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Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 16

Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 16


Two days Later I have arrived at Rampart
It was a regional city with very high walls surrounding it
When we were passing through the City walls, I tried to stare up to see the end the walls but could not as the bones on my neck started to hurt.
Even from the inside of the walls the city was very busy.
From the gate, there various stalls of goods and food lined for people to buy.
Clothes, accessories, food etc.
The owners of the stalls tried to appeal to the various people coming and going.
Unlike me and misery who were awed at the sight, Emily did not want see outside the carriage.
“Huh, Emily are you not going to see” (Misery)said while she is still looking out the window.
“No need, I already saw all of this, You guys are acting too much from the country side stop it already.” (Emily)
She was saying this, but for her it was quite obvious that she slightly glancing every now and then at the clothes and accessories store, but I won’t retort in respect.
Marga while looking at us, was laughing quietly.
The carriage was going down the main street as we were looking and talking.
The main street started to change into a different kind of color as we moved forward.
At first the stalls and vendors were numerous but as we moved forward more and more stores ( as in stores in buildings) came into view.
Right now we were in the residential area.
Every house was big and made out of stone.
Moreover, there was a castle ahead of us.
“Well I kind of expected this” (Emily)
Emily was very tense and nervous, but finally looked out the window of the carriage.
and I stared at the castle in the front.
The castle had a hole surrounding it with water filling it. (A Moat)
The carriage came right in from the Moat and waited for the draw bridge to descend and advanced afterwards.
After the carriage passed through the castle gates, the view I saw was, like it was a different world.
The front door had a bright red carpet and floors were polished so much that I could see my face.
The furniture and paintings were organized very well.
Misery and Emily appearance was cute and beautiful but it did not fit this place.
I, who am a skeleton, that is bare naked obviously do not fit this place.
To fit this place I would have to wear a dress, so I thought.
I was restrained and carried with Misery and Emily into a guest room.
There was elegant furniture and wallpaper and the room was not too wide but also not too narrow.
In the room Misery and Emily were both very tense and nervous.
A servant who was an elderly person came into the room, and asked what we would like to drink.
When he knocked on the door, Emily kind of jumped a little but I will leave that alone.
“I don’t want anything to drink, it always just goes right through me”
Emily was too nervous to talk, Misery couldn’t talk at all thus the servant was very troubled.
“ I would like to ask for two warm milk tea please”
I told what to get and he left with a smile.
After a while the servant came back with tea.
As she tried to drink the tea elegantly, but she quickly gave up and said “ I am different than these people” and drink the tea entirely.
After she remembered that the servant is still watching her, she tried bright red.
After the servant brought another cup of tea for Emily, he left and only the three of us were left in the room.
“Hey, why are you so calm?” ( Emily)
“I don’t know, Maybe because I have no nerves to get nervous” (Hone)
“Maybe before becoming a skeleton you were a baron of some kind” ( Emily)
Emily said in a friendly tone.
After a while, the door was knocked and opened.
A middle aged man who looked like a true gentleman came in with Marga.
“This is him” (Marga)
After looking at me for a while, the man whispered “ so that’s what she meant”
“Marga, Thank you” ( Middle age man)
“ Well Earl, do you now believe that my fortune telling is always right” ( Marga)
They both sit down on the sofa in front of us and looked at our faces.
Marga and the man sit down with only a table to divide us.
We were completely clueless to what was happening.
“I know of Marga, but who is this person” (Emily)
Being asked that by Emily, the man said “ how rude of me”
“ Young lady I am sorry for the late introduction, I am Lambert Frontier Count, well I am basically the king of the place you live in”  ( Count)
Well I kind of already guessed who this was from the looks of Marga.
Because Emily was acting cold towards Marga.
Marga said “This is payback” in a small voice.

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