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Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 18

Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 18


“I thought Dragons were just from fairy tales.” (Emily)
Emily says to the Earl.
Marga hearing that laughs slightly.
“What is it?” (Emily)
Count says to Emily who was a little bit angry at Marga’s laughter.
“Emily-san, the person next to you is not from fairy tales?” ( Count)
When Emily hears that, she looks at me.
“Well, this guy is umm…I well you know.” (Emily)
My Bones are so natural to her that she forgot.
I am glad that she sees me as a normal person.
But a Dragon definitely sounds dangerous.
I have a very bad feeling.
The Count continues his story.
“ Apparently, the miasma that comes from the dragon flowed down from the mountain and caused the crops to wither away. We have tried to eliminate the dragon once.” (Count)
The kingdom worried that this may start to effect the other regions had their strongest man sent to take down the dragon.
However, the Miasma becomes a problem.
“Any Man of flesh has to breath thus people who breath the miasma collapses in a few minutes after entering the cave.” (Count)
No matter what, a human with lungs has to breath.
In other words no human can approach the Cave.
“After this happened, I asked Marga for advice again” (Count)
The count told Marga to ask the stars again to find someone who could defeat the dragon.
Marga look to the stars and it did not say anything but pointed to a certain direction.
And from the looks of Marga she thinks I am that person.
“ I understood at a glance.” (Marga)
Marga gently closes her eyes
“I heard about the miasma from the Count, I looked at the villagers and believed that the stars had lied to me but when you appeared I knew they were right.”
Bones and a Skull
Bones and nothing else
I have neither muscle or lungs thus have no need to breathe.
“I thought I finally found it.”
It seems they brought here for that reason after all.
I had a feeling and I wanted it to be wrong but both of them stare hard into my eyes.
Their eyes say.
You understand right?
“No, I understand I do not breath, or even poop.” (Hone)
But did you say dragon
Understand, you mean understand that I have to beat it.
“I think you saw, that I am weak as even a dog can break my bones with his bite.” (Hone)
Marga smiled underneath the veil.
“Do you really think that I would bring two unrelated people here?” (Marga)
When Marga gave a signal, Emily and Misery were both kidnapped by the servants.
I just stood there not able to say anything not that I have mouth to say something.
They got taken hostage.
“That’s is that huh.” (Hone)
I should say I have been played quite well.
“Hone, I am sorry.” (Emily)
Emily says in a small voice while being taken.
Emily it is not your fault.
Dammit, If I knew she was going to be taken hostage, I would not have brought her here.
No, she may have come along due to them also having Misery.
“Misery, lets follow these men to another room?” (Emily)
Emily gently explains to Misery the situation
“Ladies please this way.” (Butler)
The elder from earlier comes to take them.

After the two left, the Count spoke.
“I would like for you to leave tomorrow at the latest.” (Count)
It was a soft tone filled with a lot of things.
He did not even check if I would obey.
“If there is something you need, I will have it ready.”
That was all the things he said and left.
I left the room with my minding thinking of how to escape.

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