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Godly Student – Chapter 22


Let’s give a warm welcome to our new TLs for Godly Student, Feldyyy and Suave-Ge. They will be TLing every other chapter. So to start off, Feldyyy will be doing 18 and the Suave-Ge, and the cycle repeats. There will be a chapter everyday for Godly Student, so I hope you all look forward to it.

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Chapter 022: Public buses are the best kind of transport


“Hanhan, you must have confidence in me alright? Please do not keep thinking that I only rely on my family for living expenses.” Cheng Yu have always hoped to remove the image of him being a rich spendthrift playboy from Yuhan’s mind. He was a transcendent immortal, how can he be compared to such a person? This totally does not make sense.


“Is it not the case?”


“Of course not. Why do you…” Cheng Yu was about to continue explaining but Lin Yuhan boarded the bus after telling him that their bus have arrived. With no other choice, Cheng Yu followed her up the bus moodily.


When Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu’s moody face when he boarded the bus, she snickered in her heart. Sometimes she felt that Cheng Yu was overbearing, however in contrast, there were cases when he totally acted like a kid.


“Are you still thinking of our conversation? I believe you, do you have to be like that?”

(Feldyyy: Isn’t this normally what guys say to their gf?)


Cheng Yu pouted and did not reply Lin Yuhan as he looked at her. At this time, the bus arrived at a bus stop. As it was rush hour, a whole group of working adults boarded the bus. The bus which was originally a little squeezy became packed like a can of sardine.


Lin Yuhan frowned due to the bus getting squeezer. On the other hand, Cheng Yu was getting happier as he realised that he was surrounded by office ladies. In addition, all of them had pretty good figures. As the bus rocked and swayed, the people on the bus followed suit and Cheng Yu was no exception. Once in awhile, the breast of an office lady behind him would press on his back, making him feel exhilarated.


Actually, with Cheng Yu’s ability, the swaying and rocking of the bus had totally no effect on him. However, under this type of situation, even if he was not affected, he would make himself affected. So as long as the bus shaked a little, he would move with the flow of the bus. However, the movement range of Cheng Yu was much more than the actual range of swaying caused by the bus’s momentum. Feeling softness all around him, coupled with the perfume emitted from their bodies, he felt like he was in heaven.


As Cheng Yu was enjoying the bliss, a couple more people boarded the bus. One of them was a guy who stood beside Cheng Yu and started to sway like Cheng Yu and caused him to frown. Cheng Yu hurriedly pulled Yuhan closer to him. Hugging her waist, Yuhan who wanted to struggle free heard someone speak beside her ears, “I do not wish for other’s to take advantage of you.”


Just like this, Lin Yuhan continued to let Cheng Yu hug her lightly. After so long, Cheng Yu finally had a chance and as long as the bus shook, he would pull her closer to him and hug her tightly. In the end, Cheng Yu’s little brother was being disappointing as he tried to peek out to observe what the situation was like to make him feel so pumped up and straight.


When Lin Yuhan noticed the situation down below, her cheeks flushed red like a beetroot. This scoundrel, thinking of such immoral stuff at this time. Hence, she stomped on his foot forcefully.


Cheng Yu looked down when he felt a jolt of pain from his foot. Seeing the stunning Lin Yuhan’s flushed face, he felt like giving her a bite. After half an hour, they finally alighted the bus.


“Hanhan, why did you step on my foot just now?”


“Tsk. You know it yourself, don’t ask me.”


Looking at Lin Yuhan’s pretty back, Cheng Yu was excited inwardly when he thought of what happened on the bus. Public buses are the best kind of transport! Looks like I should take the public bus more frequently from now onwards. The best case scenario would be to buy one, hire a driver and squeeze on with the passengers on it.


They walked for about seven to eight minutes before arriving at the village. Nowadays, many cities expanded to the outskirts. Hence, there were many villages which were turning into cities. The living condition was better than in the past, but there was still a stark difference from real cities.


On the way, Cheng Yu could see that there were many people who came from Yun Hai (a place in China) to work here. The streets were filled with numerous small cars with smelly tofu, bbq meat, and spicy soup advertisement on them. After walking across two streets, the houses became less furnished and looked old. A stone throw away, there was a humongous excavator digging the the ground for some construction work. From the looks of it, it wouldn’t be long before the construction reach this area.


The duo arrived at a house that looked way more dilapidated than the surrounding houses. A tricycle which was used to set up a stall at the night market was parked in front of the house. There was a living room, a kitchen, and two small bedrooms. In the middle of the living room was a table that had a few dishes spread on it. In the corner was a refrigerator that stored many ingredients used for the nights when the stall was set up at the night market.


“Mum, I’m back!” Lin Yuhan shouted the moment she entered the house.


“Oh, oh. You are here. Student Cheng, please have a seat, the food is almost ready to be served.”


“Yes Auntie. Please take your time.”


“Mum, let me help you.!” Lin Yuhan walked towards the kitchen.


“It’s okay. It’s almost ready. You should accompany student Cheng in the living room.”


“Hey, what are you doing!” The moment Lin Yuhan walked out of the kitchen, she saw Cheng Yu standing outside of her door and was about to enter. Panicking, she hurriedly ran forward to stop him, “You cannot go in.”


“Hanhan, let me have a look.” Cheng Yu smilingly said.


“No way. A girl’s room cannot be seen by any another guy.” Lin Yuhan said as her face turned red.


“Why does it matter? We will be one family in the future. Who knows, maybe next time it will become my room.”


“Who is a family with you, you dream on.” Lin Yuhan could not be bothered with him anymore as she dragged him back towards the living room.


“Ah, ah. It’s all ready. The food is here. Just a few small dishes, I wonder if it will suit student Chenh’s taste.” Mother Lin walked out of the kitchen holding a dish as she said so.


“Auntie, please call me Xiao Yu. Student Cheng sounds very remote and not soothing to the ears.”


“Alright, auntie will call you Xiao Yu from now one. Come, let’s eat. Eat whatever catches your eye on the table, don’t be shy.”


“En, Auntie’s cooking skills is very good. It’s been a long time since I ate such delicious home cooked food.” Chegn Yu unceremoniously said after he ate a piece of duck meat.


“Glad that you like it! Eat more!” Mother Lin happily took another piece of duck meat for Cheng Yu when she heard him praise her food


“En, thank you Auntie. You should eat too. You don’t have to bother about me. Come, Hanhan, this piece is for you.” Cheng Yu was happily eating, but when he saw the mother and daughter constantly looking at him, the thick faced Cheng Yu felt a little shy. Hence he took a drumstick and gave it to Lin Yuhan.


Lin Yuhan felt really embarrassed when she received the drumstick. Previously, she was in school when he gave her his drumstick. However, now she was in her own home, and furthermore her mother was also present.


Mother Lin only smiled and kept her thoughts to herself. Seeing Cheng Yu eating so happily, she asked, “ Xiao Yu, what do your parents work as in Yun Hai? Do you have any siblings?”


“I’m an only son. Both my parents are not in Yun Hai. My mother owns a small business and my father is a civil servant.” Cheng Yu replied uncaringly. He has not even seen his own dad before, from his memory, he should be quite a high ranking officer.


“Eh? Then where are you from? Are you living alone in Yun Hai?”


“I’m from Dong Jing (another province in China), I am currently staying with my aunt.”


Cheng Yu did not elaborate any further, hence Mother Lin decided not to ask any more and the three of them continued to eat happily.


“Xiao Yu, today I invited you is to show our appreciation for the medicine that you have given us. We are really grateful that you helped us cure our illness and spare us from the agony caused by the illness. However, as you can see, we are very poor. Your medicine should be very expensive and the only way we can repay is to cook a small and simple meal for you. I feel really sorry for my inability.” Mother Lin said to Cheng Yu after Lin Yuhan went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


“Auntie, that you do not have to think too much. This pill isn’t anything precious and I have tons of it. Hence, you do not have to feel uneasy regarding this matter anymore. Furthermore, Hanhan is my table partner. Seeing that she is sick, even if the medicine is very expensive, I would still give it to Hanhan to cure her illness. I would definitely not leave her in a lurch.”


“Ah ah, Auntie knows you are not that kind of person. To you the pill may be something ordinary, but to us, it is a life saving pill. With you easily giving us these two pills, to be honest, I feel very uneasy.”


“Auntie, you don’t have to worry. To me these kind of things are very ordinary. Today I specifically brought another type of medicine.” Saying that, Cheng Yu reached into his pocket and took out two bottle of pill from his storage ring. “This pill is called the longevity pill. It helps a person live till a ripe old age. You will also not fall sick anymore and it helps you become younger. This other pill is the youthful pill. It slows down the aging process, hence in thirty years, it will be as though you aged for a year only.” He handed the pills to Mother Lin.


Hearing what Cheng Yu said, Mother Lin was shocked and could not respond to him. Even Lin Yuhan who just walked out of the kitchen was stunned. All along, they felt that Cheng Yu was very mysterious, however, they did not ever imagined that he had such Godly pills.


If it were in the past, the two of them would definitely not believe him. However after he gave them the pill that cured their illness, they did not think that he was spouting rubbish.


“This… Xiao Yu, this medicine is too costly. You cured our illness and we are already very grateful. If you gift us more pills, we definitely cannot accept it.” Even though Cheng Yu has such shocking pills, Mother Lin could not accept it. This is because if they accept such precious item, next time when he had any favour, they would not be able to reject it.


“Auntie, stop rejecting, no matter whether you want to accept it or not, I will be leaving the pills here. As for Hanhan’s, she is still young and definitely do not need such pills.”


“This… Xiao Han, go into your room first. I have something I would like to discuss with Xiao Yu.” Seeing that Cheng Yu was so determined, Mother Lin decided to discuss some matters with him beforehand.


Hearing her mother asking her to go to her room, Lin Yuhan became alarmed. She has a bad feeling about what her mother wanted to discuss with Cheng Yu. Feeling uneasy, she hesitatingly walked into her room.

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