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Godly Student – Chapter 19


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Chapter 019: The Night Market


“Keke, Mister Yu, you joke, such trivial matters require no thank. I am only here to understand the situation. I got wind that you have beaten up a few of my gang members?” Wu Chang added.


“Why? Are you going to avenge them?” Cheng Yu replied with his eyebrow raised.


“So you admit to beating them?” Wu Chang asked.


“There is nothing to hide, if you guys wish, I can grant all of you the same treatment.”


“Look kid, 3rd master (Wu Chang) here has been civil to you the whole time and do not think that just because you have some skills, you are invincible now. Offending the bloodwolf gang is no laughing matter and I advise you to apologize to 3rd master now.” Gan Pao said angrily, he was also the one who spoke in the car.  


“Keke, so you are in-charge then? What do you say?” Cheng Yu said to Wu Chang.


“Get down on your knees, beg for forgiveness, and follow me to the bloodwolf gang. Otherwise, you will be in an even worse state than the group yesterday.” Wu Chang said.


“So this is the end of discussion then, I will give all of you a chance, you shall have the first move or else there will not be any chance left.” Cheng Yu replied.


“Are you sure about this young man? Bowing your head to us is nothing to be ashamed of, your courage is admirable but the consequences of your haughtiness is something you cannot bear. Do not expect that your mayor uncle will be here to help you. With our numbers, your uncle will not be able to do a thing.” Seeing Cheng Yu being unfazed in this situation, Wu Chang had to respect his bravery but he also had to remind him of his place. And clashing with the mayor is not a good thing to the bloodwolf gang.    


“Done talking?” Cheng Yu asked.


“Done” – Wu Chang replied.


“Since you are done, bring it on then” Cheng Yu calmly spoke.


“Alright! Since you are being so wilful, do not blame me for what is about to happen, bring him back to headquarter” Seeing Cheng Yu being so firm on his ground, Wu Chang understood that no words could get through that thick skull. However, fighting here would only leave behind traces of evidence that Zhao Minglong could use against them in the future.


Seeing the opposing group consisting of tens of people charging towards them, Cheng Yu pushed fatty to his back and charged forward.


Wu Chang who is standing at the opposite end stared with his eyes wide open, how can this be….. this fast, seeing the group charging in and hearing only screams of agony.


“GuGu” the sound of Wu Chang gulping his own saliva, having witnessed all his men being manhandled like a toy, he finally understood why Dao Jiu was in such sorry state and Cheng Yu indeed had given him enough face.


“PaPaPa” Cheng Yu dusted his hands, with a look of dissatisfaction which caused Wu Chang to not know how to react to the current situation.  


“Now it’s your turn!” Cheng Yu stared and said to Wu Chang.


At this moment, Wu Chang knew he f****d up.


“You sure you want to break all bonds and make an enemy out of the bloodwolf gang?” Wu Chang said gravely.


“Are you a fool? Did we even have any bonds to begin with?” Cheng Yu stared at Wu Chang blankly.


“I admit you are good, but will you be able to do the same to protect those close to you?” Wu Chang said solemnly.


“Are you threatening me? You know what I hate the most? People threatening me! I thought of just teaching you a few lessons, but it seems like you bloodwolf gang have no reason to exist anymore.” At this point killing intent has filled Cheng Yu, as he really hated people threatening him.


“Peng!” Cheng Yu appear right in front of Wu Chang, striking his chest with a palm strike, unlike Xu Dong Yuan and Jiang Ming who get blown away in a crescent moon like trajectory, Wu Chang got blown off in a straight line of three meters and blood foamed from his mouth.


“This is the price of threatening me.I am not killing you so that you can go back and report to your master to not cause any more disturbance, and do not even think of hurting those close to me, my rage is not something a trifling gang such as the bloodwolf gang can contain.” With that said, Cheng Yu brought Fatty and walked toward the direction of the night market.


“Boss, what you just did was awesome! Now my blood is boiling with excitement! Please, Boss teach me martial art! As your underling, it’s embarrassing to always be standing at the sidelines of the battleground.

“You want to learn martial arts?” Cheng Yu asked Fatty.


“YES!” Nodded Fatty.


“Practicing martial arts is going to be tough and without 8 to 10 years of effort you will not be able to apply it, and looking at the states of your current body, you have to trim off that fat so that I can teach you martial arts.” Cheng Yu said.


“AH? I have to lose weight? I fear this is going to be impossible, I tried losing weight before and it simply has no effect on me at all!” Fatty answered disappointedly after hearing what Cheng Yu said.


“Practicing martial was never an easy task, if it was that easy, then the streets would be filled with great martial artists.” Cheng Yu never intended for Fatty to learn martial arts, as he believed that Fatty is currently leading a great life and is only temporary motivated after witnessing his feats in the fight and that will not last. Cheng Yu also understood that in this world, everyone dreamt to be a great martial artist and wished that they could be the symbol of that dream. But the world Fatty was living in now is a simple one, dreaming it is happiness for them, but to ask them to do it for real is unrealistic as there is no need for that in this world, this is the environment their society is in.


In Cheng Yu’s previous life, the act of cultivating was the result of the environment their society was in. At that time, they wish that they could be out of the mortal realm, acquire great martial prowess. Hence, they cultivated to ascend from the mortal realm and break through the chain of life and death, and fate itself. But in this world, society dictated that people needed a stable job, someone they could live the rest of their life with, a child of their own, and living with their family happily.  


“Boss, you have one of those elixirs do you not? Get me one that gives me tens of years of cultivation after taking it, like what they show on television.” Fatty asked excitedly.


“You fool! You already said those are from television and you actually believe it? Moreover, without a resolute heart even with those elixirs, you will not be able to amount to great things.” Even though Cheng Yu did not want Fatty to practice martial for his own good, but what is going to happen in the future, no one can say for sure and perhaps in the future, he might lead Fatty to the path of ascension.


Henceforth, Cheng Yu told Fatty, no matter who is it, the path of ascension requires an unwavering belief. Even if you are an alchemist, without great determination, no matter the amount of elixir, how great the elixir, it would not help him to ascend.


But in the deity realm, alchemists were extremely rare, and every alchemist had their own pride and would not make elixirs just for anyone. Hence, they were one of those things that people in great position fought over. Alchemists who were weak, were compelled to join clans through sheer force and Alchemist who were good, were too proud to join any clan and were dedicated to refining. Thus, Alchemists offended many people who were in great positions. And Cheng Yu were one of those, especially the six phoenix spirit flame and nine dragon godly flame he was researching. Which caused a stir within the deity realm and he refuse to be used by any of the great forces, resulting him being a target to be killed.


Thinking of that, Cheng Yu’s heart was filled with gloom. Shaking his head, putting all that conflict behind the back of his head. The two arrive at the night market, this place was indeed extraordinary, it had every delicacy from different parts of the country, all kinds of clothing, fashion accessories, food, necessities, wearables, everything was here. One stall was linked to another, not only was the stuff here appealing, it was also cheap, this was heaven for students.


Walking on this street, Cheng Yu suddenly felt that he was young again, even though his body was only 18 years of age, it contained a thousand year old monster. And in such an environment, Cheng Yu felt blissful, relaxed, and joyous. Which was what a youth should feel. Looking at all these people, wandering about, the whole street was filled with motion and noise. Yet he found peace amidst all this chattering, this street was exceptionally peaceful. This peacefulness is a state of mind, a form of tranquility, something he would never find in the deity realm, something he had never felt before in the deity realm.


“Boss Look! Is that Lin Yuhan?” Fatty pointing at a hot pot shop screaming.


Cheng Yu looked at the direction Fatty was pointing at, as he saw Lin Yuhan putting the ingredients into the pot of the customer and her mother was frying some stuff for their customers.


Cheng Yu and Fatty walked over, standing in front of table filled with food before Lin Yuhan and waited.


“Hello, boss what would you like to have…” Lin Yuhan asked without looking whilst serving the other customer, but midway, she raise her head and saw Cheng Yu and Fatty and halted all her actions.

“XiXi. HanHan, why didn’t you tell me that you set up a stall here? If I had known, I would long have come here.” Cheng Yu jokingly said to Lin Yuhan.


Lin Yuhan with a look of uneasiness asked, “What are you doing here?”


“We are here to eat! I want this, this………. and this.” Chen Yu took a bunch of ingredients and put it in a basket, as he handed it over to Lin Yuhan.


“Are you sure you can finish all of this?” Lin Yuhan asked after looking at the massive amount of ingredients in the basket.


“No worries, we will bear the consequences ourself, and fatty will be treating it, isn’t that right fatty?”


“Yes, Yes, Yes. Boss, please order to your heart’s content, I will be treating.” Fatty said with his face twisting. ‘Boss, if want to flirt, should have use your own money, so unreasonable. Anyways, this amount of food is inexpensive anyway.’ Fatty picked some ingredients for himself.


Now, Mrs.Lin who was done with preparing the food walked toward them and smilingly say “Oh, you two, come, auntie shall treat you all today for helping my daughter yesterday”


“Keke. Auntie, we are classmates of Hanhan, and also best of friends. Helping her goes without saying. Moreover, you are running a business, how can we allow you to treat us?” Even though he previously addressed Lin Yuhan as Hanhan, which displeased her mother, but such is the personality of Cheng Yu who ignored it and continued it his way.

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