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Headless Dullahan – Chapter 6

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Headless Dullahan 1-6: The Blue-Haired Girl is a Wizard


“Hey, that person there, what are you doing there?”


My heart almost flies out because of the sudden voice at my back.

Instead of dropping the helmet in my hand, I put it on reflexively.

It’s a wonder that the helmet fits perfectly with Dullahan’s armor. It sticks there with a click.

Oh, maybe this is the head I was looking for! Or so I think, but it looks different. My body is also giving me a signal that this is not the right one.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t reject the helmet and forcefully flick it off.

“… Hey, what are you doing?”

The voice asks this question again.

Crap. I’m a monster, a Dullahan.

What if I’m attacked when I turn around right now?

Such thoughts swirl around in my mind, but it suddenly comes to me.

Wait, now I have a head.

This helmet I’ve worn by accident.

Fortunately, this helmet is the type that also has a faceguard. All the parts except the slit for the eyes are covered.

Even then, the face part is shadowy, so it’s unlikely that anyone can see inside the helmet unless they stand very close.

It’s nearly impossible for a human to be that close.

In other words, now I’m like a knight wearing fine armor. No matter how you look, I’m not Dullahan – not a headless monster.

If this is the case, then there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It seems that the disadvantage of being a monster is solved at once.

To solve it so quickly, doesn’t that mean I’m a genius?

Because the room is dark, it seems that the source of that voice is also unaware.

“Hey, you -”

The voice is starting to sound irritated, but before the person is finished, I turn around.

There stands a girl with pale, crystal-clear blue hair in a ponytail.

White skin that looks as smooth as pottery can be seen despite the darkness. Her facial feature also appear sharp.

Maybe because of me suddenly turning around, her eyes widen with surprise, clear blue eyes the same color of her hair easily visible.

She has a delicate body and slender limbs. It feels like she will break if I try to hug her.

She wears a short blue cape on her shoulder and a skirt that resembles a corset, the color alternating between blue and white.

Overall she has a thin body, but the legs wrapped in black knee socks are moderately fleshy.

She also holds a cane in her hand. That lightweight equipment and figure similar to what a wizard wears.

It’s a wizard, a wizard, you know!? Then this world is a standard fantasy world where people fight with swords and magic, isn’t it?

My otaku spirit becomes excited. I want to shout, but I can’t afford to make a girl I’m meeting for the first time repulsed by my behavior, especially when she’s such a beautiful girl. As a man, it’s natural if I want to befriend such a girl if possible.

I calm my mind and carefully choose my words.

“Well, I just got here now as I travelled. I entered to ask for a place to rest, but there is nobody here.”

In response to my friendly tone, she –

“There were sounds a little while ago. Are you really not a thief?”

– gives me a suspicious look.

“No, it’s a bit dark, so I fell down because I can’t see quite well.”

I laugh and give a wry smile as I deceive her.

“…… Is that so? Well, you look like you’re wearing expensive armor, so that’s probably true.”

What is she muttering about?

Anyway, I want to avoid being treated as a suspicious person while keeping the conversation going.

“So, you are?”

I don’t want to get questioned further, so from here on, it’s me who’s asking questions.

“I’m Sisty, a traveling wizard.”

Uwooohhh, a real wizard! With her dignified appearance, this child seems excellent at it.

She must be able to use incredible magic like in the game.

“I came from Kukuru Village, though,”

Sisty points to the way she came from.

Where is Kukuru Village? I ponder, but ignore the question for now.

When I go outside to look, there is another path that comes straight out of the forest I walked through.

Well, with that, it’s confirmed that this place is where the two roads merge.

“… … Oou, you’re big, aren’t you?”

Sisty mutters that from next to me. Until now, it was dim; she couldn’t grasp my appearance well.

If she said she came from over there… Does that mean this little girl called Sisty passed through this forest alone?

Even though the route is different, isn’t it still amazing?

For me, I can’t even imagine keeping my flesh and blood intact if I had to go through that forest full of monsters alone, especially with that wyvern.

So, either the magic of this world is convenient, or Sisty is good at it.

Unlike me, who broke through with the undead’s skill and physical ability as a Dullahan, I want to pay respects to her, who managed it as a human with only magic.

“And, what about you?”

“Ah, I’m Du -”

Crap, because I always think Dullahan this, Dullahan that, I almost say I’m a Dullahan.


Because I suddenly stop talking, Sisty gives me a puzzled look.

What now? Should I rephrase it as Kubinashi Munesuke?

No, this is a fantasy world, so using a Japanese name might spoil the fantasy feeling.

I also look cool in this world, should I also call myself with a fantasy name?

After considering it calmly, I decide to give myself a cool name.

While apologizing to my mother who gave me a name in my mind, I say my new name.

“It’s Duke! Best regards.”

Dullahan → Duke. Excuse me if it’s too simple.

I already said Du. It’s also a Dullahan-like name; moreover, it sounds like the name of a knight too, so it’s okay!

It’s a mistake to expect something good from my naming sense.

“So it’s Duke. Best regards. By the way, where did you come from, Duke? You said you just got here before, right.”

I point to the way I came from honestly.

“From there, I guess?”

“Ehh? Are you serious? It must be a lie, that forest is called Devil Forest. There are many ferocious monsters living there, aren’t there? You can be surrounded by monsters in no time. Not only that, there are wyverns too. Someone with common sense should be taking a detour like me.”

It’s no wonder there are monsters all around that place. So I woke up in such a dangerous place, this Devil Forest, huh.

“Yeah, I was chased by a wyvern…”

“…… How are you still alive with that?”

Sisty asks with an amazed tone.

I also want to go through there if it’s safe, but I’m a Dullahan. My route is probably the best for me considering I was trying not to make contact with anyone until I got this helmet.

“Well, leaving the explanation for another time should be fine. I am also tired and would like to take a break in Poda Village soon. Let’s go together, if Duke is also heading to that place.”

“Aa, ahh, I don’t know the land around here at all, so it would be great if you can guide me.”

“Is that so? Well, if you follow this road you will reach Poda Village, so it will be fine.”

I follow Sisty, but I suddenly remember that I made Murasaki-En wait for me in the back.

“Ah, wait a moment!”

I immediately go to the back of the house. Murasaki-En is standing quietly there.

If Sisty looks at the Murasaki-En who is Cóiste Bodhar, she will definitely attack it.

From what she said before, monsters are creatures that violently attack humans. I can say with certainty that she will attack.

Can I do something somehow?

It’s me who summoned Murasaki-En in the first place.

Then, can I recall it?

Somehow, I feel like I can do it.

I strongly wish for it to come back, and then I raise my voice.

Sisty is close by, so I keep it discreet.

“Return! Murasaki-En!”

Then, just like the first time, dark light shines from Murasaki-En’s feet. Looks like changing the name or not shouting isn’t a problem.

Murasaki-En slowly sinks as if being swallowed by darkness.

“See you later.”

After giving a short farewell, I hurriedly return to Sisty.

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