Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 32

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Volume 2, Chapter 32 – Stars Sword Bullet, Magical Treasures’ Classification


“I have been suppressing the Demon’s Cave outside and it’s been 16 years that I haven’t returned to the Sect. How come I see these foul breaths and filthy stench when I come back? It seems that I have to see the Sect Master and Master Ancestors to carefully nurture junior disciples to follow the Sect’s principles!”


His appearance was strange and unusual as this cultivator’s eyes focused to look underneath while hovering a hundred feet high in the air.


He wore a purple-gold Daoist robe and held a delicate green bamboo sticks with his right hand which was leaning on his shoulder. Near his foot, a strange spirit beast lazily laid down which resembled a cat or tiger with a gorgeous multicolored pattern that exceptionally interweaved on its reddish-gold body.


He looked for a while and flew over after having remembered Zhang Yan’s appearance,


On Spirit Leaf Island, Zhang Yan raised his hand and then loaded the Blueback Herrings into 12 big bamboo baskets and then loaded it to the flying ship.


After having gathered the Demon Mermaids back, he flew and easily closed the restrictive seal. He then propelled the flying ship to the Gathering Heroes Island at full speed.


In less than an hour, the huge Bluestone Screen Wall had entered his sight. He looked around and found that the island had been completely emptied now. All the disciples that previously attend the lecture had been dismissed. There only the 2 elders and the child servant who were still sitting there.


Zhang Yan let out a meaningful smile. It was very obvious as to why these two elders sent him away. This was their plan.


Although he had defeated Feng Ming on the scene, but the ownership for the Stars Sword Bullet had yet to be decided, while Elder Xun and Chen also sent him away to catch the Blueback Herrings in a hurry. Nobody knew the outcome was, so naturally, this would reduce the detrimental effect on Feng Ming to a minimum.


As for the future, in regards about all the disciples around, in case that Zhang Yan wanted to have a re-match with Feng Ming again to obtain the Sword Bullet, he could find another chance again to demonstrate his ability in front of everyone and then people wouldn’t look down on him.


Upon seeing Zhang Yan came back quickly, Elder Chen and Xun looked at each other on the stone platform with astonished expression in their eyes.


Originally they also want to make things more difficult to Zhang Yan. But at the moment it seemed that… could it be possible that he really made it?


Zhang Yan descended his flying ship slowly. It had yet to reach the ground, his sleeve waved as a burst of spiritual qi surged. The 12 baskets overturned as thousands of Blueback Herrings leaped and frisked as they suddenly raining down from the sky in front of the two elders on the stone platform.


At the same time he also spoke in a clear and resonant voice, “Elder Xun, the number is enough, yes?”


Elder Xun laughed as his vigorous laughter resounded through the sky. His big and tall stature flashed as he stood up and spoke, “It’s delicious, not a piece must be missed.”


He looked upward and opened his mouth wide. A huge white tornado suddenly appeared out of nowhere, those Blueback Herring that yet to fall to the ground rolled into it. Countless tiny green cyclones were seen in the twister as it rolled up and danced in the air accompanied with flame sparks traversing around.


Those Blueback Herrings rotated inside the tornado. All the scales covered its body stripped, and then turn around, revealing a white and tender fish flesh. The invisible flame inside roasted them unceasingly; causing those fish flesh instantly turned golden-yellow color, emitting a wonderful aroma. In the third circle, the fishbone separated from the flesh and finally sucked into Elder Xun’s bottomless mouth.


Until the end of the fish feast, a high pile of fish bone stacked near Elder Xun’s feet. Each and every fishbone were undamaged. But not the slightest remnants of minced meat on it, even the smallest part was white and delicate as bright as crystals, as if it was had been removed and polished by the most skilled craftsman.


A think grilled fish flavor filled the air.


Zhang Yan was perfectly aware that Elder Xun wanted to show him his strength to manipulate the Dan Destruction’s power while also warning him secretly so that he shouldn’t act excessively.


But he didn’t care, treading on the cultivation path, when one had to fight then fight he will. When one must plunder then rob he must. So long as he didn’t violate the Sect’s rules and uphold the established customs and rules on the surface, never would anyone able to find his faults, and let them gasp at their own helplessness.


The moment his flying ship landed, Zhang Yan stepped out. He raised his hand cupped his hands, saying, “Elder Xun, I didn’t know whether the number of Blueback Herring were correct or not?


Elder Xun let out a “hey” shout and said, “A total of 1,859, the number was not only right, but also more. Zhang Yan, I did underestimate you, so…” He turned around, smiled and said, “Junior Brother Chen, this is his win, we must owe him nothing.”


Elder Chen coughed and said, “Zhang Yan, this is your lucky chance, this Stars Sword Bullet is for you. Receive it well and give it your best.” He flicked his finger as a little blue light flew.


Zhang Yan stretched his hand out to receive it. A cool sensation seeped into his palm.


Zhang Yan opened his palm to look and found the fist-sized Sword Bullet exuded spiritual qi to the surroundings, with stars revolving around it. He carefully sensed it. It was full of vitality inside, and also seemed to be breathing, exuding opening and closing sounds. There was water inside this Sword Bullet. He nodded and put it away into his sleeve and prepared to leave to refine it.


Elder Xun’s long hands then removed a jade slip from his sleeve and threw it to Zhang Yan and said, “This is the ‘Void Fabrication’ secret art. After you read it, destroy it. You must never disclose it to anyone. Otherwise, you’ll be punished as per the Sect’s rules!” His final words just like a thunderclap and shook the whole island, rustling the vegetations as if it was swept away by a violent and fierce power.


Zhang Yan was still perfectly composed and remained unmoved. He lightly cupped his hands and spoke, “Zhang Yan will leave now, two elders, goodbye.”


His voice just down, his feet stepped on a mass of clouds and mist that suddenly lifted him up and floated away.


Elder Xun’s eyes opened wide and spoke in an astonished voice, “Mounting the Clouds, Riding the Mists? Could it be that this Zhang Yan is able to become the Second Stage Radiant Qi Realm because he’s cultivating the “Billows Cloud Secret Manual” from Martial Nephew Sun?”


Elder Chen frowned, he stroked his beard and said, “Is this youth the dark horse prepared by Martial Nephew Sun? How have I never heard of him tell me this?”


Elder Xun shook his head and said, “I don’t get it, I really don’t get it! But Zhang Yan revealed this today, is to inform us that he is not without foundation. And also wants to tell us that he originally wants to look for the opportunities to polish himself again. It seems like we have to exempt him, so as to avoid disturbing Master Nephew’s important plan, such as the last time when he vented his anger on us.”


Elder Chen sighed, “Alas, amongst 10 Big Disciples in our Sect, only 4 of them are from Apprenticeship Branches, while we’re also on guard against each other. If we’re still wary and cannot unite, how will we be able to contend with the ancient families? Also, 2 years later, there would be a great competition in our Sect. If we can’t foster several outstanding disciples again, sooner or later we will be suppressed by those of ancient families and never will we be able to stand up again.”


Elder Xun nodded, but also seemed to remember something. He patted his forehead and said, “I heard that Zhuang Bufan has come back to the Sect recently. Having him back to the Sect will be able to keep check those arrogant ancient families’ disciples a bit.”


“Oh?” Elder Chen’s eyes lightened up as he stroke his beard and replied, “Martial Nephew Zhuang has come back? Well, great. So 2 years later our Apprenticeship Branches will have big chances in the great competition. If we nurtured several outstanding disciples again, we will have the hope to overwhelm the ancient families.”


Elder Xun nodded and took out something from the sleeve, saying, “Feng Ming needs to be properly handled with care, so as to avoid getting a heart demon. Had it happened, it would be bad. My Eldest Brother has already refined a set of Stars Sword Bullet for me. Since previously I have used the Sword Bullet then it would be useless. It will be for the best if you give it to him on my behalf, as to calm his mind and able to cultivate without distracting thoughts. He has an excellent aptitude and such possibility is something that I couldn’t afford to see. Certainly, there must be something for him to earn his seat.”


In fact, this was also quite the upset. They had been eyeing and favored Feng Ming, also collaborating to support him and one of the disciples they were preparing. Had he failed to live up to their expectation, it was by no means that it was his mistakes. If it were to say that he had made mistakes, this was related to their arrangements.


Elder Chen stretched his hand out to pick the Sword Bullet and pondered, “I think he left with depressed spirit and heart. Senior Brother has this kind of good intention, let’s hope that he’s able to think it through and understand it.”


Elder Xun nevertheless laughed loudly and said, “Fate has been decided by the Heavens, and the Great Dao decided by the heart. Should he not be able to get this off, how will he be able to contend against the ancient families? The things happened this time give us the chance to see his true nature and heart, whether he is worthy or not to receive everyone and his elders’ recognition.”


Elder Chen nodded and said, “It should be so.”


Zhang Yan was all the way back at Spirit Leaf Island. After returning to his Immortal Cave, he closed the island’s restriction seal. Luo Xiao was walking toward and then he took the Sword Bullet out and let her examine and appraise it.


Upon seeing this Sword Bullet, Luo Xiao’s beautiful eyes brightened up as she took it up and examined it several times, she let out praise, “Congratulations Master! Not only is this Sword Bullet’s spiritual qi powerful, but it also transmits out a trace of spiritual nature. Nobody under the Primordial Nascent Soul is able to forge it. It’s quality certainly very high, and the rarest and precious thing is, that this one has not having undergone any changes. It’s just like an unpolished and pure gold or jade. If you refine it within your chest with your blood’s essence and nurture it with your soul every day, in the future, its might will always be upgraded along with your cultivation base’s promotion. Should it be giving birth toa  spiritual nature, it will become Sword Spirit, a magical weapon with infinite formidable might.”


Zhang Yan shook his head as he then smiled and said, “Sword Spirit? It’s easier said than done. That might be called as the “Esoteric Device”. My Stars Sword Bullet now at best could only be called as “Law Device”. If I nurture it with the technique to strengthen its spiritual nature, it will take a hundred years to see the result.”


Magical treasures were divided into low and high grades. Such as Zhang Yan’s flying sword and copper spear, these were the “Law Device”. Its movement solely relied on cultivator’s strength and cultivation base. Without spiritual qi support, these objects were just like ordinary things.


But such as Fate Decree Pen, Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone, Magnetic Bronze Gold Mirror, Divine Shuttle, Purple Heart Core Hammer, and the like, these magical treasures could be called as high-grade Spiritual Device, because they had a little bit of spiritual nature and had been refined with blood’s essence. It would only need a small amount of True Primordial Qi and spiritual qi to control it and attack the enemies.


Only when magical treasures had become a “True Device” would they give birth to self-spiritual consciousness. At this time, magical treasures would have their own wisdom. The next step further was to become the “Esoteric Device”, of which they would become a spiritual entity that also able to cultivate just like cultivators and also could reach enlightenment.


Therefore, after magical treasures’ spiritual entities had come to life and cultivated, there also a common occurrence that they would separate from their master and then hid in the remote mountain or great lake to avoid to be caught by cultivators and being refined to become cultivators’ servant or slave.


It was also heard that there devices that beyond the “Esoteric Device”, that was the mystery within the mysteries—the “Dao Device”, of which, was something that Zhang Yan couldn’t fathom.


In anyway, it was better for him to focus on refining his flying sword to the best he could. Only after he had coincided it with his mind and soul would he be able to perfectly control it. Right now, his cultivation was not deep yet and could only use objects that had already refined by others.


Zhang Yan took the Stars Sword Bullet in his hands and was about to use his blood’s essence to refine it. But at this moment, suddenly his qi jolted and throbbing up in his body without reason, as if there was something was moving and activating them. His expression changed as he lightly smiled and spoke, “The time has come to break through into the Third Stage of Radiant Qi Realm. It is now!”

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