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Godly Student – Chapter 21


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Chapter 021 : Meeting Mother-In-Law?


Blood Wolf Gang Headquarters-


“Bam!” Qing Chang Hai threw the cup on the floor, brimming with anger, paced back and forth in the room. He just got discharged from the hospital and while he was having dinner, he received a phone call from one of his subordinate telling him that 3rd master (Wu Chang) got beaten up badly and is being hospitalized. Hearing that, Qing Chang Hai and Bao Lang rushed to the hospital and Wu Chang was already asleep and looking pale. The doctor told them that all of Wu Chang’s internal organs has been shifted and is badly injured. Even though his life is safe as of now, but in the future, his body might be weak from the sequelae.   


“What the hell happened?!” Qing Chang Hai shouted at one of his injured subordinate.


“Master, all was good initially when 3rd master commanded Cheng Yu to return to headquarter with us, but he refused to cooperate, hence we were ordered to do it by force. But that boy is too skilled, despite our numbers, everything ended in a flash. In the end 3rd master had to resort to threats, saying refusal to cooperate will only cause repercussion toward his friends. And to think that he was unfazed by both hard and soft approaches, without a word, charged toward 3rd master and landed a palm strike and you know the rest.” Said the injured subordinate.


“Big brother, at your command, let me bring some men to vanquish that boy, he is too arrogant! He shall pay for his complete disregard of our gang, I would like to see whether he has three heads and six limbs to be this good at fighting.” said Bao Lang.


“NO! It’s apparent that the boy is a highly skilled pugilist to be able to land 3rd brother in this state with one palm strike, can this be done by someone normal?! Did you conduct a background check and see if he has any close ones? – Qing Chang Hai


“Previously 3rd master told us to tail one girl, Jiang Ming and Dao Jiu were also involved, that boy must’ve like that girl, we already checked her background. She is from a single-parent family whom mother work in a night market manning a hotpot stall, and that girl would help out after school everyday.” Said the injured subordinate.  


“Hmph, Son of Jiang De Sheng! We will settle the score with him one day for causing so much trouble for our blood wolf gang, does he have any other close ones?” Qing Chang Hai asked.


“There is one more fatty who always follow him around, but I think he is worthless.” The injured subordinate replied.


“What about his family?” Wu Chang Hai asked.


“That…we have yet to find out about it but we know that he is currently staying in the house of Mayor Zhao Minglong.”  The injured subordinate said.


“Doesn’t matter whose backing he has, he who offends the blood wolf gang shall pay in blood! Go conduct a further background check on him so I can make some other arrangements accordingly.” Qing Chang Hai said.


“Big brother all we are going to do is wait?!” asked Bao Lang.


“2nd brother, stop acting so impetuously, we are facing a skilled pugilist this time around and do you think that you can match what he did to 3rd brother? Or do you think you are peerless in martial prowess now?” Qing Chang Hai said to Bao Lang, it’s a pity really, 2nd brother is good at almost every aspect but just his temper. At this juncture of facing a great opponent, he will be finished by that boy if he continues this way.  


“Haha, big brother you are right! I will listen to you.” Bao Lang replied sheepishly.


Day 2. Cheng Yu sitting with Zhao Yun Fang in the car, looked at her pulling a long face. Cheng Yu found it funny that she was affected by such a small matter and that she actually refused to let him into the car back in the house.


“Cousin, are you still mad at me?” Cheng Yu asked laughingly.


“Hmph! I hate you!.” Actually by no means is this the fault of Zhao Yunfang, she was doted on by Cheng Yu during this period of time, it was a different form of affection compared to the one given by her parents. More of a love shared between siblings, as Zhao Yunfang was the only child in the household, she was always by herself since young. In the past, Cheng Yu used to play the senior role hence there were always distance between them. Even though they lived together for one year in Jingdu, but both cousins disliked him and they seldom talked. However, after the accident Cheng Yu had, he suddenly had a change in personality and started to treat people right, and learnt to dote on his cousin. But the attention she had from Cheng Yu stopped after a few days, which sadden her, she feels that he no longer doted her.


“KeKe, Cousin, stop being angry. I am really busy, think about it, everyman has a duty to fulfill. You cannot expect me to spend all day watching television with you everyday after school, if I am not hustling outside, how do I bring back a cousin-in-law back for you?” Cheng Yu spoke.


“Didn’t you say that you like sister Ruoxue? And yet you are still looking for other girls? Zhao Yunfang said to Cheng Yu, angered by Cheng Yu’s seemingly flirty streak.


“Er., this, you should know.., Ruoxue doesn’t like me, and you cannot expect me to focus on one tree and wait for my demise right? I need to find a few more trees.” Cheng Yu said.


“Hmph! So you just want to ditch me and look for women outside.”


“Er.., Fangfang, how can you think that way? I may be out looking at some women and that is as far as I go, nothing more. Most importantly, I really have things to do, if not, how do you think I am able to concoct such good elixirs? Which gave our little princess this pretty face and fair complexion? “


“Ok.., that is one way to put it, but do alchemistry really requires you to go outside?” Zhao Yunfang asked.


“Of course! You should know I am always either at home or school. If I do not go outside and look for inspiration, where else can I go to find such great stuff for you? And didn’t I promise you, that I would buy a sports car for you? If I am not out hustling for money, how else am I supposed to raise the funds for it?” Looking at his cousin that was about to be convinced.


“Alright then, I shall not blame you for not accompanying me home after school, but you must promise to buy a car for me.” Seeing that Cheng Yu still remembered his promise, she no longer fumed. (Feldyyy: Tsk tsk, materialistic bitch.)


“Of course, do I look like a petty person to you? Once I have the money, I will buy you whatever you want, not just a car.” Seeing her simmer down, Cheng Yu smiled inside as she was too easy to coax, but if it is Yang Ruoxue, he may have peeled his mouth off trying to convince her, but to no avail. Ah, that’s the difference between a girl and lady! Wait, Ruoxue is not a lady yet, at most just a matured girl. But I will make a lady out of her, hehe. Thinking of this, Cheng Yu realized he has yet to visit Yang Ruoxue for the past few days and decided to look for her after the test.


Tests for today would be History in the morning, Politics and Geography in the afternoon. And tomorrow there would only be one test to give the students some time to revise.


To Cheng Yu, these three subject were slightly easy for him as they were theory based and all he needed to do was memorize the textbook which was his forte. As long as it is in the textbook, he would be able to answer it.


Cheng Yu looked at the test paper in his hand, shaking his head and came to a revelation that his total score cannot even add up to 300, looking at Lin Yuhan beside him still writing on her script and Fatty in front who was doing the same, it seems like the elixir he gave them worked, they shouldn’t have any problem entering university.


It seems like it was hard to be a deity in this world, as a mortal was better than a deity.


Time flies in school, especially days spent napping in school. Cheng Yu took no more than half an hour for every test and handed the last Geography test paper up.


Lin Yuhan walk to the side of Cheng Yu and told him “My mum already prepared the food, let’s go.”


“Fatty, Bro has gotta go, mother-in-law is meeting her son-in-law.” Cheng Yu said to Fatty.


“YES, YES, all the best to boss, may you bring back a wife!”


“Hmph! Anymore and I will ignore you!” Lin Yuhan walked out of the classroom blushing.


Everyone who overheard the conversation and having witnessed Cheng Yu chase Lin Yuhan were giving the face of enviness and regrets. To think that Cheng Yu successfully courted the school beauty, it seems like she has bad taste, aside from him being slightly better looking, slightly more well to do and slightly dumber, he has no other redeeming factors.  


Whatever the wise said in the past were all lies, what beauty will come to the hero, such bullshit, this hero has been here for many years yet no beauty approached him!


Today Lin Yuhan’s mother was treating them to a dinner hence she would not be working. So Yuhan and Cheng Yu rushed to the bus stop to wait for the bus.


Cheng Yu wanted to take a taxi, but seeing Lin Yuhan walk toward the bus stop, he just followed suits. Cheng Yu had never taken public transport, he either commuted by taxi or another’s car. Seeing all the cars passing them by, he turned to Lin Yuhan and ask “Hanhan, do you want a car?”


Lin Yunhan was shocked to hear that and replied,  “Nope.”


Puzzled by her answer, as most women loved cars, asked, “Why?”


“What do I need car for?”


“If you own a car, we can skip waiting for transport here?


“Then why don’t you buy it?”


“I wanted to buy a car, but the funds has yet to reach me yet.” Cheng Yu thought of finding Ruoxue tomorrow to ask for the launch date of his product and take some funds on his way back to buy the car.


“The funds from your family?” Lin Yuhan asked, thinking that if Cheng Yu were to buy a car, the funding must be from his family.

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