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Godly Student – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Alchemy


Stretching for a bit and then going back to work, Lin Yuhan let out a sigh, ‘If only life was much simpler.’


“I say, shouldn’t you rest? What are you doing all day long, studying till you pass out?” Cheng Yu kindly asked.


“I’m not like you, born into a rich and powerful family with a golden spoon. Even if you don’t study at all in your life, you won’t need to run this way and that way to make money to live.” Lin Yuhan was not grateful for his kindness as she disdainfully turned to Cheng Yu and said.


Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan and didn’t see any irony in her resentment, “You really hate me?”


Lin Yuhan was shocked to see Cheng Yu’s seriousness as she paused for a bit before saying, “Yes, I hate you, I hate you everyday, having to do nothing; lazy, ravaging girls everywhere. Then, you come home all dirty, eat and then wait to die.”


Cheng Yu looked into the other’s eye. At this time, he saw a pair of pure sparkling eyes. A world that was clean and pure, it was sparkling and translucent—without a trace of dirt.


“Yu brother, Yu brother, there is a beautiful goddess looking for you!” At this time, a fat man ran over with saliva all over his face, while admiring his older brother Yu.


Cheng Yu knew this fatty, he was known as Qian Jinbao. His family killed pigs, and from his name, people could tell that his family expectations were all on money.


“What beautiful woman, what was her name?”


“She didn’t say, anyways, she was really beautiful. Oh, this woman is really rich, she was driving a Mashala Emperor sports car. You should quickly go, you shouldn’t make others wait.”


“Yo, I can’t see how your child has managed to obtain protection from the other sex. Not bad, you have a future ahead of you. Han Han, I’m going to save a lost sheep, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Having said that, he didn’t look at Lin Yuhan’s raging expression as he left the classroom.


Standing to the side, Fatty Qian Jinbao was shocked. But then, it was replaced with admiration and adoration, as it seemed that his brother was even intimate with the school beauty. A strong and incomparable belief rushed out as Fatty believed that if he wanted a boundless future, he had to follow his older brother.


Coming out of the classroom, the hallway was filled with students, all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Cheng Yu went down stairs and saw a woman standing in front of a sports car. It wasn’t someone else, but the person from yesterday—Yang Ruoxue. Today, Yang Ruoxue was wearing a dark chiffon shirt, plain white pants, and a pair of sunglasses. Being experienced and capable, the atmosphere was completely filled with a matchless domineering aura. No wonder all the boys and girls surrounded and exclaimed in astonishment, she really was a man and lady killer.


Then, she walked down coquettishly against the envy, hatred, and jealousy with an expression of ease. At this time, Lin Yuhan also went into the hallway to see what kind of woman would cause so many people to come out to look. Looking at her, she was instantly stunned. Although she was on the 3rd floor, she could tell that the personality of that woman was not common at all. Watching the two of them leave, she didn’t know how to feel.


“Ruoxue, is this considered a date? I heard that lovers go to the movies, should we also go watch a movie?” Cheng Yu began as he boarded the car.


“Can you not be so affectionate?”


“Okay, Ruoxue.”


For Cheng Yu, Yang Ruoxue clearly looked white. From yesterday to present, it seems that Yang Ruoxue really changed her opinion of Cheng Yu.


At first, when Cheng Yu said that her prescription was called “Can’t possibly die at 1:30”, she thought he was ignorant, a student that wasn’t aware of depth. Afterward, he pointed out the prescription and fetched that teacup. He gave off a very mysterious feeling, like he wasn’t of this world. Then, they talked about the treatment and gold, and how one shouldn’t be greedy. After they thought that he was a money loving hermit, it turns out that he was just a 100% pervert. Then, on their way on the road, he turned out to be a rogue. When he said that he had a formula and wanted to cooperate, he was mystical. And when they spoke of distributing the profits, he was magnanimous. Upon returning home, he was narcissistic. But when they were writing down ingredients, it really was that he was just shameless. Thus, all in all, in trying to understand Cheng Yu in a couple of hours, Yang Ruoxue figured out his attitude towards life. She couldn’t even imagine that there was such a man like this in the world.


Therefore, to sum it up, Yang Ruoxue’s thoughts on Cheng Yu was that he was a bit of an expert, shameless, a hoodlum, and a pervert.


If he knew what she was thinking, he would have already cleaned himself from head to bottom. So that she wouldn’t even know how they became intimate all of a sudden.


Therefore, regarding Cheng Yu’s understanding of Yang Ruoxue, if Cheng Yu received a lot, she would right up overlook it. She would not follow his thoughts as it would lead into a maze. No matter how she traverses, she would not be able to leave; so thus, she must hold authority.


“The ancient refining cauldron and ingredients are ready, when can you refine my grandfather’s medicine?” Yang Ruoxue directly asked.


“For today, it should be good. Now, let me remind you, when I’m refining, no matter what happens, you must not come in. You also don’t need to bring me anything to eat. In short, wait till I come out.” This was one of the rare times Cheng Yu was serious. When refining, one must not be careless and others must not disturb him. Refining these common pills weren’t hard, but when it came to higher level pills or even elixirs, in the case of a disturbance, a terrible explosion could occur.


“Okay.” Seeing Cheng Yu’s serious expression, she knew that this was important.


Yang Ruoxue went back to the villa to drink some bubble tea, and after, she prepared his room. The interior was quite simple, while the ancient refining cauldron stood in the middle of the room. The necessary ingredients Cheng Yu needed were in a corner.


First, Cheng Yu had to refine a spirit gathering pill because his immortal soul was not fit right now. Plus, his immortal spirit qi was too valuable to use to refine these ordinary pills. Plus, he had to refine Spirit Supplement pills and Spirit Qi Restoration pills before he could use his spiritual sense to refine anything.


After putting the medicinal herbs of the Spiritual Qi Restoration Pill back to the cauldron, Cheng Yu reached out his left hand, then gathered his immortal spirit qi. “Pu”, a ball of fire appeared in his right hand, which looked just like a fire phoenix. It was Cheng Yu’s alchemical spirit flame—the Six Phoenixes Spirit Flame. It was a Pill Flame which was more advanced than the Samadhi True Flame, and also a kind of flame created by Cheng Yu himself. Besides, Cheng Yu had also mastered another top-level Pill Flame—the Nine Dragons Immortal Flame. The Pill Flame Cheng Yu developed helped him boost up the speed of making pills of immortality and refine pill medicine herbs; the most important thing was its 100% success rate. So, Cheng Yu was also a famous Pill Chemist in the immortal world. However, it was also the two top-level Pill Flames that brought him a fatal disaster; he was framed and came down to this world. However, Cheng Yu had put that aside because he thought that this world was better then the immortal world. Unless he had the chance to return to the immortal world, he couldn’t take revenge.


Cheng Yu swung the Six Phoenixes Spirit Flame on his hand, and immediately, the Pill Flame flew to the bottom of the cauldron. The six fire phoenixes, in turn, flew around the bottom of the cauldron.


One hour later, ss Cheng Yu put out the spirit flame and shouted “open!”, the lid of the cauldron opened. Immediately, the smell of medicine pills spread throughout the room. A stream of medicine pills flew out of the cauldron and dropped into the pill vial, which Cheng Yu had prepared from the beginning. There were a total of 64 pills.


Cheng Yu drew out one pill. It looked round and bright; apparently, it was a top-level medicine pill. After he ate two pills, he felt that his spirit qi was charged in his body again. Next, he threw the medicine herbs for Spirit Qi Restoration Pills into the cauldron and used his spirit qi to summon the phoenix flame again. But this time, he didn’t use his immortal spirit qi, the phoenix flames. The one he summoned wasn’t as good as before, but it didn’t hurt the quality of the medicine pills. It would just take him a little longer time. This time, it took him two hours to make nine Spirit Qi Restoration Pills. He put them into the pill bottle and started to make more medicine pills. Next, Cheng Yu made a bottle of Rejuvenation Pills, a bottle of Eternal Youth Pills, a bottle of Memory Recollection Pills (TL: aka. Recalling memories of your past life), a bottle of Soul Strengthening Pills, and a bottle of Longevity Pills.


It was a little after 9:00 PM when Cheng Yu walked out of the room in satisfaction. Yang Ruoxue saw him and immediately came to him to ask, “How is it? You made the medicine pills?”


“Hehe, well, shouldn’t you fulfill your promise.” Cheng Yu said, grinning.


“When you cure my grandfather, then we’ll talk.” Yang Ruoxue said with a smile.


Cheng Yu sat on the sofa as he laughed happily, looking at Yang Ruoxue’s anxious and excited face, “Give the medicine to me.” Seeing that Cheng Yu needed a spanking, she loudly spoke.


Cheng Yu reached into his pockets and took out a vial, pouring out one pill. Immediately, a sweet fragrance burst out, it was very refreshing.


Yang Ruoxue rushed over to smell the small exquisite pill. It was very fragrant, with a smooth and glossy appearance, the outer appearance was also very good. Just, she doesn’t know if one can eat this?


“Your medicinal pellet can really cure my grandfather’s illness?” Yang Ruoxue was puzzled and asked.


“Don’t you know what a medicinal pill is? Back in the day, as long as a person was still breathing, this pill could save him. Even if you don’t believe it, you can’t try it. This all depends on you.” Cheng Yu casually said.


“This hand is nice and soft, probably lazy.” Seeing Yang Ruoxue stretch out her hand, he quickly grabbed it and laughed happily.


“Give.” Yang Ruoxue once again stretched out her hand to Cheng Yu.


“What do you mean?” Cheng Yu didn’t understand.


“The medicine vial, give it to me, it’s so hard to get you to do anything.” Yang Ruoxue said.


“This is not candy you know. But more importantly, do you know what these Heaven Defying Pills mean? Each one represents a life, to you guys, saying it is like an immortal elixir would not be too far off.” Cheng Yu saw that Yang Ruoxue’s face was not happy. Although for Cheng Yu, refining this stuff was easy; but it was rare, such was the unchanging truth. In the immortal world, these Heaven Defying Pills were also not common. To a normal person, it is something that can cure anything. But to immortals, it is just a toy that doesn’t have many uses.


“The materials to refine your medicine are quite uncommon, the price I had to pay to buy them was quite high, so shouldn’t I get another one?”


“Well, looking at the face of my cooperative partner, I’ll give you another one, but you have to keep it safe. In the case that it no longer has any effect, you cannot blame me.” Cheng Yu took the bottle and poured out another one for her.

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