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Godly Student – Chapter 18


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Chapter 018: So This is How To Be a Dean’s Lister


After writing his masterpiece, Chen Yu quietly laid down on his table and fell asleep. In fact, if Chen Yu wanted to, he was able to peek at the answers of the other students to cheat. However, he was not willing to do it.


The invigilator shook his head when he saw the youngster lying down on the table. At this point in time, the teachers all had a take on which students would do well and those who would not. And Chen Yu is definitely one of the latter, one that was fated to not be able to get into any University.


Two and a half hours later, the bell that signified the end of the test woke Chen Yu up. The students left their scripts on the table and left the exam hall.


“Boss, how was the test?” Fatty scuttled over to Chen Yu the moment they stepped out of the exam venue.


“Fatty, didn’t I mention to you in the morning that you have to stay a metre away when talking to me? How much effort did you think I would need for such an easy paper?”


“Boss is just different from us normal people. Even though the paper is very challenging for us, to you, it is just like fleeting clouds. Boss is so respectable, I am…” During the exam, Fatty did not turn behind to look at Chen Yu, if not he would have realized that he slept for over two hours.


“Scram, stop bootlicking.” When he noticed that Fatty was starting to rant, he quickly stopped him and headed towards the canteen.


Reaching the canteen, he instructed Fatty to get the food while he went to look for Lin Yu Han.


“En, this is pretty good.” Chen Yu nodded as he looked at the food on Lin Yu Han’s plate.



Hearing what Chen Yu said, Lin Yu Han embarrassingly lowered her head and continued eating her food. This was because the food she is eating now was paid for by Chen Yu. That day, he passed Fatty two thousand dollars to give to the kitchen boss. On the second day, the kitchen boss refused to accept any money from Lin Yu Han. In addition, she must order three meat and two vegetable, if not, the boss would not allow her to have any food. Chen Yu had no choice as the school campus only had this single canteen and it was owned by the same person. Lin Yu Han not only had good grades, she was also a beauty to boot, a perfect model student. Even though these people worked in the canteen, they all know who she was. Hence, she could only accept it and go with the flow.


Fatty carried two food trays to the table. After Chen Yu received his, he took his chicken drumstick and placed it on Lin Yu Han’s tray.


“I am too full to eat this, take it back.” Lin Yu Han knew that rejecting was useless when Chen Yu was such an overbearing person, so she could only act pitifully to stop him.


“You are so skinny and so hardworking. You need to eat more to get more nutrition.”


“But I really cannot eat anymore.”


“No problem. You can eat half of it, just like last time. Do you think that it is considered a kiss?”


“Tsk. You only know how to take advantage of me. I’m not going to eat, you can eat it yourself. Who wants to kiss you?” After hearing what Chen Yu said, she placed the chicken drumstick back on his food tray.


Chen Yu did not force her and started to eat his food.


“Why did you not answer the questions during the test?” Lin Yu Han asked. As she sat beside Chen Yu, whatever Chen Yu did was all noticed by her.


“I did not know how to do.” Chen Yu answered her frankly.


“Boss, so you lied to me! Didn’t you say that it was very easy?” Fatty started speaking incorrigibly while he ate his drumstick.


“Tsk. Your boss did not attempt the question at all. He slept throughout the two hours of the test.” Lin Yu Han continued speaking bad about him.


“Boss, you are really awesome! This time around, my score will definitely be higher than yours. However, you must remember that you must pass English. Our form teacher will not let you off if you fail English.” Fatty said with schadenfreude when he finally had something that was better than his boss.


“What is there to be worried about? I just do not know how to do, no big deal.” Chen Yu said nonchalantly.


“Then why did you not study conscientiously? Do you think that just because your family is rich, you would be able to enter the University of your choice no matter of your grades?”


“Of course not. If I want to enroll into a particular University, I will study and enter it by my own abilities. There is no need to use my family’s money. Even if money is needed, I will use my own.”


“Tsk. Isn’t your money what your family gave you?” Lin Yu Han despised Chen Yu’s thick face.


“Han Han, can you not look down on me? I tell you. The money I have now is what I earned myself, not given to me by my family.”


“Sure. Continue to boast. If you have money, who do you still need to take from your family?”


“How much would you think I can sell the pill that I gave you?”


“The pill isn’t made by you, so it cannot be taken into account.”


“Sorry about that, the pill is indeed made by me.”


“You?” Lin Yu Han looked at Chen Yu seriously. “You really made the pill?”


“Of course. I’m not afraid to tell you, I have many different kinds of pills. I even gave Fatty one that boosted his memory. If you don’t believe, you can ask him yourself.”





“What did you just call me?” Lin Yu Han raged at Fatty the moment he opened his mouth and then glared at Chen Yu, as though accusing him of instructing Fatty to call her that.


Chen Yu shrugged and helplessly said, “This is really none of my business, don’t you know that fatty’s has a high EQ. I think that your EQ is lower than his.”


“Haha, Student Lin, Boss is right. Yesterday he gave me a pill and it was potent. The book I read this morning was easily memorized and stored in my brain.” Fatty excitedly replied when they started to talk about the pill.


“Then previously you also ate the pill and hence caused your memory to drastically improve?” Lin Yu Han asked.


“You really look down on me too much. Do you think I need to eat the pills I create myself?”


“Tsk.” Lin Yu Han ignored Chen Yu when she heard his boast.


“Let me tell you, in the next few days, a godly item will appear in Cloud Sea City that will cause countless of women to go crazy.”


“Boss, what kind of Godly item?” Fatty asked curiously.


“None of your business, it is something that is used by females only.”


“Okay, let’s go.” Chen Yu wiped his mouth and left the canteen.


The test in the afternoon was Mathematics. This time, Chen Yu also handed up a blank script. This type of stuff cannot be memorized, it was useless even if memorized. Even though Chen Yu is an immortal, it is impossible for him to prove why line OH is perpendicular to OG and to calculate the value of the slope of line OP and line PQ without knowing anything. The only thing that Chen Yu can prove, is that he did not know how to do a single question.


“When do you plan to come over to my house?” Lin Yu Han asked when school ended.


“Ah, looks like you are in a rush for me to ask for your hand for marriage! If that’s the case, let’s not drag any longer. Let’s do it today.”


“Hmm. How about tomorrow?”


“Today is a bad idea. You need to let my mum prepare the food. You tell me in advance when you are free, then I will let you know what my mum says.”


“En. I will go back first.” Lin Yu Han packed up her belongings and left the classroom.


“Boss, where shall we go tonight?” Fatty walked over and asked.


“Anywhere is fine. Come to think of it, I haven’t been to the night market yet.” Chen Yu realized that there were many places he hasn’t visited. He only traveled between a few regular places.


Outside of the school gate, there was a van filled with a bunch of people. One of them pointed at Lin Yu Han who just walked out of the school. “Third Boss, that is the girl that caused Jiang Ming to clash with that brat Chen Yu.”


“Ma Zi, you follow her. Find out where she lives. We might need to use her in the near future, but do not touch her as of yet.” Third boss thought for a moment before instructed one of his lackeys. This bunch of people were from the blood wolf gang. Today, they purposely traveled down to teach Chen Yu a lesson. The blood wolf gang is not so easily bullied, just because you’re are the Mayor’s nephew doesn’t mean that you can disregard the blood wolf gang.


Ma Zi pulled open the door and slowly followed Lin Yu Han. Lin Yu Han was oblivious to her follower as she headed towards her mother’s stall.


Chen Yu and Fatty swaggered out of the school. “Boss, yesterday I didn’t manage to treat you to eat roasted meat. Let’s go today. There are a lot of pretty girls from our school that visit that place frequently.”


“Ah? You go there to eat often?”


“What? I haven’t been there a single time. It’s embarrassing to go there alone.”


“Look at you, so the purpose of treating me is to go there to look at girls, eh?” Chen Yu said helplessly.


“Boss, how can you say that. Do you think Fatty is this kind of person? Even though I like pretty girls, Boss will forever be BAE.”


“Really? What you just said sounds good, but why does it feel so weird? Like a chill down my spine.” Chen Yu yawned.


“Third boss! That punk is out! The one with the Fatty.”


“Let’s go!” Third boss ordered his man.


“Boss, that bunch of fierce looking man are heading towards our direction.” Fatty said with a quivering voice when he saw the group of people walking towards him.


“Haha. What are you scared of? There will be countless of sudden fights in the future if you follow me. You have to get used to it, if not you will not be able to follow in my steps.” Chen Yu laughingly said as he looked at the group.


“Young master Yu, long time no see?” Wu Chang walked over as he smiled at Chen Yu. No matter what, he was the Mayor’s nephew, so he still had to give him some face.


“Do I know you?” Chen Yu asked.


Wu Chang’s face turned pale when Chen Yu did not give him any face by asking who he was. After all, he was the third boss of the Blood Wolf gang, not some random Tom, D**k, or Harry. However, he had to get a clearer picture, hence he continued smiling and asked, “Young master Yu is busy and it’s normal to forget stuff. My name is Wu Chang, the boss of the night club that you frequently visit. Whenever you got into trouble, I was the one who helped you solve it.”


“Oh? So you are here today just to hear me apologize?”

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