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Godly Student– Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Boss is Too Unsophisticated!


“Boss, let’s go eat BBQ.”


“Not eating, I’m not in the mood. There’s a test tomorrow, shouldn’t you go home to study? Do you really want to go kill pigs with your dad? If it’s like this, I’m afraid you really will. Don’t make me lose face.”


“Boss, you don’t understand. No matter how much I study, I can’t remember.” Fatty Qian depressingly said.


Seeing Fatty like this, Cheng Yu didn’t feel good. Though he hasn’t done anything useful yet, but he was still his people. He at least was very good and honest, though he tends to shoot his mouth off a bit, it wasn’t anything bad.


“Fatty, do you believe in your Boss?” Cheng Yu looked at him and asked.


Fatty paused, he didn’t know what Cheng Yu meant, so he just nodded, “I believe in Boss.”


“Good!” Cheng Yu put his hands into his pocket and pretended to look for something as he pulled out the Spirit Memory Pill from the bottle from his spatial ring. He looked at Fatty and said, “Eat this pill. After you eat it, your memory will be greatly improved.”


“Boss, is what you are saying true? How can you have this stuff? You can’t be one of those legendary immortals, right?” Fatty excitedly asked.


“Oh? You’ve heard of immortals?” Cheng Yu curiously asked, could it be there were others here?


“Yeah, which young people doesn’t know of Shangdu Novels?” Fatty looked down on his Boss. Though he was a graceful fighter, he was just so unsophisticated. How could he not know such common knowledge that every Chinese kid knows?


However, if Fatty Qian were to know that the unsophisticated person, that didn’t even have a kid’s common knowledge, was actually a legendary immortal, would he kneel down to pay respects to his master? Was his Boss some kind of fictional character? Well, soon enough, this issue will be resolved.


Cheng Yu was stunned, there were books about cultivators? But how could they write about cultivators when they’ve never met one? Or has someone here already become one? However, these immortals were not like Cheng Yu. For back then, everyone knew that immortals were always open and honest. They existed in the secular world, above the rich and mundane powers. These families and clans would send their children to seek them for tutelage.



So this world really knows about immortals, it seems these mundane writers have some basic understanding. Fatty and those who read these books consider us legends.


No matter, Cheng Yu was not concerned about such matters, so he just handed Fatty the Spirit Memory Pill, “I don’t know if this world can cultivate, but this pill will help improve your memory. If you don’t want to follow your father to kill pigs, and want to follow me to university, then take this pill.”


Fatty Qian looked at Cheng Yu’s serious expression and really wanted to cry. Since his childhood, he was very plump. Everyone scolded him and beat him up. All he wanted was a friend. Earlier when he said that he wanted to follow Cheng Yu as his little brother everywhere he went, he wasn’t serious.


But now, after seeing Cheng Yu’s expression, Fatty Qian knew he truly saw him as a brother and cared for him. It didn’t matter if the pill would improve his memory or not. From now on, he would truly be willing to follow Cheng Yu for the rest of his life.


”Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you going to eat it? Let me tell you, I don’t swing that way.” At this time, Fatty Qian was overflowing with emotions, and his face had on a sort of “heart lovey-dovey” expression. Cheng Yu could not stand to look at this disgusting Fatty. He broke into cold sweat and was shivering, he was afraid he might do inhumane things.


As Fatty Qian consumed the pellet, Cheng Yu put his hand on his shoulder. Immediately, a warm current spread all over his body. Cheng Yu was annoyed with this Fatty, but helped him increase the pill absorption rate.


With Fatty’s physique, if Cheng Yu didn’t help him absorb the pill, he probably wouldn’t, so then what would be the point in having taken it? He had to help one to the end. However, this annoying guy was truly fat, it was helpless.


After a while, the warm current subsided, as his mind became clearer. His memories were gradually becoming clear. He was so happy, that he emotionally grabbed Cheng Yu’s hand and shouted, “Boss, I know, I know!”


Everyone looked at the two, and Cheng Yu, who was always shameless, was embarrassed. He shook Fatty’s hand off and smacked him on the head, angrily saying, “Are you courting death? Shouting ‘I know’. What a disgrace to the learned, I should have just left you.”


“Boss, I was just too excited. I am able to feel that I have a good memory.” Fatty excitedly said.


“Then you f**king understand what is good and bad. Why would you go yelling ‘I know!’, grabbing everyone’s attention! Get your butt moving and go home to study. If you don’t pass the test and get into university, see how I will skin you!” Finished speaking, he didn’t look at Fatty again before rushing home.


But Fatty was too immersed in his newly improved memory that he was unaware that Cheng Yu left, so he yelled, “Boss, I am your people!!!”


Hearing this, Cheng Yu almost stumbled and fell to his death. He didn’t delay and drove home immediately.


Every day after school, Lin Yuhan helped at her mom’s stall, “Brother Song’s wife, is Little Han okay?” A middle-aged man, that looked over 40, came over to talk to Lin Mu.


“She’s alright, thank you for looking over my stall.” Lin Mu gratefully said. Zhang Jiushi was the BBQ vendor close by. When she heard that her daughter was in trouble, she rushed over to him to ask him to look over her stall.


“Haha, don’t mention it. We are old friends, don’t speak like we’re outsiders.”


“Thank you, Uncle Zhang!” Lin Yuhan heard their conversation and yelled out her thanks.


“Haha. Little Han, in the future, you should be more careful. Don’t make your mother worry so much. When she hears you’re in trouble, she worries too much.”


“Ah, I will be careful, thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Lin Yuhan once again thanked him, as he then turned around to take care of his customers.


The two were busy until 10 PM. By the time they cleaned up and went home, it was almost 11 PM. Lin Mu saw that he daughter was absent-minded, then she remembered her schoolmates as she then asked, “Little Han, you aren’t in love with that youngster, right?”


Hearing her mom ask that, her face turned red as her heart began to panic, “Mom, what are you talking about? Our relationship is just of classmates, what love?”


“Really? Then why is your face so red? Why did you blush when he called you so intimately. Han Han? Why did he dare to speak that way in front of me? Is he the one who really bullied you?”


“No no, there’s nothing with him, we are just fellow students. And he really did not bully me.”


“Oh, then why are you so absent-minded tonight? Is it because of him?”


“How can that be, after he saved me… Plus, you just pulled me away, so I was just thinking how I would speak to him!”


“Really, just this?” Lin Mu did not believe her.


“Of course, what else?”


“Then, that’s okay. You can’t like him, look at him, he’s so sloppy. How can he be a proper person?” Lin Mu didn’t like Cheng Yu, how could her daughter like such a frivolous person? How can he be any good? Besides, she didn’t have a favorable impression towards these rich people.


Though Lin Yuhan inherited her mom’s genes, in front of this shameless Cheng Yu, it was like she was inserting her knife in cotton. He was too shameless, her knife became dull. Plus, during this time, he was very gentle and docile like a cat before her. She liked it a lot.


“Though he looks sloppy, he is a good person.”


“Oh? How come I can’t see that he is a good person? If that is so, from now on, you are not allowed to see him. You can’t be close to him or even talk to him.”


“Mom! How can you be like this! You don’t understand, you only saw one side of him, how can you tell if he’s a good man! Moreover, I am not a child anymore, I can tell who is good or not!” Hearing her mother speak like this, she loudly retorted.



(TL: Usually I don’t do this, but man, I wish he would somehow slap (not literally) that woman in the face…wtf man… she’s your daughter, not your freaking money! WTH is wrong with you!!!! I swear, for a ‘not-so-well’ family situation, you’re even more arrogant than the rich! TF!!!!! Ahem…rant over 🙂 ).

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