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Godly Student – Chapter 17


This is the last chapter that I have translated. The novel will go on, but in the hands of another TL, who will be introduced later on. I will still check and edit the novel. Please stay with us as we make this awesome transition. For now, please enjoy!!!!


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Chapter 17: Ignorant


“Big brother, let me go get him. See if I don’t beat him up so much that Zhao Minglong won’t even recognize him.” The second in charge, Violent Wolf, stood up and excitedly said.


“No, that won’t work, he is still the mayor’s nephew. You are too impulsive, if old Zhao Minglong wants to put reins on us, and finds some gangs to deal with us, that would be bad. For now, find someone to take care of this matter. Teach him a lesson, but don’t be too excessive.” Qin Canghai sat on his chair and drank his tea, as he casually said.


“Well, older brother, I will bring some people to deal with it tomorrow.” He finished drinking his tea and said.


Qing Canghai took a look at the group of 9 people and impatiently said, “You all go heal up first. Useless people, can’t even succeed in such a situation.”


“Yes, boss!” The 9 respectfully replied as they carried the handicapped person out.


Qin Canghai looked outside the window, not knowing what to think.


The next day, at Yunhai High School, at the school’s front gate.


Xu Dongyuan was very happy today because he was finally discharged. During his stay at the hospital, Xu Dongyuan wanted to choke that Cheng Yu. His hatred grew immensely. His father was scared, but he wasn’t, what was there for be scared of?


The day that her son got beaten, Ning Yan took Xu Shaohe and immediately headed to the hospital to see her son. Barely looking at her son, with just his bloody hand alone, she flew into rage. She must catch the tiny bastard who beat up her son and throw him in jail for a few years. So, ask her son what happened.


Xu Dongyuan, seeing that his parents were raging with anger, was incredibly happy. Cheng Yu, you were too arrogant. I told you that you would die. So he added oil to the flame and said that, originally, he asked Zhao Minglong’s daughter to go to the movies. But then all of a sudden, that Yu kid dragged him into a fight.


At first, when Xu Shaohe heard that this involved Zhao Minglong, he frowned. Blaming his son, that he should not have gotten involved with that man’s daughter, this kid did not know that it was hard to deal with Zhao Minglong. Then, he asked who was the guy who hit him. He truthfully replied that it was Zhao Minglong’s nephew, Cheng Yu.


Xu Shaohe’s face suddenly turned white, as cold sweat began to form. Originally, he thought it was just Zhao Minglong’s daughter. If so, things were easy to handle. But the second he heard that Zhao Minglong’s nephew was surnamed Cheng, his anger was extinguished. Perhaps others did not know who was truly backing Zhao Minglong, but how could he, as the deputy mayor, not know? His wife, Cheng Meiyan, was from a great family. Though her nephew was not some bigshot, his grandfather was. As just a deputy mayor, he couldn’t even raise his head to him. Much less make that family be accountable. Who told his son to find problems?


He explained that his son must not provoke him in the future. Hearing this, Xu Dongyuan and his mom were immediately unhappy, “Don’t tell me, that your son being bullied like this, yet you won’t do anything! He is just the mayor’s nephew! This is the deputy mayor’s son! Don’t tell me that being deputy mayor is just for name.”


Xu Shaohe angrily said, “You woman, what do you know! There are some families that we cannot mess with. Do you think that, that family is relying on Zhao Minglong as mayor?! The family behind the mayor is someone that even I, this deputy mayor, must prepare gifts for! You two have been too spoiled, look at him! He goes around causing trouble everyday. You had better advise your son to keep away from being foolish again. Otherwise, let alone him, even I won’t be able to hold my own.” Xu Shaohe spoke in angrily, as he then left.


Seeing that her husband was truly angry, she finally noticed that her son had provoked someone that should not have been provoked.


“Son, you heard your father. This person is someone we cannot offend. If you provoke him again, even your father won’t be able to help you.”


Hearing the two, Xu Dongyuan stared blankly. Don’t tell me that the jokester really had a powerful background? Above? Above us? Hmph, at most, I won’t provoke him now. However, I will find a chance to play with him till he’s near dead. Merely, I cannot say such things now.


Looking at the bad of glutinous rice in his hands, hatred immediately filled his heart. He secretly swore in his heart. I, Xu Dongyuan, will remember to pay back this huge favor. How can I let it go like this? If this hatred is not avenged, in the future I will be muddled in an illusion, and how would I be able to lift my head in front of my brothers.


Therefore, with such a mood, he had passed the week. At last, when he had returned to school, his number one priority was to find a way to teach Cheng Yu a lesson.


At this time, Jiang Ming, who was wrapped in gauze with bandages hanging from his neck, arrived at school. Seeing Xu Dongyuan from afar, he just walked straight into school.


“Yo, Brother Ming, I haven’t seen you in a few days and you have changed your style? Tsk, this way of dressing, cosplay? Cool enough, though not really mainstream.” Seeing Jiang Ming hurriedly walk past, Xu Dongyuan yelled for him to stop.


“Haha, is it not Little Xu? Just now, I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t expect Little Xu to be so handsome after so many days in the hospital. It seems you were living pretty well!” Jiang Ming was not afraid of this person. However, hearing Xu Dongyuan mock him from behind, he took the opportunity to return the ridicule.


Xu Dongyuan’s face twitched. It became a forever pain in his life.


“Hi, what a coincidence to see you both at school so early. Did you come to learn just like me? It’s a surprise to know that you both are so studious. Especially you, tut-tut, you are sick, but still came to school. Good, worthy of my encouragement. Your teacher certainly will send you a little red flower.” At this time, Cheng Yu arrived at school. He had a Deep-Fried Dough Stick in his hand and was sipping a cup of Soybean Milk. When he saw the two people, he said so with a smile.


“Cheng Yu, don’t be so proud. I’ll let you know how bad it is to offend me!” After finding that the person was Cheng Yu, they both walked back a few steps. Xu Dongyuan couldn’t stop trembling as he saw Cheng Yu’s bad smile, because when he stepped on his hand, he was smiling like now. As for Jiang Ming, he was frightened due to the thing Cheng Yu did last night. A group of people rushed at Cheng Yu, but before they could do anything, he had beaten them down. Jiang Ming looked around and found that there were many students looking at them, so he nerved himself to speak loudly.


Cheng Yu smiled. He ignored them and just walked straight into school. Who was he? He was an immortal! If they didn’t offend him, he would scorn to bully them.


As they watched Cheng Yu leave, they both breathed a sigh of relief.


“Young Master Ming, did he hurt you?” Xu Dongyuan asked.


“Hum!” Jiang Ming hummed. He said nothing but just walked straight to the school.


Xu Dongyuan looked at Jiang Ming and smiled speculatively. He also walked into school.


After Cheng Yu walked into the classroom, Fatty Qian walked over, “Big brother, you are so good! That stuff is really effective. I’ve remembered a lot of things today, this morning.” The fatso lowered his head and whispered, for fear that any other person heard his secret.


“That’s good… do not stay so close to me. Except women, all people should maintain a distance of one meter when they talk to me, do you understand?” Cheng Yu took two steps back, speaking sternly to Fatty.


Cheng Yu sat in his seat and felt very happy. Today was the day of the first practice test in the third grade, Cheng Yu also wanted to see how many points he could get. He took a glance at Lin Yuhan, who was sitting beside him, finding that she was absent-minded and wanted to say something.


“Han Han, what’s wrong? Is something on your mind?” Cheng Yu asked curiously. Lin Yuhan was always reading books or doing exercises, but today she seemingly wanted to say something.


“Ah! No, no, just… I’m sorry about the thing that happened yesterday. My mother, she was just too worried about me.” Cheng Yu’s words made Lin Yuhan’s mind come back to earth. She apologized. Last night, her mother dragged her away, which made her feel very embarrassed.


“You were just thinking about this?”


Lin Yuhan nodded.


“Oh, so you are very concerned about my views on your mother?” Cheng Yu said with a smile.


“No, I just don’t want you to misunderstand anything. When do you have time in the evening?”


“Why? You want to date me? If that’s the case, I have time every night.”


“Stop talking nonsense. I told my mom that the medicine pill she ate was from you, and then she told me to invite you to go to our home for dinner, in order to show our appreciation.”


Cheng Yu frowned. Did this mean the mother-in-law wanted to see her son-in-law?  What gift should he prepare? Her mother looked like a woman who had been used to being poor, completely not the same like his mother and aunt who are used to being rich. For her mom, maybe she doesn’t care about her appearance that much. If she ate the Rejuvenation Pill and became ten years younger, he was afraid that she wouldn’t know how to adapt herself to face her new life. Well, he remembered that a few days ago, he made a number of Longevity Pills, that should be a good gift which was suitable for everyone.


Lin Yuhan saw that Cheng Yu frowned. She felt frustrated because she thought that he didn’t want to go. She said, “If you don’t want to go to my home, it doesn’t matter. I will tell my mom.”


“What? No, I was just thinking about what I should take since this is the first time I’m going to your home.”


“Really? Ah, do not bring any gift, because it’s just a return for your help.” Her mood immediately turned well after hearing that Cheng Yu wasn’t unwilling to go to her home.


“No, I won’t. As the son-in-law, I should prepare a gift. A good gift can solve most of the potential problems.”


“Why are you talking nonsense again? I don’t want to speak to you.” Lin Yuhan turned back with a red face.


This time, an old man with a pile of papers walked into the classroom. He glanced at everyone and said, “Today, this is our first mock test for the third grade. Now, everyone draw your desk away from other people’s desks. We will begin the examination. The first test is Chinese Language.” After he finished, he started to hand out the examination papers.


Cheng Yu was suddenly dumbfounded as he looked at the test paper. Oh my god, what is this? “Look at the dotted words in the four groups of words and find out which one of them is pronounced in different ways.” What? Are you kidding me? How would I know the answer?!


F**k, why are none of the poems I learned on the test? Are you mocking me? And what was the meaning of this article in classical Chinese? Was it one of the articles I had learned?


Cheng Yu turned over the the test paper and opened his eyes wider. What was the meaning of the blank page? Composition? Write an essay on the topic of ‘ignorance’?


F**k, so this was what the imperial examination was. No wonder such few people were admitted. As an immortal, I didn’t even know the answer, how could it be possible that the mortals knew it?! This was ridiculous!


Cheng Yu raised his head and looked at Lin Yuhan, who was sitting beside him and taking the test paper very seriously. She didn’t stop her writing. It seemed that it wasn’t difficult for this chick.


Cheng Yu had no choice. He had to hold his pen and write in the blank space of the test paper. His handwriting looked pretty flaunty, “By using the blank space, I’ve perfectly annotated the profound meaning of ‘ignorance’!!!” (TL: Haha, it is so true that ignorance is bliss. LOL.)

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