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Hone No Aru Yatsu – Chapter 26

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Hone no Aru Yatsu 26

Anyway, if I do not grasp the opportunities given to me than it will be all talk.

The clasp of the armor and the belts are not gonna last that long.

If I get hit by that tail again then my whole body will be in pieces and it will be the end.

But I have seen it now, the dragon twists his body before attacking with the tail.

I look closely enough to see if I can dodge or at least do a full block.

Yes, if I see it.

I have to develop a habit of moving back when I see him twist his body.

I should have already known this from my last fight with him.

But as usual, I am disappointed that I still have not developed that sense for battle.

However, as I cannot look down, I must keep going.

Ok, the bow does work, it is just a matter of where to shoot him next.

I tried the heart and it just bounced off.

Maybe now I should try the head or the eye?

As for the eye, I can see it and have grasped the angle but I cannot aim it quite well.

Anyway let’s try a lot of shots at it and see which place is the most vulnerable.

If it twists it’s body, I can’t run back fast enough.

I will try to fully block it.

I am outside the cave so I reload the arrows and return to the dragon.

The dragon is still standing up.

If I have a shot at the head then I will take it. Even if it misses the eye it will hit somewhere near there, thus it will have some effect.

Next would be the torso. TLnote: (I looked this up and it says Torso like the ribs part)

It may also be joint to the dragon.

Like my full body armor, the movements are restricted thus if I take out a joint from it then I should

be able to gain an advantage.

But I am still not sure if the scales or even the body of a dragon works like a human.

I approach it slowly.

The dragon seems to be watching me for the moment.

I can’t see this as an opportunity, because there is a high chance of being attacked.

I have to make sure that it won’t attack.

I stop for a second and then approach, stop and approach, this is the best method of getting closer.

I see that the head is still far away.

Then I should go for the torso.

The torso is also a large area thus even if I do miss, I will hit somewhere on it.

The other party has been watching me intently.

I pulled the trigger of the bow.

The arrow does not lodge.

Again, there is the sound of metal rubbing against metal.

The dragon twisted itself and tried to attack with it’s tail.

A huge gust of wind was roaring behind the tail.

I quickly run and jump to duck and cover.


I slid on the ground

The dust and wind blew over my head.

I check my body to see if anything is detached.

No, it is good for now.

I quickly get back up and see the traces of the dragon’s tail stretched in a swing type motion slightly above the ground.

…if I did not jump, I would have flown.

It was basically a long range type move developed by it.

But this move also told me something, how much time it takes for the tail to come to me.

Afterwards, I kept reloading and firing arrows at it.

I went to the entrance, reloaded, came back, fired,  and ran away again.

All of my arrows hit the target.

Not one of them lodged in him though.

During this time, the dragon seemed to be lost in thought rather than attack.

He seemed to be relaxed as well.

I hate this thing so much.

My arrows ran out.

I let go of the bow and take up my sword and shield.

I slowly try to move in on the dragon.

He was still thinking of something.

I found it strange that he still has not attacked me yet.

I closed in even further and it was then,

…the dragon twisted his upper half.

Come on at this timing?!

I tried to run back but noticed that I would not make it.

I see a small space in between the feet of the dragon.

I will make it if I run towards that space.

I ran with all my might towards that gap between his feet and somehow made it.

His right foot was now rotating and I seemed to be safe for now.

I cannot see what the entire dragon is doing so I am worried about what action will it take next.

But, to my surprise, the dragon seemed to be looking for me.

He thinks I got blown away by the tail or the gust of wind.

But right now is my chance to attack.

I swing down my sword at it.

I hit the left leg of the dragon and the sword rebounded.

As expected, this thing is hard.

I try to attack once more.

The dragon noticed me right now.
He seemed to be confused at what to do, it seems that an enemy being down here is new to him.

I have watch out for the attack.

It shakes and stomps its feet as well.

I dodge the attacks and counterattack each time on the same scale.

I dodge and attack.

Attack, dodge, attack, dodge.

Wait for the right moment, approach the scale, attack, attack,attack!

I attacked on the same scale many times.

I could see the damage that I had done to the scale.

We keep this exchange for a while.

Attacking, evading and attacking again.

It seems that the dragon found it really hard to attack me under its crotch.

It keeps shaking and  stomping its feet as well.

But the movements are slow so I can easily evade them.

I did this for a long time.

The scale clearly had damage on it but I did not penetrate into the flesh.

It was at that time  that I suddenly heard a horrible sound.

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