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Godly Student – Chapter 2

Hi guys, this is yours truly Cherry Blossom. As you know, I am working on GDC, TLDP, IA, and the TL for SEAM. I have brought here today with me a new work and I really hope that you give it a chance. ENJOY!!!! 2/5.

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Chapter 2: Never Existed


The car slowly rolled into Yun Hai’s Advanced High School. This Yun Hai Noble Aristocratic High School, was actually a school for the kids of the wealthy and respected. Of course, there were some who were academically outstanding who got in. Regarding these kinds of students, they had various kinds of waivers. For these poor outstanding students, it was cheaper to enter this school than regular high schools.


Cheng Yu looked at the beautiful scenery of the school; everywhere was filled with young, lovely girls. Cheng Yu closed his eyes with arms opened, taking in a deep breath. Ah! Being young! It’s truly good to be alive!


Cheng Yu, following his memory, walked to his classroom. His heart was looking forward to this new life, a desire to live.


But it was strange that on his way there, those girls would see him and avoid him. Originally, Cheng Yu saw several beautiful girls and was going to hit on one, but before he got a chance to open his mouth, they had all already ran away. To think they were avoiding him, what was going on? It turns out that this youngster was quite famous at school. People were afraid, afraid of being ravaged and couldn’t hide.


I mean, the original atmosphere was a mess. It was a boring walk to the classroom. Entering the classroom, everyone looked up. Like seeing a ghost, they all hurriedly ran out of the way. Your sister, to act this way, it’s better to just die off.


Finding their seats, sitting next to the legend, was the prettiest girl in school, his deskmate, dared not to lift her head. Cheng Yu took a seat as he swept his eyes over the stack of books on the other person’s table. On his desk, there was nothing but a table cover. For a moment, angry thoughts entered his head. He stood up and shout, “My book!”


The originally noisy room quieted down. They raised their heads to look at Cheng Yu as they then immediately looked down to study.


Cheng Yu looked down to see that the school beauty was looking at him. So he asked, “My book?”


The school beauty looked at Cheng Yu with a puzzled expression that didn’t seem to be feigned, as she calmly said, “You never brought books to class.”


Cheng Yu, hearing this, turned red in embarrassment. Cold sweat formed as his anger could send him back to the world of immortals. I… your sister, to go to school this way. To not even have a book, why didn’t he remember? Could it be that he hated studying so much that he had forgotten about such a thing? Cheng Yu was unable to sit down. He lost, thoroughly defeated, he realized that this kid simply didn’t exist to the world. He had vanished from this world, it’s just like he had never been in this world.


The school beauty, Lin Yuhan, seeing Cheng Yu this way, didn’t know what was wrong, as she felt that he was strange. He was completely different from how he usually was. So, from her own stack of books, she handed one to Cheng Yu, “Here! I’ll let you borrow and look at it.”


Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan’s book, and for a moment, was astonished. He remembered that Lin Yuhan never paid him any attention. As Cheng Yu took the book, he faintly said, “Thank you!” Cheng Yu knew that this was not the time to be over-cordial, it was important to not give off the kind of feeling that he was sucking up to her, so that she changed her point of view by herself. This was the so called, ‘in order to capture, one must retreat to advance.’


This was a history book. As Cheng Yu opened the book, it emitted a soft fragrance, showing that she often browsed through the book and was indeed a good student.


Cheng Yu read quickly, perhaps to remember things quickly; to a cultivator, it was kind of second nature. Although he wasn’t an immortal anymore, some of his abilities were still there. But, it’s just that his body was in an extremely bad condition, nothing more. He just needed to make some medicinal pellets to nurse his body back to health. Once the medicinal pellets made their way into his body, he would be able to cultivate again. This was the benefit of being an alchemy grandmaster; but because of this, an alchemy grandmaster would always be the eternal target for robbery in the cultivation world. (TL: The 2nd meaning here is that they were kidnapped for their skills, not just targets for robbery).


Seeing Cheng Yu’s manner in reading, Lin Yuhan once again proved that a woman’s sixth sense was wrong. Ok! I’m wrong! Before was just an illusion, he is still his original self, he is incurable!


Ten minutes later, Cheng Yu finished reading the history book. Giving the book back to Lin Yuhan, “Can I borrow another book?”


Seeing Cheng Yu return the book, Lin Yuhan looked at him for a moment. It’s only been 10 minutes since Lin Yuhan handed him the book, “More?” Lin Yuhan asked.


Cheng Yu nodded and received Lin Yuhan’s English book. He immediately opened it and began reading the second Lin Yuhan handed it over


“What’s up?” Cheng Yu saw her glance and asked.


“I don’t understand, give me a different book.”


“Speaking of this, did you understand the two previous books?”


Cheng Yu nodded his head


“Then you remember?”


Cheng Yu nodded again.


“Really?” Lin Yuhan wasn’t convinced.




“Then, I’ll give you a history question.” Thus, Lin Yuhan posed a question.


Cheng Yu immediately answered and even gave the page number to find the answer on.


Lin Yuhan hurriedly took the book and opened it to the page Cheng Yu said. Unexpectedly, it was true. Continuing on, Lin Yuhan posed a couple more questions, including political ones. As long as the answer was in the book, Cheng Yu answered and gave the page number to it.


Lin Yuhan carefully watched Cheng Yu as she then asked, “Have you already memorized the book before?”


“Is there a need for me to cheat? Don’t tell me you think that I did this to approach you!”


Hearing Cheng Yu’s genuine reply, Lin Yuhan felt embarrassed and blushed. She gritted her teeth and said, “That can’t be ruled out. Else, how would it be possible for you remember so quickly, it’s impossible for you to have such a good memory, ah! Even if you can, it can’t be so fast!”


”Hey girl, your ego is quite big. Don’t tell me I went through the book and painstakingly remembered everything to put on a play for you. If that’s the case, how could you wrong me in such a way. Then, how long would it take you to memorise a book to my degree; I took this long to memorise books, what time do I have to go and flirt with girls!” Cheng Yu smiled and said.


“Hmph, god know’s what you’re thinking.” Lin Yuhan flung her head in rage, ignoring him as she continued reading her book.


Seeing Lin Yuhan’s angry expression, Cheng Yu’s heart mused happily but dared not to open his mouth to speak. Once the faerie had opened her mouth, then there was a method of receiving her… however, this little girl was quite interesting. Cheng Yu didn’t speak as he placed his hands on the table to prop up his head while he quietly looked at Lin Yuhan’s face on the side. Really white, really tender, he really wanted to take a bite.


The two people were still, motionless. One read while the other watched the individual reading. “You were standing on top a bridge to look at the scenery, while a man was looking upstairs at you.” This was precisely the feeling!


Perhaps Lin Yuhan also thought of this poem! Therefore, her face slowly turned red as anger slowly spread across her lovely face, “What are you looking at!”


“I’m looking at you!” Cheng Yu directly replied.


”Hmph!” Lin Yuhan angrily snorted as she returned to studying.


Cheng Yu didn’t mind as his head was still propped on his hand, calmly looking at her. Seeing that her angry face getting redder, Cheng Yu calmly asked, “Are you mad?”






“Because I hate you.”


“I haven’t provoked you, so why do you hate me?”


“You are not allowed to look at me.”


“In that case, lend me some books so that I won’t look at you.”


Lin Yuhan didn’t object as she gave some books to him; Cheng Yu unexpectedly was serious and began reading. Seeing that Cheng Yu was no longer looking, Lin Yuhan also continued reading. But as soon as she looked, Cheng Yu’s hateful voice sounded.


“You’re quite jealous of my ability to read.”


“Who is jealous of you.”


“In fact, you are very jealous of me, but I may be able to help you have the same retentive memory.” Cheng Yu tempted.


“Well, I don’t want it.” In actuality, Lin Yuhan wanted to know of the method but couldn’t bring herself to say it to him. How could the number one in the class possibly say so to this villain. This rogue who was ignorant of his ancestors, this playboy who learns from cheating. Cheng Yu was not aware that in her heart, he had so many exclusive titles. However, even if Cheng Yu did know about it, he wouldn’t care. He already knew that this beautiful flower didn’t have a favorable impression of him. But he knew that after several contacts, slowly, she would change her view on him and he would get a proper title.


Seeing Lin Yuhan’s expression, Cheng Yu stopped speaking to her. At present, he must calm the heart and mind, as he continued to read his book. For 3rd year students, if the class was not self-study, it was an examination, as the teacher’s teaching time was lessened.


In one morning, Cheng Yu read more than half of the textbooks he had. As for tomorrow and the remaining afternoon, Cheng Yu wasn’t going to go to class. There were more important things than class. After morning class, his younger cousin Zhao Yifang immediately ran to his class to take him out to eat.


The two left campus and arrived at a Hunan restaurant where they ordered a few dishes. The two sat down and Cheng Yu asked Zhao Yifang, “Younger female cousin, are you going to go to class?”


“Why? What’s up?”


“In the afternoon I won’t be going to class, can I borrow your car?” Regarding the enclosed carriage, Cheng Yu was quite interested in it. After all, he couldn’t fly now. Granted, even if he could fly, in such a large city, he couldn’t. Therefore, this enclosed carriage was quite useful.


“No.” Zhao Yifang refused.




”Because my car is my beloved treasure and only I can drive it. Moreover, if I lend you my car, I’m sure you’d go pick up girls with it. I cannot let you borrow my car to drive to hideous women. Otherwise, I won’t be able to use it in the future. The most important thing is that in a few months you have your college exams, how can you skip class? When I return in the evening, I’ll tell aunty.”  Zhao Yifang said so much in one breath to prove that she really couldn’t lend the car to Cheng Yu on justifiable grounds. Finally, even planning to tattletale to his mom when she got home in the evening.


“Today, I’m not going to pick up girls, I already memorized almost all the books, my body is just feeling unwell. In order to not affect my participation in the college exams, I’m going to buy medicine to nurse my body back to health. Because of the coming college exams, I need to be prepared if I want to seize the title of the top scorer in the nation.” Cheng Yu’s face was resolute, solemn and serene, like he was going to sacrifice his life for the country.

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