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Godly Student – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Immortal? Devil?


“It seems that you’re a filial granddaughter, but you don’t want others to know that you love money. Money to me is just a pile of white paper, do you not think I have the ability to earn any amount I want? But I found one thing that money cannot measure up to. That is…” Cheng Yu reached for the teacup to his left and stretched. That cup flew into his hand as Cheng Yu loudly said, “Ah! Good tea!” Then the teacup flew out from his hand to return to its original spot, as if nothing ever happened.


But everyone was stunned, what was this? To be able to retrieve objects from the air like that? An immortal? This youngster is too mysterious, is he an Immortal? A Devil?


A moment ago, Cheng Yu’s hand used an immortal ability to bind the teacup, delivering it to him. Cheng Yu was originally a Celestial Immortal, and even though his physical body had ceased to exist, but attached to this body was his own soul. Thus, with his immortal soul, his immortal abilities were still there.


But because this body was too weak, and his meridians were blocked, he couldn’t practice and absorb any more spiritual force. Also, he was unable to use such immortal spirit techniques anymore; his immortal soul barely had any spirit force left. Cheng Yu hurriedly wanted to concoct pills to nurse this body. Once he refined the Foundation Building Pill, his body’s meridians would open and he would be able to cultivate again.


Cheng Yu’s trick shocked the woman. However, looking at the tea he just drank, her face turned red. This scoundrel, he just drank from the tea I drank a moment ago!


“How was it? Did you think it was a magic trick a moment ago?” Cheng Yu chuckled at the woman and said.


“This teacher. What kind of condition do I need to promise for you to go treat my grandfather?” The woman embarrassingly asked.


“For me to treat you grandfather’s illness,” Cheng Yu slowly said, “I won’t take a penny!”


“What does sir want?” The woman quickly asked.


Cheng Yu did not speak a word, and instead, just looked at the woman, as her face grew redder and redder, which was exceedingly charming, “I want you…” Everyone’s face became pale, “A kiss.” Cheng Yu spoke again. Everyone was immediately relieved.


But the woman’s complexion was not entirely well. Although it was just a kiss, how could it possibly be like this. There was the good and bad reputation of a woman involved.


“Of course, this is something for you to decide. Anyways, the prescription in your hand will allow you grandfather to live for at most half a year more. So you have 6 months to decide.” Cheng Yu uncaringly said.


“No, I promise! So long as you cure my grandfather. However, it will only be after you cure my grandfather that my words will be honored.” The woman firmly said.


“Good! Deal!”


“Then, let’s hurry back to see my grandfather.” The woman now seemed to understand. This person was a pervert, a hoodlum. He was not the “teacher” she called him. There was no point in being respectful. However, she believed that as long as this pervert got the kiss, he would treat her grandfather, so there was no need.


Of course, Cheng Yu didn’t care what she thought as he sighed in his heart. The speed of the women in this world was truly fast.


“I will not go.”


“What! But you promised to treat my grandfather!” Cheng Yu didn’t listen as the woman urgently said.


“I say woman, why are you so flustered? Listen to me finish speaking first. First, whether I see the patient or not, I would use this medicine. Second, I don’t have the drug ingredients or refining tools.” Regarding the uncollected woman, Cheng Yu was very discontent.


“You… how will you treat it? Although you know my grandfather’s current condition, you need to confirm it. Just a moment ago, you said the prescription was an overdose. You didn’t even have a look and then you said it was this medicine. You, who can’t seem to take anything seriously, would get the medical potency wrong anyway, then my grandfather’s death will be caused by you! How can you be so irresponsible!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s shamelessness, the woman urgently refuted.


“Missy, then are you saying you don’t want me to cure it?”


“Of course, but you have to first take a look at my grandfather. Once you provide a prescription, I’ll have my people take care of it.”


“Let me tell you! I will not see that patient, and more importantly, even if I gave you the prescription, you would not be able to make it. Finally, I’ll remind you again, don’t compare me to those quacks! They control illnesses, but I control life! My medicine, as long as you are not dead, you can be saved!” This was an immortal doctor being domineering!


Listening to Cheng Yu’s domineering speech, everyone was stunned. His speech had challenged the entire medical field. At present, everyone was brimming with confidence in what Cheng Yu had just said; they were convinced in what he said.


“If you really want to cure your grandfather, you will help me prepare what I need!”


“Good! You say it, and I’ll get it ready for you.”


“First, you need to help me find a house, The environment needs to be quite, I don’t wish for others to disturb me! The rest will be put off till you find the house.” At first he, Cheng Yu was going to do it himself since he wanted to refine pills, but since there is a ready-made partner, there was no need. This was exactly what he was looking for.


“The house can be resolved now, I’ll take you to go see it.”


“Good! Let’s go!” Cheng Yu spoke and left the store.


“Grandpa Huang, sorry to disturb you, I’ll be leaving first.” The woman bid Old Huang goodbye.


“Good niece, this young brother is extraordinary, it’s good to get to know him better. I’m going to go rest, the young lady of my house says she misses you.”


“I will go visit when I have the time to.”


With the woman sitting in the back of the Bentley, Cheng Yu closed his eyes and comfortably leaned back.


“Can you really cure my grandfather?” The woman looked at Cheng Yu and asked.


“What’s your name?” Seeing that Cheng Yu didn’t reply, she couldn’t help but think, ‘Damn, speaking will not choke you to death, if you’re trying to act like a pretentious p***k, you’ve done pretty well.’ In fact, if it weren’t for this situation, Cheng Yu would have been taken cared of. But who let Cheng Yu run into this woman, such a beautiful woman being given to others was a waste. She would only be a match for someone like him; even if he didn’t have a chance, he had to create one.


“Yang Ruoxue.” The woman was stunned as Cheng Yu didn’t reply and simply replied.


“Like snow, ah, it’s pleasant to hear and looks good. Truly like white snow.” Cheng Yu looked and Yang Ruoxue and happily smiled, “My name is Cheng Yu, doesn’t it go well together with your name?” Cheng Yu shamelessly asked.


“You haven’t replied to my question.” Yang Ruoxue made it clear that she did not care for him.


“In that case, I won’t treat your grandfather. What will you do?”


Hearing that, Yang Ruoxue’s face turned ashen. “So just now, you lied to me?”


“Angry? Don’t get angry, your complexion looks ugly, nothing like snow at all.”


“In the end, can you cure my grandfather or not?” Yang Ruoxue loudly asked.


“Well, I didn’t tease you. As for what I say, I can do, why would I need to cheat you? One, not for money, two, not for fame. Just for your kiss, that’s it. Even if I can’t cure your grandfather, you won’t lose anything. Worst comes to worst, it’s just a kiss.”


“You’re still annoying!” Yang Ruoxue unhappily said.


“Haha, still looking good. Back to the matter at hand, if I really cure your grandfather, will you truly give me a kiss?”


“I… I, promised didn’t I?” Yang Ruoxue said embarrassingly.


“But seeing you so worried like this, ah. When I cure your grandfather, how could I accompany a madam and her soldiers.”


“What do you want?”


“How about you kiss me now, or I kiss you first.” Cheng Yu licked his lips and leaned closer to Yang Ruoxue.


Yang Ruoxue quickly moved her body away, “Hmph, don’t even think about it. When you cure my grandfather, I will uphold my promise.”


“Hey, now that I think about it, I kind of regret it. If I had known earlier, I should have taken 100 million worth of kisses.”


“Hmph! You think a hundred million dollars can buy my kiss? Do you even know how many people I kissed? You should be happy! At least you already got my promise; as long as you cure my grandfather, I’ll give you a kiss.” Yang Ruoxue arrogantly said. Though what she said wasn’t false, she was the chairman of a beauty corporation. In the city of Yun Haishi, she was the goddess of business. How many men dreamed of becoming close to her?


“You have so much money, what do you do?” Cheng Yu curiously asked.


“I do cosmetics.”


“Cosmetics? No wonder your face is so fair. It seems your company’s products are not bad.”


“Of course, our Wanmei group is the largest cosmetics group in Yun Haishi. Our products can be found nationwide in any big malls, and we’re preparing to go overseas.” Speaking about her company, Yang Ruoxue was naturally proud. Proud of her accomplishments and every Wanmei employee.


“Since that is so, how about we cooperate?” Cheng Yu though for a while. Although he didn’t care for money, who didn’t care for it? In this world, without money, one couldn’t do anything. Even if he wanted to cultivate, he would need a large amount of money to buy materials. In his heart, he had already formed a general plan, all he needed was money to support it. Therefore, when he heard that Yang Ruoxue had a cosmetics corporation, he immediately thought of cooperating.


“Cooperate?  How would we cooperate?” Yang Ruoxue curiously asked. Because to present, she still couldn’t understand Cheng Yu. Though he only showcased a small hand, it was magical, but he still was ignorant.


“To reply, I have a beauty formula. Your company could turn into the biggest cosmetics company in the nation, even the world.”


“Ha, a beauty formula, you don’t even know how many companies out there have good formulas and technology. Don’t tell me your formula can make people young forever.” Yang Ruoxue couldn’t care less if Wanmei was the largest group in Yun Haishi City. Compared to the nation, it was nothing. Their beauty products and technology were much higher, and overseas, their products and technology were at the top. The formula wasn’t important, what was important was the technology; without it, it was hard to rise up.

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