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Godly Student – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Simplicity is Happiness!


“Cousin, today you looked extremely handsome. Seeing that scoundrel scream really melted away my anger.” Zhao Yifang heartily laughed on the way home.


“Ha, who told him to bully our little princess. Didn’t I tell you in the morning that two days ago, your cousin was in bad shape. Look at him, that’s proof of from your cousin. The next time he dares to disturb you, you let me know right away. I’ll beat him to the point he can’t live.” Cheng Yu was really happy as his family member was truly happy. To be concerned about another person, although he had to fight, he felt accomplished. For his family, he was willing to undertake any risk, for the past thousand years, this was the first where he has had a sense of belonging.


“Ok, ok cousin, you’re amazing.” Zhao Yifang was not only happy that Xu Dongyuan was beaten up but mainly was happy that her cousin Cheng Yu had changed for the better. In the year he came home, they didn’t know how to get along. Zhao Yifang wasn’t fond of Cheng Yu at all.  A boy that caused disaster wherever he went. Secondly, Cheng Yu didn’t have many dealings with Zhao Yifang, as he was busy chasing after women, fooling around at nightclubs. In the past, Cheng Yu would get a ride coming to and from school. A few days ago, Cheng Yu came across Zhao Yifang being bullied and thus, became the new target. Though it was unexpected that after getting beaten Cheng Yu would change for the better. Not only that, but the way he spoke changed. He became humorous and charming. More importantly, he took the initiative to go to school; he couldn’t be compared to the past. The greatest change of all, was that he started to care for his cousin. Although he still had on a sloppy appearance, every since her childhood, she never had an older brother to dote on her before. Therefore, she felt awfully happy and warm today.


When the two came home, Cheng Yu’s mom and his aunt were sitting on the sofa in the living room. Evidently, his uncle, the mayor, hadn’t come home yet. Upon seeing the two come back, Cheng Yu’s mom immediately bought out a bowl of crystal sugar blood pear soup for the two. Looking at his mother spoil the two, Cheng Yu didn’t know how to describe how he felt. To be moved, it was pathetic. This mother’s love for her child, it was a pity that she didn’t know that her child was already dead. Now, standing in front of her, was another person.


At the dinner table, he was happy that his mother gave him food; Cheng Yu’s heart was touched. Regardless if the soul of her son is gone or not, in front of her was the body of her son. He had occupied the body of her son, and he was going to pick up the responsibilities and duties due, as she has for this Cheng Yu. Till this moment, Cheng Yu never had peace of mind. To be able to blend into the world, this family, he was truly free.


“Mom, when will you go back?” For the first time since coming to this world, Cheng Yu had called her mom, he was no longer reluctant.


And for Yang Sifeng, it was the first time since Cheng Yu woke up that he’s called her. In her heart, she was endlessly happy as she incessantly kept giving him food. “I think I’m going to stay several more days to take care of you.”


“Look at you, I am not a child, I can take care of myself. You usually aren’t a busybody, you don’t need to take care of me anymore, I’m good already.”


“Why? Do you not love mommy? To think that mommy rushed over here!”


“Ah, how could I, I’m just afraid of delaying your work. But there’s something I need to tell you about.”


“What? You can’t ask for money, your grandfather strictly said that besides from your living expenses, you are not allowed to have any money.” Yang Sifeng said.


“It’s not about money. I want to move out and live….” Cheng Yu told his mother.


“No.” Before Cheng Yu even finished, he was already denied.


“Why? I have already grown up, I can take care of myself. And I don’t need your money. Furthermore, I’m going to evening classes in the future, so from here to school is an inconvenience!” Cheng Yu began to sprout nonsense.


“Then, have Fangfang go with you to school, or aunt will buy you a car.” His aunt spoke.


“No way.”


“No way.” Cheng Yu and Zhao Yifang simultaneously spoke.


“Ha, see cousin is willing. Let alone, it’s too troublesome.”


“Anyways, I won’t agree until you give me a good reason to convince me.” Yang Sifeng firmly said.


“Okay! Well, nowadays, I’m busy with my work and need my own space. I’m awfully busy and there’s a lot of things to deal with so I can’t come home on time. I don’t want to disturb aunt.” Cheng Yu was heartless, he had to move out to live. Else, how would he manage his business!


“Work, what work are you doing, right now, your only work is school.”


“What are you studying for, it’s still all about money making, I can already earn an uncountable wealth.”


“Okay, then tell me, what work are you doing. If it is feasible, I will let you go out to live.”


“Ok! Do you know the Wanmei Group?” Cheng Yu asked.


“Of course! They are the biggest cosmetic corporation in Yun Haishi City. Their chairwoman, Yang Ruoxue, is called the goddess of business.” Cheng Yu’s aunt Cheng Meiyan said.


“Yes, I came to a verbal cooperation agreement with her today. In a few days, I’ll have her write the agreement. When that happens, can I move out to live?”


“You’re working with her? What are you cooperating on?” Cheng Meiyan asked, Yang Sifeng and Zhao Yifang were also curious.


“I have a beauty formula. In a few days, I’m going to make the samples. We have already agreed on a 50-50 split. In that case, do you think I’m still young, to cause trouble for Yang Ruoxue?”


“Where is your beauty formula? If you can really cooperate with Wanmei corporation and have it in legal writing, I’ll allow you to go out to live.”


“Good! As far as the formula goes, you don’t need to mind for it. Anyways, don’t steal or rob when the product comes out, I’ll make you women crazy. You’ll be watching the greatest and hottest beauty product in the world.” Cheng Yu laughed.


“Are you sure what you’re telling us is normal?” Yang Sifeng asked.


“Well, I’m not going to speak anymore, I’m going to sleep.” He stopped speaking and swaggered off to his room.


On their way to school the next day.


“Cousin, was what you told us yesterday is true?” As Zhao Yifang drove, she asked Cheng Yu in the passenger seat.


“What is not true.”


“The matter of your cooperation with Wanmei Corporation!”


“Of course it’s true, why would cousin lie to you?”


“Really, then when the product is done, can I use it?!”


“Silly girl, how old are you that you want to use these products, that’s for old women to use. In a few days, the product will be out, but you have to wait till you’re 20. That’s the best time to use it, cousin will ensure that you are beautiful for a lifetime. Soon, cousin will earn money so you can go buy stuff.”


“Really cousin? Then if I buy a car, is that okay?”


“Okay, when that time comes, let’s see what car to buy.” Cheng Yu imposingly said.


“Hey cousin, I really wish you make money soon.”


Sitting at his desk, Cheng Yu seriously asked Lin Yuhan, “Can I borrow a few books to read?”


“Not loaning.” Lin Yuhan didn’t raise her head as she continued studying and bluntly rejected.


“Why not?” Cheng Yu was baffled as he asked; yesterday was pretty good.


“No, why, not loaning is not loaning.”


“Oh, I get it! You’re jealous of how I have such a photographic memory. Actually, it’s very simple. As long as you think of me in your heart and miss me 100 times everyday, I can guarantee that you’ll have this ability too.” Cheng Yu smiled.


At first, when she heard Cheng Yu say it was simple, she stopped her pen and listened to him. She didn’t expect that he was playing with her, hmph, she continued to study.


“Angry? Ugh. Well, to tell you the truth, this is my innate ability. Did you think that a handsome, confident, outstanding, and elegant man like me would be an ordinary person? If you think so, then the heavens will be angry. You think that I’m tricking you but it’s just that you don’t understand, people only see my frivolous appearance. After we spend a lot of time together, you’ll see my holy side, how I stand as god above all.” Cheng Yu earnestly said. At this time, he was like a religious follower, proclaiming his creed to save the people.


Facing Cheng Yu’s shamelessness, Lin Yuhan directly filtered him out as she proceeded with studying.


“Fine, I’ll let you borrow this book!” Refusing to take notice of Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan had no other choice but to let him borrow it.


“I only let ordinary people read my book. Can’t you teach god, can’t you go through all things, why do you need these things then?” Lin Yuhan mocked.


“Yuhan.” Cheng Yu affectionately called.


“You’re not allowed to call me.” Lin Yuhan said for the first time with a face full of anger.


“Han Han.”


“Call me by my full name or classmate Lin.”


“Han Han, the two of us have such a relationship? To call each other as students?”


“I already told you I’m not familiar with you.”


“Han Han, you really hurt my heart. We’ve been deskmates for half a year yet you’re not familiar with me, it makes me ache so much that I can die.” Cheng Yu covered his pain filled face and said.


Lin Yuhan lowered her head and continued to work.


“Han Han, can I borrow a book?”


Silence, he got ignored.


Seeing that Lin Yuhan was firm in not letting him borrow a book, Cheng Yu stopped speaking. Propping his head on his hand, he looked at Lin Yuhan. At the beginning, it wasn’t much of a problem. But after a while, Lin Yuhan couldn’t stand having someone look at her while she worked. She angrily raised her face and was about to scold Cheng Yu, but who would’ve thought this kid would fall asleep like this, saliva was dripping from the corner of his mouth. Lin Yuhan found him looking ridiculous, she thought that this shameless person made her angry on purpose.


Cheng Yu slept comfortably. In the self-cultivation group, Cheng Yu never slept. To not meditate was to practice, for cultivators, to cultivate was to sleep. However, they were always on guard even in their own homes, as they were afraid of being sneak attacked.


However, this world was not the same. Although the people here aren’t scared of the day, they will never face death. It’s not like they had an unlimited life span, no, they just very much enjoyed life. In turns out that simplicity is happiness.

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