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Headless Dullahan – Chapter 7

Translated by: Syilpha

Edited by: Saverath


Long wait time, but here ya go~



Headless Dullahan 1-7: The Price of the Helmet


“Why is Sisty traveling alone?”


“Isn’t it obvious? To become an adventurer. To that end, I am heading to the royal capital. It’s more convenient there, after all.”


When I hear the Sisty’s explanation, my surprise is great.


This is a fantasy world where monsters exist. Doesn’t that mean there must be some kind of adventurer that subjugates monsters for a living? That’s a standard thing in fantasy.


Does this mean I can go to the capital via Poda Village?


Adventurer, huh… how nice. Taking requests, subjugating monsters, receiving rewards.


Gathering information in the tavern, or sometimes needing to go to faraway places for the request.


Maybe I can gather information about my head this way.


In order to learn the particulars of this world, it’s best to actually spend time living in it.


As long as I wear this helmet as camouflage, I should manage one way or another.


“What about Duke?”


“I came from the countryside. I also aim to be an adventurer.”


If I declare that I come from the countryside, my slight ignorance should normally be tolerated.


“Considering he cut through Devil Forest, did he come from a village in Crowdia Empire?”




Sisty mutters something next to me, but I can’t hear it.


“It’s nothing. Then our destination is the same, isn’t it? There is no adventurer guild other than in the royal capital now.”


“Oh, I’m from countryside and a bit ignorant, so I’m counting on you. Though if it’s close combat, then I’m confident.”


Even though I’m wearing full body armor, am I not a swordsman?


Close-range combat, like fist-fighting, is my thing. I don’t have a sword.


“Hmm, since I’m a wizard, a backline attacker, if there is an avant-garde swordsman like Duke – hm? What happened to your sword?”


“…… Broken, on the way here.”


The expression she shows me seems to ask why I don’t have any sword when swordsmen habitually bring swords everywhere. After a short while, Sisty breathes a sigh.


“Hahhh…… If someone has swords or daggers in the village, let them sell it. Worst case scenario, I’ll lend you my dagger.”


“……. I’m sorry, I don’t have any money so I’m going to have to borrow it from Sisty.”


“I wonder if we should just go separately?”


“I’m sorry. I’m confident in battle, so please don’t forsake me!”


As Sisty disappointedly begins walking away, I grab her cape and beg, in tears.


“W-Wait, don’t cling to me and cry like that, it’s disgusting! Let go of my cape, it’s my favorite one, it’s gonna rip!”


“I won’t let go until you shake your head vertically!”


“Hey, let go…… Ahhhh! I heard something just now! My favorite cape is – !? Just let it go already! I will seriously kick you if you don’t release it!”


“Bring it on! I’m confident in my defensive power.”





“Is that Poda Village?”





I show my usefulness by accompanying her. As I walk down the road, I see a small village that might be Poda Village.


From her voice, it seems like she’s a bit tired, probably from the long journey.


I’m uncertain if her fatigue comes from our pace or something else.


“Hey, hey, are you okay?”


“…… Sore foot.”


She’s at her limit. Let’s get to the village quickly and then let her rest.


As I return my line of sight to the front, many houses similar to the previous one line up before me.


There are fences erected around the village, most likely to prevent beasts and monsters from entering.


The  village is enclosed by fields and waterways on the outside, and several small children are running around happily.


This is a scene of a really peaceful country village.


“Wow, it’s a knight.”


“A large person.”


While being exposed to the curiosity of small children, the two of us enter the village, but suddenly…….,




As I enter the village, an old man shows up and suddenly shouts that word.


“Oi oi, Sisty, did you pick and eat the crop on the way here?”


“Why do I have to do that? Unlike Duke, I have money.”


From Sisty’s remark, the gaze of the old man changes to something that says So it’s really true after all.


What is that gaze? It’s bad to doubt people just because they don’t have money, you know.


“Wait a minute! Tell me what I stole!?”


It’s not like I can cover up the crime I don’t remember.


You must be firm, Munesuke – no, wait. I, Duke, must be firm.


While I protest, the old man thrusts his finger –


“That helmet you wear on your head!”


– at my helmet.




The old man keeps on speaking while I raise my voice in surprise.


“That helmet belongs to the villager who retired as a knight.”


C-Certainly, I thoughtlessly took the helmet and equipped it in my panic.


In other words, a helmet which should be in his acquaintance’s house suddenly shows up here, equipped by another person, so he calls me a thief.


In that case, then I might be a thief. No, I AM a thief.


“When you were wandering around in that house, you certainly said that you’re not a thief, right.”


The strong gaze I receive from next to me is painful.


“No, that – I lost my helmet when coming through Devil Forest……”


“You’ve lost your helmet and your sword, and you seem to be able to survive just fine.”


“I – you know – I have great luck.”


It seems that I manage to convince her about the matter in Devil Forest.


“But don’t take it without permission, take it off and return it.”


“Don’t wanna! I love this helmet! I will never take it off!”


If I take off this helmet here, then the fact that I’m a Dullahan will come to light.


It’s time to throw a childish tantrum.


“There won’t be any problem if you just return the helmet. Look, return it already!”


“Absolutely not!”


Sisty tries to take the helmet off my head, but is unable to do so because of the height difference.


It’s natural, as my height together with the helmet is around 190 centimeters.


Compared to that, Sisty’s height doesn’t even reach 160 centimeters.


I can easily dodge the hands that come from below.


“Wahaha, useless, useless.”






She thrusts her cane at my helmet.


If an ordinary man gets hit, it will hurt their face, but in my case, people will be surprised because my head will fly away, you know!?


“Then, I have a proposal!”


“What is it?”


Thankfully, Sisty stops her hand after hearing my spontaneous remark. I’m in afraid that my secret Dullahan identity will leak out.


“That old man should sell this helmet.”


“You don’t have any money! I’m not going to pay for it!”


My proposal is met with an angry shout and a sharp thrust of the cane.


I avoid it by shifting my posture.


The thrust gets frighteningly sharp. Does she train in Boujutsu (staff technique) too?


“Now, now, I don’t mind offering it as payment.”




The old man’s remark raises my expectations.


“But, this is owned by another villager, right?”


“That bloke is not in this world anymore…”


The old man answers Sisty with a somewhat distant look.


As he speaks of that person with such familiarity, I can guess they were good friends.


I never thought I’d use the property of a deceased person, but it can’t be helped if I want to keep my identity a secret.


Encountering this helmet has changed my life after all.




“That’s fine. It’s better than letting that bloke’s favorite helmet rust.”


The old man only laughs, suggesting she not worry.


“So, what do you want me to do to earn this helmet?”


“Ah, yes. It looks like both of you are adventurers, isn’t that so? Even if not, the missy over there looks like a wizard, and you use full body armor already. You can fight, then, can you not?”


To be precise, I plan to become an adventurer after going to the capital from here.


“Is it monster extermination?”


“Just so. Recently, there have been quite a number of goblins making trouble around here. Fortunately, only the crops are affected, while the villagers are safe. But sooner or later, something terrible will happen, as goblins are a monster species whose numbers grow quickly. “


It’s easy if it’s only goblins. I can manage as long as they don’t come together with a horde of bears or a wyvern.


“Alright, let’s accept it, Sisty! This is just right for grasping each other’s prowess, don’t you think?”


Haa? I’m not the one that stole something, and I also don’t feel like going with you. I won’t be able to rest if I go, after all.


But, Sisty is somewhat kind, so I don’t she think she’ll say such a terrible thing…… maybe.


“Well, fine. I’m also a countryside village girl, I’ll gladly accept a request like this.”


Phew… I’m relieved she didn’t say something terrible.


Nevertheless, I think that Sisty is someone with a high standing, as her behavior is graceful. That’s surprising.



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