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Godly Student – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Mother-Daughter Disagreement


“How could you… once you have a sweetheart, you turned your back on your mom, don’t you? Mom has been supporting you for so many years in vain. You were much more obedient before. But now, since you have someone you like, you don’t even want to listen to your mom’s words?” The more she spoke, the more agitated Lin Mu’s voice was. Recalling how her husband died early, and how she brought her daughter for years that grew up inheriting her asthma, as they were bonded with a common destiny to rely upon each other for their own survival. Not only did she have to earn money for her school, but she also had to worry and take care of their diseases and medication. The sufferings which only the both of them were aware of. The gratifying thing for her was that her daughter had grown up earlier than any other children, she was obedient and filial, and shared every joy with her. But now, as her daughter had finally grown up and had someone she liked, she didn’t even care about her own mother. Thinking of this, Lin Mu’s tears were falling down, she couldn’t even stop it.


Seeing her mother crying out of sadness, Lin Yuhan also realized that what she had just said was too much and had hurt her mother’s heart. Her eyes had turned red too, as she also followed, “Mom, I’m sorry, I do not mean that, you should not be angry okay!”


“Xiao Han, mom don’t blame you. Mom was just afraid that you’d be cheated by someone. You are so beautiful and so pure. He looks like that, but he comes from a rich family. Even if he really likes you, will his family really accept you? You promise mom, stay away from him and it’s even better to leave him.” Lin’s mother held her daughter’s hand and spoke in tears.


“Mom, I really don’t love him. Although he said he likes me, but I didn’t say anything, he didn’t even make things difficult for me. Although he always is seemingly rude and has this sloven look, he really isn’t that bad.” Hearing her mother’s tone was easing, Lin Yuhan felt it was appropriate to describe Cheng Yu.


“Even so, you have to leave him later. Who knows how he thinks, and you are still young. It’s easy to get carried away with impulse. In case anything happens and he crosses the border, you as a girl will always take the sufferings.”


“Mom, I know. I will never do that kind of thing. But after all, we only are classmates. Haven’t I told you that he’s sitting with me at same table? How I could not speak with him, right?”


“There has to be something, there are only a few months left before you have to take the College Entrance Test, don’t play around until that time comes. You said that you want to take the College Entrance Test, and you need to use the time to study, you tell him that you have no interest in him and that’s the end.”


“This… ah yes, Mom, how’s about your disease? Have you gone to the hospital today for the check-up?” Seeing how her mother didn’t let her befriend Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan finally had no way and could only raise the subject about her mother’s disease, hoping that her mother’s attitude toward Cheng Yu would change.


“Haha, my disease has been alleviated. The attending physician was shocked when he read my medical examination report, and asked me what medicine I had taken and if possible to help him get some for research. Yes, Xiao Han, how’s your classmate’s family doing, how could there be such a magical medicine? This medicine must be very expensive. If he has the time to visit our family, although mom has no money, but at least I still have to ask him to eat a meal and thank him properly.” When she heard that her daughter was worried and spoke about her chronic sickness, her mood suddenly turned excited and couldn’t help but recall last night’s scene when she and her daughter returned back home together from the stalls as she took out a pill for her to take. She said that it was sent by her classmate and could fully cure her asthma. She was very angry back then, since those doctors had said that there was no medicine that could permanently cure this asthma anywhere in the world, and she could only pass it through formal treatment to control the sickness. He took out such a medicine for her mother to take and even added that it could cure the disease, even though there were no cures in the world. Wasn’t this only an excuse for that student to deceive her? So how could she take this medicine?


Her daughter then said that when her asthma broke out in the school, a student had given her this pill and she became better and hadn’t had an attack again. That student also said that her asthma had already been cured and it wouldn’t manifest again. The moment Lin Mu heard that her daughter had fallen sick at school, she suddenly became anxious. However, when she saw that her daughter was standing in front of her, she also calmed down. But after hearing that her daughter took an unknown pill and was cured, Lin Mu was somewhat unable to believe it, since this pill was not some pill from heaven, even though the pill really sent out quite a fragrant smell.


Upon seeing her mother’s hesitating expression, just like how she was at school, Lin Yuhan then said, “Mom, this medicine is really effective and this is especially my intention. Can’t you see that I’m better right now? Even I can feel that my body is comfortable.”


Seeing her daughter’s appearance, Lin Yuhan’s mother did look forward to it. If this medicine really had such a result, what does she need to be afraid of? Lin Yuhan’s mother swallowed the medicine as she then felt warm, as it washed and rinsed her body and even made her sleepy and comfortable. This morning when she woke up, she felt that her whole body was very comfortable and then went to the hospital to have a check up, causing her attending physician to be surprised and agape. Then he asked her excitedly what was going on. Because she felt that this matter was very strange, she didn’t speak as she finally left the hospital, leaving the attending physician in a regretful mood.


“But you don’t let me talk to him, how can I ask him to come home and have a meal with us?” When Lin Yuhan heard her mother wanted to ask Cheng Yu to eat, she was very happy, and then spoke in a bitter tone.


“Ah? You mean that boy was the one who gave this pill to you?” Hearing her daughter’s words, Lin’s mother asked in surprise.


“Yeah, he gave me that.”


“When he gave you that medicine, did he make things difficult for you?” Lin Yuhan’s mother was afraid that Cheng Yu used this medicine to threaten her daughter to do things she didn’t want to. She could only blame herself that she didn’t check it before she ate it, since now she couldn’t give it back to him.


“Mom, how could you say that? I told you that he isn’t such a person! When I was sick he was really worried about me, and disregarding anything else, he quickly took the medicine out and let me eat it. I said that you also have this disease, and he also gave me one. He didn’t even say anything about the drug to me.” Lin Yuhan took the opportunity to praise Cheng Yu and hoped her mother’s impression toward Cheng Yu’s would be improved. She didn’t say how shameless and a damned bastard Cheng Yu was. She couldn’t speak these words; otherwise, everything would be wasted.


“Did you say that he is really good to you?” Hearing her daughter say so, how could she not know that her daughter really praised Cheng Yu.


“Uh, he should be.” Lin Yuhan bowed her head down and replied with an embarrassed expression.


“If it’s that the case, then I will not make things difficult for you, you can befriend him. But you still have to keep a little distance from him and must never get along too close. You must never let him take you as a cheap girl and bully you. He’s the son of an influential person, and he definitely is also a smooth talker.” Lin’s mother once again reminded her daughter.


“I know, Mom. Then, when should I ask him to come to dinner at our home?” Hearing her words made Lin Yuhan relieved.


“We must invite him because we, after all, have owed him this big and at least we have to thank him. But this and your relationship are two different things. Don’t you ever think that I will let you be in love with him.”


Lin Yuhan didn’t say anything. After all, arriving to this point for her was already very good. Even though she said that she wasn’t in love with him, but the words he always blurted out that she was beautiful in front of her and that he liked her, made her heart slightly happy.


But Lin Yuhan was also not a naive girl. Some things must have their own bottom line. At least she could feel that after getting along with him these days, she also understood and felt that aside from how Cheng Yu liked to babble nonsense and casually molested girls, he had a good nature in essence and at least he was honest and frank.


Unlike Jiang Ming who had always been thinking of bullying people all day and also injured them, coupled with his relationship with a gangster. She felt that she was quite safe around Cheng Yu. Just like this evening, even if he was shameless, she also had to admit that it was one of his charms. Not to mention that he also was a man of action, which is always easy to get a favorable impression from women.


The problems with the mother and daughter duo had been resolved, but in the city’s urban area at the Blood Wolf’s headquarter, a group of people were lying down in a large room while some others were standing motionlessly with hands wrapped in bandages and gypsum.


A few big guys were gathered in front of the room facing a middle-aged man. This man was the Blood Wolf’s boss—Qin Canghai. As he was staring at Dao Jiu and the others, he frowned, “Take a damn look at yourself, which point makes all of you like a Blood Wolf member huh? How the hell did it become like this? Is it caused by some bastards from other gangs?”


“Boss, I’m really sorry, we have caused the gang to lose face. Today we went to support Jiang Ming, but we didn’t expect to be beaten up by a student.”


“What the f**k! How the f**k can a student f**k up so many people? And you still have the guts to call yourselves Blood Wolf members?” Another middle-aged man, with a full beard, who was next to the boss, yelled loudly. He was the Blood Wolf’s second-in-command, and people on the street called him the Storm Wolf because of his short fuse. But his combat prowess was indeed undeniable, or else he couldn’t have become the second boss.


“Second Boss, this student is not an ordinary student, he’s really got skill. We haven’t figured out what the situation was and had already turned like this.” Dao Jiu replied with an angry expression. This was simply the biggest shame in his life, listening to how the others were talking crap for the whole day and thought that they themselves were very good compared to them. That his results just like his group were only playing monkeys.


“Who the hell is he? What’s his background?” Qin Canghai asked. As a gang’s boss, he couldn’t be reckless in doing things, he had to understand the whole situation.


“Listening to Jiang Ming, that kid is said to be the mayor Zhao Minglong’s nephew?”


“Oh, I have heard about this kid, wasn’t he that playboy? Before, he had always been drowning himself with women every day in our Evening Party. He’s still young but is a women expert.” A man with an arrogant look spoke, he was the youngest boss of the Blood Wolf, Wu Chang.


“So the youngest has met him? How is he?” Qin Canghai asked.


“I’ve never dealt with him, but I’ve seen him every day at our Evening Party a few times. But that boy’s footsteps are unsteady, and I could even see that he always drowned himself with excessive sexual pleasures. He’s unlikely to be a person skilled in the martial arts. Dao Jiu, you didn’t make a mistake do you?”


“I think it should not be wrong, Jiang Ming said he is the mayor’s nephew and is called Cheng Yu. And I heard a while back, Xu Shao and his son had molested his younger female cousin, that is, the mayor of Zhao’s daughter, and he beaten them to a pulp. I also heard that they are now being treated in the hospital.” Dao Jiu replied.


“That, Dao Jiu, you didn’t tell him that you were from the Blood Wolf?” Qin Canghai said.


“I did, but he didn’t put it in his eyes.”


“Oh, whether he is a newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger, or really has strength, he has hit our Blood Wolf’s member. This means that he has hit our Blood Wolf’s reputation, not to mention that he is only the mayor’s nephew and not his son.”

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