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Godly Student – Chapter 20


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Chapter 020: Fright


With her daughter being so excellent, having a couple of suitors is very normal. Hence, Mrs.Lin decided not to make a big fuss over such a small matter. As long as she looked over her daughter closely, everything would be fine.


“Who says I cannot give a treat? Are you looking down on auntie just because I run a small business?” Mrs Lin said.


“Auntie, please do not misunderstand. What I’m trying to say is that running a business is hard work. Furthermore, Hanhan has to help out at the stall everyday after school. We would feel embarrassed to be eating free food when our classmate is working hard to earn money. In addition, Fatty is buying me dinner. If auntie does not let us pay for the food, we can only come back another time.” Cheng Yu was heartbroken to see Lin Yuhan soaked in sweat. In the morning, she would be spending all her time studying and in the evening, she had to help out at the stall right after school ended.


“That’s right! Auntie, today I am buying Boss dinner. If you give us free food, I would still have to go somewhere else to treat Boss another day.”


Mrs.Lin furrowed her eyebrows after hearing Fatty call Cheng Yu, “Boss”, consistently and thought that these two punk and those hooligans outside are all the same. However, seeing that they are so adamant to not let her treat them, she decided not to talk about it anymore.


“If that’s the case, I shall not insist anymore. Student Cheng, I wonder if our Yuhan mentioned to you about coming over to my house to have a meal so as to thank you for what you did. This time you cannot reject my offer, if not I will not have any face left.”


“Keke. Auntie, I would definitely not reject. Hanhan asked me this morning when we were in school and I told her that I am free tomorrow. I wonder if Auntie is free tomorrow.” Cheng Yu smilingly replied.


“That would be perfect. Tomorrow auntie shall not set up the stall to free up my time. You can come over with Yuhan then.”


“Okay!” Chen Yu and Fatty looked for an empty table and sat down right after.


“Boss, why is auntie’s attitude towards you suddenly a 180-degree change? What did you do to her? Wasn’t she showing you attitude last night?”


“This is something that you will never ever comprehend. It’s something only someone who is as suave and handsome like me will ever understand.”


(TL Feldyyy – Totally something Suave-Ge would say)


Seeing that Boss is so capable and trying to be secretive, it might be something that he should not know. Hence, he decided not to ask further even though he was very curious as to what happened the previous night.


A moment later, Lin Yu Han served four big bowls of food to the duo’s table. As they had ordered too much food, she had to use four bowls to contain them.


“Hanhan, are you hungry? Do you want to share some of the food with us?” Cheng Yu asked the sweating Lin Yuhan.


“It’s alright. You guys continue. There is still a lot of customers.” Seeing that Cheng Yu was so concerned about her, she was secretly delighted and quickly turned around and walked towards the other customers.


Looking at the steaming hot food that he had never tried before, he did not speak anymore as he lowered his head and started to gobble down the food. After approximately forty minutes, the two of them finally finished up the contents in the four big bowls.


Patting his belly, Fatty asked, “Boss, are you still hungry? Do you still want any more food?”


“Do you think I’m like you? After eating so much, do you think that I am able to eat anymore?” Cheng Yu replied as he helplessly looked at Fatty.


“I’ve already told you not to order so much. Look at the state you are in now.” Lin Yuhan walked over the moment Cheng Yu spoke.


“Hanhan, how can you blame me? Don’t you know that I would lose all my reasoning whenever I am around you?” Cheng Yu leaned on the table as he grinned at her.


“Tsk. Can’t be bothered with you. The total amount is sixty-six dollars.” Lin Yuhan stretched out her hand towards Cheng Yu.


“Didn’t I say that Fatty is treating today? How can you ask me for money?”


“That’s right! Classmate Lin, you are looking down on me.” Fatty patted his stomach and said unsatisfactorily.


“You are a pig. He asks you to pay for him and you really pay for him? Pay up!” Lin Yuhan retorted angrily when she heard what Fatty said.


“Classmate Lin, don’t be angry. Here’s the money!” Fatty took out a hundred dollars note and gave it to Lin Yu Han.


“Keep the change!” Cheng Yu shouted after her.


Fatty almost puked out all his food when he heard what Chen Yu shouted and embarrassingly replied, “B.. Boss… That isn’t a.. a very good idea.”


“Here’s the money! Hurry up and leave! Seeing the two of you makes me angry!” Lin Yuhan handed the change back to Fatty.




Reaching home, he saw the family of three watching tv. “Cousin, help me pour a cup of tea. I’m bloated and am not able to move due to eating too much for dinner.” Cheng Yu said as he sat on the sofa.


“Tsk. Go get it yourself.” Zhao Yunfang said angrily.


“Eh? Cousin, who made you angry? Quickly tell me, your brother, I, will seek justice for you.” Cheng Yu asked to solve the mystery on why his cousin was so angry.


“Tsk!” Zhao Yunfang clucked her tongue, ignoring Cheng Yu as she continued watching her show.


“Aunt, why is she angry?”


“Who else will make her angry? Today when she came back, she complained that for the past two days, you did not wait for her after school.” Cheng Meiyan said as she helped Cheng Yu pour a cup of tea. If it was in the past, Cheng Yu would not have this privilege. Truth to be told, his aunt did not really like him in the past. However, Cheng Yu changed completely after he woke up from the accident. Not only his temperament, but even the way he acted and how he treated others. Hence, she was glad that Cheng Yu had matured and including the miracle pills he made, caused her to like him even more.


“I see… So that’s what happened. Cousin, how can you be angry with me over such a small matter. Look at this pouting girl, I can hang at least two jin of cabbage on it.” Cheng Yu sat up straight as he received the cup of tea from his aunt as he teased his cousin.


“Tsk. None of your business!”


“It’s not that Cousin don’t want to wait for you, it’s because cousin is busy. So don’t be angry!”


“Tsk. The only thing you know is to bluff me. The news that you fought with someone have already spread throughout the school this morning.”


“What? Yu Er, who did you fight with? Your mother just left and you went to cause trouble. If anything happen to you again, wouldn’t your family be very sad?” Cheng Meiyan looked at Cheng Yu angrily.


“Aunt, you cannot blame me for this. In addition, I am very good at fighting.”


“Even so, I do not allow. What if the other party have many people? If such a thing happen again, you must call me immediately. Understand?”


“Alright. Anyway, Uncle, have you heard of this person called Wu Chang?”


Hearing Wu Chang’s name, Zhao Minglong was stunned for a moment before he asked Cheng Yu to follow him into the study.


Cheng Yu followed Zhao Minglong into the study. The layout of the room was very simple. In the room was a table with a table lamp and a couple of files lying on it. At the back was a shelf filled with many books.


After they were seated, Zhao Minglong frowned and asked, “How do you know Wu Chang? Have you antagonised the blood wolf gang?”


“Of course not. They were the one who antagonised me. From what they said, they aren’t scared of uncle. If it is necessary, I will help you get rid of them, so that they will not be able to find trouble with me everyday.


“Do not be rush! The blood wolf gang is the city’s biggest gang. They have hundreds of members. In addition, there are many experts and they all have guns and other weapon. Even the Government have a problem with them. Luckily, there is two other gang in the city that are against them. Hence they are not able to be too brazen and cause trouble everywhere. However, to the Government, they are a very dangerous bomb and we have tried all means to get rid of them but have been unsuccessful so far. So, what happened between you and them?”


“Yesterday, some punk called Han Ming brought along someone called Dao Jiu to find trouble with me. Hence I got rid of them. Today they brought another called Wu Chang who was followed by a gang of people from the Blood Wolf Gang to find trouble with me again. Similarly, I got rid of them. “ Chen Yu narrated what happened casually.


“What?! You got rid of Wu Chang?” Zhao Minglong exclaimed out. Wu Chang is one of the three bosses of the Blood Wolf Gang. Even though he is the weakest of the three, he is still not someone who could be taken lightly. However, this nephew of him casually said that he got rid of them easily.


“I guess so? Well, he should still be alive.” Cheng Yu recalled the moment and felt that he should not die from the beating he gave him.


“You.. You got rid of them single handedly?” Zhao Minglong asked disbelievingly.


“Uncle, don’t worry. Just the few of them isn’t a problem at all. I originally wanted to rush to their base and get rid of them all. However, whether I would do that would depends on their attitude. Today I have already let them off, If they still want to find trouble with me, then their demise cannot be blamed on me. I would like to inform uncle beforehand that if they make me angry, I might do something out of line. I hope that Uncle can cover up for me when that happens. From what I see, the Government is also trying to get rid of them right?”


Hearing Cheng Yu say that he will destroy the fearsome Blood Wolf Gang single handedly, his back was soaked with sweat as he realised that he was increasingly not able to figure out what is going on with his nephew. However, he doesn’t look like he is bluffing from the confidence in his voice.


“I still think that you should calm down. Even though I am not sure how powerful you are, this is not a simple matter. If something really happens, I hope that you will contact me immediately.


“No problem! As I have said, It all depends on their attitude. If they still want to harass me, then I would show no mercy. Then I shall turn in first.” Cheng Yu left the room after saying good night.




Lying beside his wife, Zhao Minglong nudged his wife and asked, “Meiyan, do you think that you understand this nephew of ours?”


“Of course I do. Ning Er is someone i watched over since he was young. He is the apple of our eyes since young and have been spoiled rotten. That’s why he looked for trouble everywhere and violated many young ladies. However, all is well now after the accident. Why do you ask?”


“Ah. Nothing much. I just feel that the current Yu Er is totally different from before.” Zhao Minglong did not elaborate any further as he did not want his wife to be worried. Furthermore, whatever Cheng Yu said today felt like it was all a dream.


“Isn’t it a good thing? Now Yu Er is so well behaved and has become so matured. He have also stopped violating girls outside. He has his own business after inventing the mysterious pills.” At this point, Cheng Meiyan was quite delighted.


“En, let’s sleep.” Zhao Minglong did not talk anymore while Cheng Meiyan did not brood over what was discussed.

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