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Godly Student – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: I can’t possibly die at 1:30


“Hehe. Cousin, I didn’t notice in the past that you could boast so much. Although you didn’t explain it very well, it does make sense. Still, the car cannot be lent to you. If you really wanted to buy medicine, there are pharmacies all around, do you really need to drive?” Seeing her cousin feigning to be proper, Zhao Yifang happily spoke.


“What I’m buying is not common medicine, I’m buying precious drug ingredients. Therefore, I have to find the largest pharmacy.” Cheng Yu confronted Zhao Yifang’s rejection for borrowing the car; he had to win.


“Yeah, right. Cousin, it’s not like I’m looking down on you, but this ‘medical herbs’ is just some random thing. These sudden huge profit businesses, you as a normal person, shouldn’t be cheated by such people.” Zhao Yifang reminded Cheng Yu.


Cheng Yu, hearing this, was at a loss as to what to say, “Oh, if it’s like this then I won’t purchase it then, I’ll be going to visit the head office. Tell me, where in Yun Haishi city is the largest chinese medicine store?”


“You’re sure you’re going there?” Zhao Yifang confirmed again with Cheng Yu.


“Down East Street is Huang’s Chinese Medicine shop. You take a taxi, I can’t lend you my car. It should take about 10 minutes to get there. I need to remind you that you mustn’t be cheated into buying things. Although our family is not short on money, we cannot be cheated.” Zhao Yifang reminded.


“I got it. I’m just going to look.”


“If that’s the case, why don’t you go to class?”


Cheng Yu didn’t reply as he immediately finished eating and headed to East Street.


East Street was in the south province of Yun Haishi City and was really the heart of commerce. Here, everything could be found; from old antiques to calligraphy and paintings, to chinese medicine, to ancient guqin and music, and ancient China dramas. Almost every kind of goods. Here was where the wealthy shopped and investors looked for opportunity.


When Cheng Yu arrived, he surveyed the area and felt that it was good. Looking at the retro-style architecture, Cheng Yu once again reminisced about the secular world.


From far away, he could see Huang’s Chinese Medicine Shop inscribed on a plaque. Cheng Yu headed for the shop’s door, stopping outside a row of luxurious cars. From his memory, he recalled that these were Bentleys, a very famous luxury car brand. As Cheng Yu intended to carefully look for a bit, at that time, a beautiful woman stepped out of the car. She was about 25-years-old, dressed in a black suit with perfect sexy curves.


I say, this is a genuine beauty… ah! Mature and sexy. Lin Yuhan and Zhao Yifang, these fresh and pure girls were not comparable. Damn, this woman is interesting, I like it.


Cheng Yu entered Huang’s Chinese Medicine Shop right after the beautiful woman. From start to finish, they haven’t even exchanged a glance. Cheng Yu was able to take a whiff of the passing woman and was intoxicated by her smell. Behind the woman were the chauffeur and two bodyguards who furiously glared at Cheng Yu as he entered the medicine shop. Cheng Yu didn’t mind them as he strutted inside.


Inside the medicine store, you could hear the sweet sounding voice of a woman; it was practically like the spring wind, so cleansing. “Grandpa Huang, help me take a look at the prescription if there is no issues help me find the correct medicines.” The woman opened the prescription and handed it to the 60-year-old hale and hearty old man, surnamed Huang.


The old man held and examined the prescription for a moment before he said, “This prescription is quite good, niece Yang, might I ask who the famous doctor is?”


“The chairman of Kyoto Medical University, Jiang Shaowei, is the one who wrote the prescription.” The woman truthfully said.


“Oh? It seems you were able to get Old Jiang to come to Yun Haishi to look at Old Yang?”” Old Huang surprisedly said to the woman.


“Teacher Jiang came here to help a friend and I was just luckily introduced. Therefore, I immediately invited him to take a look at grandfather.”


“Ah, this is good, truly good. I hope that this prescription will make Old Yang feel better.” The Old Teacher Huang happily said.


“I can’t possibly die at 1:30!” At this moment, an inharmonious voice sounded in everyone’s ears. Everyone then took notice of Cheng Yu who was looking at the prescription next to Old Huang.


The beautiful woman looked at Cheng Yu with a face full of anger as the chauffeur and the two bodyguards behind her clenched their fists. If not for the fact that Cheng Yu was a student, they would have stepped forward to give him a few kicks.


At this moment, Old Huang was interestingly looking at the youngster who was dressed in sportswear. Standing there so freely, he gave people a feeling of maturity, stability, and had a profound mysterious air to him. The immature and timid feeling that normal 17-year-olds gave off wasn’t there.


“Younger brother, you can understand this prescription?”


“Haha, I was just casually looking, everyone doesn’t need to mind me.” Cheng Yu was not shy in the least, as he shot a glance at the beautiful woman, to in turn only get an angry glare back; it seems that it was a success.


“No harm, since younger brother was able to make remarks on the prescription, perhaps younger brother can make out the problems of this prescription. There is no harm in speaking, this old man will listen. Just in case this prescription is harmful.” Old Huang earnestly said.


Cheng Yu looked at the Old doctor who was modest; it didn’t look fake. Cheng Yu was not courteous as he took the prescription out of the old man’s hands and said, “If I’m right, then the patient should have Angina, Arrhythmia, heart failure, random fevers, nausea, vomiting, and other phenomenons. The most important thing is that the patient is currently not in a good state, right?” Cheng Yu plainly spoke as he looked at the woman.


Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, everyone’s faces became pale. With just a prescription, he was able to make out the patient’s symptoms and present condition. If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed. The anger on the woman’s face instantly disappeared, facing Cheng Yu with a face full of anxiousness, “Right, right, right, this prescription really has a problem?”


“The prescription doesn’t have an issue.” Cheng Yu slowly said as he saw everyone’s complexion change, he continued, “However, it’s improper for the patient’s current condition. The patient is at a very, very weak state, the huang qi here is overdosed. When one changes the potency from 3 qian (15g) to 1 qian (5g), this can only be said that a person in poor health cannot handle overly potent medicine. Generally, people being able to consume this prescription is great. However, for your grandfather, this prescription is too potent. Furthermore, this prescription only prolongs the patient’s time of death. If you were to keep the dose of Portulaca Sundial [1], he would live for another month. If you were to increase it, he would only last for another half a year at most. That is the so called not dying at 1:30.” Cheng Yu stated without hiding anything. (TL: If you guys didn’t grasp it. 1:30 means a ratio of either 1; 1 month. Or as we know 30 mins is half and hour or 30 secs is half a minute, the author uses 30 to depict half a year.).


The timetable Cheng Yu gave out made many a bit displeased, but they believed that this young man had true talent and wasn’t speaking without thought.


A deathly pale complexion was spread across the woman’s face as she beggingly asked Cheng Yu, “This young teacher, do you have the means to contain my grandfather’s condition?”


“This beauty, please take note of your word choice. My patient cannot ‘control his condition’, as long as he has a breath, I have the ability to nurse him back to health. You saying that is an insult to my medical expertise!” Cheng Yu solemnly said as he was truly angry. As an alchemy grandmaster who was an immortal, and was able to cure other immortals, let alone speak of ordinary mortals. Cheng Yu was normally sloppy and didn’t care about appearance, many in the immortal world lined up to ask him for help, let alone daring to slander him.


“Please pardon me sir, I was just too anxious. If I said anything misgiving, I ask sir to forgive me.” Seeing Cheng Yu angry, the woman hastily apologized,  she had even changed from “young teacher” to “sir”, not daring to look down on Cheng Yu the least bit. The strong performance Cheng Yu gave before was inconceivable, and with his domineering words just now, the woman didn’t dare to look down upon him. If his strength was genuine, then her grandfather could be completely healed. What were a few words of apology?


Standing on the side, Old Huang was too shaken by Cheng Yu. He didn’t know that this younger brother truly has the ability, but he was quite looking forward to it.


“This teacher, is it possible for you to go help treat my grandfather?” The woman respectfully asked.


To see this woman, who prior only had on disdain, contempt, and arrogant face turn respectful,   Cheng Yu laughed heartedly inside. Humph, to dare look down on this immortal. In front of this immortal, tigers would lie down and dragons would do the dishes!


“No!” Cheng Yu firmly refused. Why? Because for men and women alike, once they could not have something, it would become more valuable. In that case, if I easily cure your grandfather, how would I obtain you? Haha!


“Why? Teacher, I can pay a large amount of gold for the treatment!” The women seeing Cheng Yu refuse anxiously said.


“Oh? Then say how much are you prepared to pay for the treatment?” Cheng Yu curiously looked at this beautiful woman. To look so worried, so beautiful. Even her skin is very beautiful. After giving her a few beauty pills, she would become even more beautiful.


Seeing that the woman didn’t reply, Cheng Yu extended a finger.


”One hundred million? Indeed, that’s quite a lot.” Although he didn’t know how much a hundred million would be worth in ancient China, but a hundred million for a medicinal pellet really brought back memories. Ah, truly, a hundred million really was too little.


The woman was completely red in the face, 10 million was a lot but to think he would say 100 million. But to completely cure her grandfather, 100 million didn’t mean anything, as she clenched her teeth and said, “Okay, one hundred million!”


“Slow down, I never said it was a hundred million.”


“You… don’t tell me you think 100 million is not enough! One must learn to be content and not be greedy!” The woman angrily said.


“So you don’t want the treatment!” Cheng Yu uncaringly said.


“You… speak, how much do you want?” The women held back her anger and asked.


“First of all, I don’t care how much, you must first be aware of this. You asked for my help, I didn’t ask to help. If you really wanted to cure your grandfather, let’s not even mention 100 million, even a billion can be taken out! Don’t tell me that your grandfather is not worth that much?”


“My grandfather’s life cannot be measured with money.” The woman angrily said.



[1] For those wondering, Portulaca Sundial used to be a medical herb in ancient times, we don’t use that much anymore.

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