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Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 20

Hello, I am finally done with exams and back from my trip, enjoy this chapter of Hone, and I will have tsuki and LV999 out in the next few days hopefully

Thank you to Left for editing this chapter

Chapter 20: Sliver Battle Armour



To tell the truth, after I heard the story from her, my mind and feelings were already decided.

No matter what, someone had to solve this problem.

If I was the only one who could do it then I had to.

However I had a problem with the way they asked me.

Even though I made those jokes, I still would have agreed to their request.

I understand that they were in a rush and impatient, but there is a proper process and order to everything. But I do understand the pressure and feeling of the Count and of Marga.


Since the Count has the responsibility of a lord as well as needing to think about the future of the country, he did not have time to choose a proper method.

“Can you call the Count again, I would like to speak with him.”(Hone)

Marga whose head was on the floor, lifted it and faced me.

She stood up, bowed once more, a proper bow and left to call the Count.


The Count entered the room, he sat at the same place as before and directly faced me.

“Where is Marga?”(Hone)

I didn’t see her behind him.

“She looked very tired thus I have instructed her to rest in her room.” (Count)

Count said that with a sullen expression.

I had already resolved myself to do this. I know that I at least have that much in this body

“I have a request for you,” To my words, the count nodded. “First, I entrust the safety of Emily and Misery to you, I hope you will keep them healthy and well.”(Hone)

The Count’s face brightened as he listened to my words.

He seemed to have understood my intention, he’s fast. It seems as if Marga told him what I was going to say, but maybe he would not believe it until he heard me say it.

“Of course, I never had any plans to harm them and was going to treat them as royal guests.”(Count)

I also added.

“I require some time to prepare and will need to burrow some things from you, can you give me a bit of time to make a list?” (Hone)

“Yes, of course. I understand, if there is anything else please say it.”(Count)

“Well….for now, nothing other then that.”(Hone)

I briefly paused and stood up.

I wanted to go see Misery and Emily but I did not know where they were.

“Where are the they?”(Hone)

Seeing that I was fully committed  to do the task, the Count looked excited.

“They are in the next room, I wanted to put them in a room a little further but the little lady cried a lot.”(Count)

He said with a happy expression.

I walked to the next room and opened the door, Emily noticed me and called out to me.

“Hone, how did it go?”(Emily)

I saw Misery sitting beside her and quickly ran up to her as fast as my bones could handle. She hugged my leg and I rubbed her head.

(TL note: she’s small so basically all she can hug is his leg)

“Umm… I accepted the job.”(Hone)

Hearing my response, Emily was stunned.

“You….! What can you possibly do!?”

What she said to me felt painful.

Emily knew exactly how weak my bones were.

Well, not just how weak my bones are but also that fact that I don’t have muscles, organs or eyes. I only have bones.

If my bones were separated then I wouldn’t be able to move them. And if I lost my Jaws I wouldn’t be able to talk.

Even though I know all this about my bones, I still don’t know why I am currently only bones. And I am supposed to go battle a deadly Dragon. It isn’t difficult to think that I might not have brain. Even though I am pretty sure I don’t have a brain in my skull.

Ok, let’s leave aside what I can’t do for now, I have to think about how to fight something I have no information about since no one can get close to it.

I have no choice but to take various materials and items and try all of them.

Now I need to think about what I need for the fight and the journey.

We both sat down, Misery sat on Emily’s lap and we talked about what to request.

“Ok, we know that you do not need food at all” (Emily)

Yep, I don’t need food.

“Ok, now what else do you need?”(Emily)

Ok, this very bad I have no idea what I need for a journey to the mountains.

As I thought we don’t have that much information to even guess what I need.

Emily looked as if she already thought of what else I needed.

“Oh ya, of course you need a sword, don’t you?”(Emily)

Of course a sword, I need a sword to fight the Dragon.

“Then will I need armour and a shield?”(Hone)

“Yes, otherwise your bones will scatter and you won’t be able to move.”(Emily)

“Will I really fall apart in the battle?”(Hone)

“Yes you will, a Dragon bites their opponent, it’s like when the dog took your leg”(Emily)

“The Dragon will bite me for real?!”(Hone)

“Yes, and that is why you will need armour”(Emily)

“What else?”(Hone)

“Hmm… I don’t know, but ask the Count for the armour and sword first”(Emily)


“Is this to your liking?” (Elderly butler)

The elderly butler brought in shining silver plate armour, it was full body armour.


I accidentally let out a voice.

But the armour looked really heavy.

I wonder if I would be able to move in that armour.

“Hone, how about trying it on at least once”(Emily)

Listening to Emily, I tried on the full body armour.

“Ok, it is on”(Hone)

I didn’t feel as heavy as I thought, I wonder if it is because the weight was spread out.

I can move quite well in this.


“It is really loose.”(Hone)

Well the inside of the armour is only bones, so it was really hollow.

Even if I tried to leash it with belts and stuff, it had nothing to latch on to since there is no flesh.

“Hmm, how about we stuff the armour with cotton.and cloth. If we do that then even if you take a blow, you won’t feel any pain.”(Emily)

I took off the armour, Emily then put cotton and cloth inside the armour, enough to fill the gaps. I then put it on again.

“How about now?”(Emily)

“It feels nice, though really stuffy. I don’t think I can breathe like this, even though I don’t actually breathe.”(Hone)

I took the sword and shield in hand and held a stance.

Misery seeing that applauded, looking happy.

The Count and Marga who came to check up also voiced out words of excitement.

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