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Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 17

Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 17


The Count of Lambert looking at the interaction was laughing.
Then, after taking a breath, he started to look at my face with a serious expression on his face.
I am wondering why he was making that expression
It was not an expression of anger but a look of sympathy.
He bowed down his head towards us and said
“Let me first give you my apologies. I heard from Marga that you were working diligently but I brought you here forcefully and without giving any reason.” (Count)
There two different kinds of important people in this world, those who are prideful and those who are quite laid back. The Count is the latter from what I see.
He is some with dignity, He also looks very capable but he does not look like he flaunts his power.
Everyone seems to respect the royalty and believes that the royalty can keep the peace and gather resources to live.
However, I still dislike the nobles.
The count does let people be in the same room as himself.
But he does not accept other people of lower status.
He has yet to ask for Emily and Misery names. He has yet to even ask for my name.
That is why I will test him a bit.
“What have you done to the villagers?” (Hone)
The words that I have said might seem casual or laid-back but depending on the interpretation, it can also seem to be harsh.
The way I have said might also sound like a protest
But the count looks to be a smart person.
He seemed to have noticed what was underneath my tongue, but skeletons don’t have tongue right.
“ I apologies for that as well.” (Count)
At that time he looks straight at Emily and Misery and bows to them as well.
After that he asks for our names.
This person seems to be a person who can be reasoned with. He does not seem to be the type of person who just forces tasks on you.
He does not seem to suspect that we have ulterior motives, and does not seem to have bad attitude.
I am guessing it was the way he was brought up as is the difference.
Then there no more reason to keep testing him.
“That’s fine, I don’t mind anymore though I am not sure if I have a mind” (Hone)
“Hone?” (Emily)
Are you really going to forgive just like that, Emily expression says.
“ You can understand from travelling all this way, that Marga is not a bad person and I am pretty sure the Count is not a bad person as well” (Hone)
“But still” (Emily)
Emily is still frustrated about what happened at the village.
It is not like I don’t understand her feelings.
They suddenly barged in, and caused a huge ruckus.
There are some bad points in the way they handle it.
However, their intentions are good.
I am pretty sure that they are not bad people.
They went to such lengths as to assault a village, kidnap a person, I do count as one right, and handle me in such a rough manner. I want to know why they did this.
“ Well, what is the reason for all of this” (Hone)
Marga was clearly looking for me.
The Count as well was counting on her to find me.
The Count signalled Marga to start to explain.
Marga taking a deep breath, she first wanted to formally introduce herself.
“I am the astrologer Marga, I have been dispatched by the royal court to help the Count” (Marga)
Well I did have a lot of questions for her such as dispatched by the royal court?, and also astrologer? but if I asked all the questions I had, we would be here forever.
“Help the Count?” (Hone)
After I asked this question the Count answered me with his question.
“Do you people know about the recent crop failure” (Count)
I think I have heard it.
“ We have been in trouble because of the rising food prices.” (Emily)
Emily interjects in the conversation
Emily explains the recent food shortage and rising food prices.
It was not a very good explanation but I still understood most of it.
The flow of the conversation is messed up but I can see on the Counts face how troubled he is.
Emily also explains that the bad harvest even went to the villages in the mountains to the north.
The Count surprised at her explanation, asks us
“ Do you know why the harvest is bad” (Count)
Why? Isn’t the reason the weather has been bad?
When I said that, the Count shakes his head.
“ The weather has not been bad, in fact this year was record breaking harvest until a month ago” (Count)
Other than the weather, the only other thing I can think of is.
“Drought?” (Hone)
The Count shakes his head again.
“A really big wind?” (Hone)
He shakes again.
I really don’t know.
From what I see Emily and Misery also don’t know either.
After a while the Count finally said the reason.
“A Dragon” (Count)
Emily hearing that response, frowns.
“Come on, Count I know you may think of me as a guy who actually does not have a brain but still give a more believable response.” (Hone)
Marga and Emily both still had very serious expressions.
Marga took over for the Count and continued
“No, it is a Dragon that is causing the low harvest.” (Marga)
The southern region of the Lambert was fully devoted to farming.
This year the weather was superb, there was both not too much rain but also not too little rain for the harvest this year.
It was a record breaking harvest this year, the count after seeing the harvest decreasing each year finally felt better about this.
But, a month ago, the situation quickly changed.
The harvest all suddenly started to wither up.
He could not figure out the cause.
After that a sudden plague broke out and caused many people to die from unable to breath.
“ I did not understand what was happening at first, People dying from a plague and the crops withering away, how could these two be associated.” ( Count)
The count who did not want to see this any longer asked the royal court for help.
The royal court enlisted the help of the astrologer Marga.
Marga said that the stars told her that you will find the reason in the south.
The Count who had no more options left could only believe that.
He knew that the south was the worst off in this situation.
He sent a scouting party to the mountains in the south.
The scouting party who had gone to MT. Neville was very surprised at what they saw.
There was a section of the mountain that had flattened trees that was also withered.
They were sure if they kept going in that direction they will find the cause.
They had found a cave and just being near the cave caused many people to have a hard time breathing.
A lone brave man from the scouting part went inside with the assumption he would be killed.
The lone man after he came back was in a terrible state barely living.
He told his friends what he saw.
He said to them, there is a Dragon.

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