my girl is scared, don’t you think you were a little reckless?” Lin Yuhan heard Cheng Yu call her his girlfriend and she blushed.


Brother Knife paused for a bit, then let out a smile and said, “Yes, yes. This is my mistake. I have a thousand dollars here, I hope that younger brother’s wife will accept this for scaring you.” Brother Knife took out a pile of cash and handed it to Lin Yuhan.


Lin Yuhan looked at the money but did not take it, Cheng Yu took the money from his hands and put it into her pocket. “The other person has given this for you. If you don’t take it, it would ruin Brother Knife’s face, how would he even mix with others later…”


“Right, right, right. Younger brother is correct, in that case, I will take them and leave first.” Hearing Cheng Yu talk about his face, it was like ten thousand shots were being fired at his heart, but he still let out a laugh and finished speaking, as he then to gather his injured men to leave. Just as he took two steps, Cheng Yu’s voice sounded.


“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I have a habit of not liking people who don’t keep their promises. People who don’t like to break promises will definitely do what they promise, Little Knife also probably doesn’t want me to break my promise in front of everyone.”


“Younger brother, speak. I don’t know what younger brother wishes to command.” Brother Knife let out a smile, not knowing what Cheng Yu was thinking.


“I told you before that if you let go of my girlfriend, I would let you safely leave. Conversely, there is no need to say that the others are leaving here scathed, but Bother Knife is still standing here safely. How could I disappoint others and not keep my word, I would be very embarrassed. Therefore, I must not step on half and leave the other half.” Cheng Yu finished, and in an instant, he was in front of Brother Knife. Before he could react, a blood-curling scream was let loose. Cheng Yu returned to Lin Yuhan’s side, as Brother Knife’s right arm was already hanging by his side.


“Younger brother is truly good. I, Dao Jiu, will remember you.” Dao Jiu looked at Cheng Yu hatefully as he then walked away with his men. Jiang Ming, seeing Brother Knife leave, was even more afraid to look at Cheng Yu. He saw Dao Jiu as a powerful backer, yet he had his hand disabled.


Cheng Yu said nothing more, he had already taught them a lesson, he didn’t need to kill them. Although he hasn’t been in this world for long, he knew that there were many laws that restrained the people. Though he wasn’t afraid of killing people, he still wanted to live freely in this world and not cause any unnecessary trouble.


Seeing that the show had ended, everyone began to disperse. But what happened today was really an eye-opener for them. They didn’t expect the legendary “violent playboy” to be so violent, so evil. These devils were ruthless, but in front of beautiful flowers, they were soft and gentle, easy to manipulate.


More importantly, this violent flower greatly lacked any sense of shame, they couldn’t even believe such a person existed. To be so shameless, they even cheat a hole. One must learn from such a model, to look up to this degenerate, and worship this hoodlum.


Lin Yuhan looked at the money Cheng Yu put in her pocket and gave it back, as he pushed it back to her, “This is your scare fee, why are you giving it to me, keep it.”


“I don’t want it.”


“Why not?”


“Those people are not good, their money is not clean.”


“Whether they are good or the money is clean, you have been frightened, so this money is rightfully yours.”


“I don’t want it.” Lin Yuhan stubbornly said.


“Do you think that I am unusually good at speaking? Do you not think that I will take your pants off and spank you in public?” Cheng Yu whispered in Lin Yuhan’s ear.


“You’re shameless.” Lin Yuhan angrily said, but put the money away. As she was scared that Cheng Yu would really do it, as people knew he was really shameless.


“Boss, just now, you really were too handsome. I didn’t know that you were a master of martial arts. My admiration for you is like an uninterrupted and unending river, like a flood that is out of control.” Fatty Qian smiled and said.


“Haha, your boss has a lot of abilities. Follow me and you will soon find yourself walking on the path of Gods.”


“Little Han!” At this time, an anxious voice was heard as a middle-aged woman ran toward Cheng Yu and the others.


“Mom, why did you come?” Lin Yuhan was baffled.


“Just now, I heard a few old customers say that you were bullied,” Lin Mu looked at Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian, as she angrily said, “You dare to bully my Little Han like this, I will tell the teacher to expel you.”


Lin Mu had set up her stall not far away from here, she heard several of her customers saying that her family’s Lin Yuhan was being bullied. She was very worried as she immediately rushed over, as she asked the owner of the vendor nearby to help look over her stall. She then rushed over here to see what was going on.


A moment ago, from a distance, Lin Mu saw Cheng Yu whisper in her daughter’s ear and then saw her get angry. So, she immediately rushed over and thought the Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian were the ones who bullied her daughter, and immediately lectured them.


“Mother, you misunderstood. These two are my classmates, the bad guys have already run away.”


“Ah! Ah, two students. Earlier, I was very worried about my Little Han. Therefore…” Hearing her daughter’s explanation, she was embarrassed.


“No worries aunty, you care a lot for Han Han.”


Hearing Cheng Yu intimately call her daughter and seeing her blush, she wrinkled her brows, but didn’t dare to get angry as she did just misunderstand them earlier. Later, when they went home, she would carefully ask her daughter if she was dating this youngster.


Her daughter was simple and beautiful. This youngster was also very good looking, but one look and she could tell that he came from a rich family. He was not allowed to deceive her lovable girl. Then again, they were still young, what would they know about love! Her daughter was probably just feeling confused about this first love, and would soon be cheated by this rich kid.


“Thank you students for saving my daughter, but school’s been over for some time now, you should return home, else your family will worry.” Lin Mu did not wait for the two to speak and immediately took Lin Yuhan away.


Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian, who were left behind, were stunned, “Boss, your mother-in-law seems to have wronged you, ah! Just now, it was good, why did it become so hostile?” Fatty Qian was perplexed.


Cheng Yu looked at the back of the two who left and also felt it to be inexplicable, as he touched his nose and recalled when Lin Mu changed. All of a sudden, he understood where the problem was. It was his mouth, in front of his future mother-in-law, he was taking liberties with her daughter.



TL: Man…how’s she going to feel when she finds out she treated her savior this way….

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