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Godly Student– Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Becoming a Son-in-Law?


“Your ideals are too idealistic. Right now, you’re a big sister. However, in the future, I will call you aunt.” Cheng Yu reply nonchalantly, “Cousin, why don’t you go tell her to find you a sister-in-law?”


“Good. Sister, you should be my sister-in-law, ok? Isn’t my cousin good?” This time Zhao Yifang agreed.


Cheng Yu was truly happy, his cousin praised him very well. Seems like his cousin was better than this old looking sister here.


Seeing how haughty Cheng Yu was, Yang Ruoxue got angry. So, Cheng Yu decided to change the subject.


“You ate the Rejuvenation Pill, now your face looks so glossy.”


“Oh that’s right, my grandfather ate your pill and it really worked. He wanted to meet you to say thank you.” Yang Ruoxue, hearing Cheng Yu speak of pills, excitedly said, “I gave some pills to my mom, grandma, and aunts to eat, and now they’re so happy. They’re really grateful to you!”


“Now you believe that I’m not a liar, right? Now, if you really want to thank me, then you should keep your promise, I’m more interested in that.”


“Promise, what promise?” Zhao Yifang asked as Yang Ruoxue’s face grew red.


“Hehe, you should ask you older sister. But I’m afraid that if you ask her, she’ll act dumb.”


“Why should I lie?” Yang Ruoxue said with dissatisfaction.


“Not lying is best, now, come.” Cheng Yu moved his face closer to Yang Ruoxue’s.


“Well, my grandfather is all better now. But who knows if his sickness may recur again, you should observe him for a period of time.” Looking at Cheng Yu’s scowling face, Yang Ruoxue blushed and quibbled. “Plus, I promised my grandparents to bring you to meet them.”


“Hey woman, how can you be so shameless, to act like this. How can such reasons even… nevermind, I’ll just go see your grandfather and have him help me.” Cheng Yu said without a care.


“You dare!” Yang Ruoxue angrily said.


“Well, we should go meet your grandparents.” Cheng Yu was beaten as he took his cousin and walked out the door. Yang Ruoxue burst out in anger, how can there be such a shameless person! Sooner or later, I’m going to be mad.


An hour later, the three arrived at a large courtyard house.


“Your ancestral home is quite nice, it should be from at least a century ago, right?” Cheng Yu said as he saw the mansion.


“Of course, our home was built during the Qing Dynasty, and was constructed very well.” Yang Ruoxue proudly said.


Just as they entered the courtyard, an energetic voice sounded, “Haha, this must be Mr. Cheng. As expected, what a fine young man, very promising!” The sound from far away came from a bright and cheery faced old-man, a smile was plastered all over his face. Behind him was a middle-aged man and woman.


“Haha, I presume this is old father Yang. Listening to your voice, you are filled with energy. Your body should be completely well.”


“Haha, this is the blessing of Mr. Cheng. Although you are very young, your medical expertise is at the pinnacle!” Old Yang—Yang Tianhu—said.


“Haha, old father, you can just call me Young Yu. With my relationship with Yang Ruoxue, calling me mister seems a bit too outcast.” Cheng Yu vaguely said.


“Oh?” Old Yang looked at the astonished couple behind him as he then turned to see the angry Yang Ruoxue. Seeing his, he laughed, “Haha, since that is the case, this old man asks Young Yu to come inside to talk.”


Everyone entered the house. Old Yang introduced everyone and Cheng Yu introduced Zhao Yifang. At this time, as 15-year-old boy ran in.


“You cheeky brat, always running around. Haha, this is my grandson, he is in his 3rd year of middle school, Xue’er’s younger brother.” Old Yang introduced.


“Hey, aren’t you the ‘violent playboy’ Cheng Yu? You didn’t cheat my sister, right? Zhao Yifang, why are you here?” Yang Zhengqi was scared to see Cheng Yu, but was excited to see his classmate Zhao Yifang. Originally, Cheng Yu and Yang Zhengqi went to the same school, though they aren’t in the same class. Thus, it was hard to not know of the school’s celebrities. Especially if that person beat up the ‘evil tyrant’ Xu Dongyuan and earned the nickname—Violent Playboy.


“Hmph, the playboy is my cousin, so of course I am here.” Hearing Yang Zhengqi call her cousin a playboy, Zhao Yifang was not happy. Although her cousin was a playboy before, but now he was better. Even the flower Yang Ruoxue, the major beauty, was in love with her cousin, so how could she let anyone slander him.


“Eh? Zhao Yifang, you don’t have to be angry, I don’t have any other intentions.” Seeing that Zhao Yifang was mad, Yang Zhengqi hastily explained.


“Zhengqi, what are you doing, stand aside, you are being impolite.” Seeing that his grandson was speaking to his benefactor that way, he shouted.


“Oh.” Hearing his grandfather shout, Yang Zhengqi immediately went listlessly.


“Young Yu, I’m truly embarrassed. He is spoiled, please don’t take it to heart.” Old Father Yang said.


“Haha, no need. I have quite the unpopular reputation at school.”Cheng Yu rubbed his nose and said embarrassingly. He didn’t expect to be defeated by a schoolkid.


“Today, I asked Young Yu to come here to say thank you. I originally thought that this old man’s life had come to and end, with no way out. I didn’t know what to do until I met you. I had a private doctor give me a check up today and he said that my body is even better than normal. It’s simply a miracle! I listened to Yang Ruoxue, she said that you didn’t even want a penny. I know that to an expert like you, money is just a number. However, I want Young Yu to know that, although this Yang Tianhu is not the emperor, but as long as it’s within my ability and is not something illegal, I will help you to the end.” He heroically said.


“Haha, old father, I wanted to treat you and have also already received a type of payment. In any event, I will not cure others no matter how much they pay me, I will not do this for benefits. So, old father doesn’t need to owe me anything.”


“I know that to you, this minor medicine pill is nothing. But whatever the place, no money could ever buy this minor medicine pill; it’s a treasure. So, you saying that will make me feel very restless.” Yang Tianhu earnestly said.


“Since old father truly wishes to thank me, I asked grandfather to allow Ruoxue and I to become a couple.” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue and smiled.


“Oh? Haha, Ruoxue, if you did not hear, you have to treat Young Yu better in the future. Young Yu, if Ruoxue is not good to you in the future, you can come to me and I’ll help you sort her out.” Old Yang was very happy. Considering this youngster and his granddaughter, this idea was very good. At least, he was satisfied with him being his granddaughter’s husband. Indeed, this was the best. Although he was young, as long as they did not mind, he too wouldn’t mind.

Yang Ruoxue, hearing Cheng Yu bring this up in front of so many people, made her mad. She regretted bringing him here. From the beginning, he had everything under his control.


“Yu brother, if you want to be my sister’s husband, shouldn’t you bring out a betrothal gift?” At this moment, Yang Zhengqi shouted out, and immediately, his sister slapped the back of his head.


“Haha, today I didn’t bring any gifts, but I have this vial of Longevity Pills. This pill can extend one’s longevity, nourishing and strengthening one’s body. This will make a person more vigorous and prolong their aging. Further on, they will unlikely fall ill anymore. But everyone, please don’t misunderstand. This isn’t a dowry gift, but something I want to give to grandfather. Of course, if Xue’er is willing, then I can prepare the dowry gift, haha.” Chen Yu took out the vial of pills and said.


Seeing Cheng Yu take the vial of pills out, the eyes of everyone began to shine. If it was before, nobody would have believed. But now, a dying man had taken one pill and became vigorous and lively again. For a woman to turn 10 years younger in one night, who wouldn’t want such a godly pill.


“This, Young Yu, these pills are too precious, I cannot accept this. This old man already owes you a favor and hasn’t even paid you back. Not to mention receiving even just one of these pills.” Yang Tianhu exclaimed. Old father wasn’t making small of the matter, but to continue to receive favors, it was not right. Such medicinal pills, one was already priceless, not to mention a whole bottle. Who would dare to receive such a thing. The people behind Old father were regretful, but they simply could not repay for such a thing even though they desired it. They simply couldn’t accept it.


“Haha, Old father, you spoke too seriously. These pills were refined to be eaten, let alone you and I have been brought together by fate. Don’t tell me our fate cannot compare to these pills.” Cheng Yu took the bottle and put it into Old Yang’s hands.


“This… Truly, thank you so much Young Yu.” Everyone in the family was truly happy, this was the only elixir in the world.


“But, I must remind you all, these medicinal pills can be eaten by everyone but Zhengqi. He is still too young. Its value is displayed to the fullest when eaten by a person who has lived longer. Also, grandmother and aunts can eat the Eternal Youth Pill along with the Rejuvenation Pill. However, you must never eat another one again, or else your skin will be ruined! Also, don’t take the pills after their deadline, their abilities will wane and eating would be a waste.” Cheng Yu carefully stressed.


They had at lunch at the Yang’s residence. After, the four left with Yang Zhengqi included with the other three.


As they left the house, everyone began to talk.


“I think Young Yu is quite happy with our family’s Ruoxue, they are quite suited. Guofu, what do you think?” Yang Tianhu faced his oldest son—Yang Guofu—and asked.


“Haha, dad, if you say it like this, what else can I possibly say? However, I must say, this youngster is truly generous. To give a whole bottle of Longevity pills.” Yang Guofu laughed and said.


“Father, Young Yu said that these Longevity pills can make one more robust. This is the best time to eat it.” His second son—Yang Guomin—licked his lips and said.


Hearing what his second son said, Yang Tianhu opened the pill bottle. Immediately, the pill’s fragrance filled the entire house as everyone could feel the amazing and clear vital energy.

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