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Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 19

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Editor: Rythrinx

Hone no aru Yatsu – Chapter 19
The only ones left in the room were Marga and I.
Marga said while staring at the back of the court.
“He is usually a nice person but because of the current situation…” (Marga)
“Is it alright to involve civilians in this because you have no other options?” (Hone)
“Well, that is….” (Marga)
She made a very painful expression.
It seems she knew her actions were wrong.
Obey us and we will return the people you cherish.
This is not something I would expect from a person who was just threatening me.
“This time, I am really…” (Marga)
I cut her off before she apologized.
“I only want one thing from you, return the two people to the village.” (Hone)
Marga went silent after that.
Marga didn’t move an inch and was sitting still on the sofa.
A long time passed.
The atmosphere of the room was getting heavier.
I was about to leave the room and was about to get up when finally Marga started to talk.
She began by saying, “This is something I have not said to anyone.” (Marga)
“Also this might just be something I am saying for self-satisfaction.” (Marga)
“Please listen to what I have to say.”
She didn’t say this line.
But I felt as though she did.
After receiving the request to find a person who would be able to defeat the dragon and setting off in the direction which the star had pointed.
This seems to be a continuation of that story.
Marga started talking, seeing that I have not yet left the room.
“The count did not say but Lambert is the domain that provides the food for the entire country.
In other words, this domain is the Kingdom’s food source and as well as the storehouse.
Lamberts facing this crisis also means that the Kingdom is facing this crisis.
If Lamberts do not produce foods, then everyone in the Kingdom will suffer a shortage of food.
Thousands of hundreds of people will die from starvation this time.” (Marga)
“It was serious enough situation that I was called to the royal court.
During this kind of crisis, if I find the hero who appears and saves it,
This would be a story for the books, and it would have been me who would have found this said person.
Actually, when I thought about this the first time, my heart felt excited.” (Marga)
“I know that you may laugh at me for thinking these things but so what?
I am a person too.
I have read stories of heroes fighting dragons and hoped to see such a person.
A hero who can fight the dragon and save the people, such a person must have a strong physique.
He must also have god’s protection to dispel the miasma.
Surely that person should also have a fine personality.
Surely, surely I believed…..” (Marga)
“I am sorry for not having any muscles at all since I am only bones.” (Hone)
I offered her some tea, but she refused it by shaking her head.
“But meeting you in that village.
it was a shock.
It was completely different than the stories and my imagination.
You had no skin, no muscle or organs. Just bones.
I was disappointed when my soldiers so easily captured you.
But I knew in my heart that you were the one.” (Marga)
“My fortune telling by using the stars are always right.
But, in this case, they did not give anything concrete.
Just a vague direction which I had followed.” (Marga)
“Something that cannot even be predicted by the stars.
When you left to face the soldiers alone.
And when the villagers also tried to save you by giving themselves up.
I thought I saw a glimmer of the stars.
I thought there is no way this could be someone or something that was made by nature right?” (Marga)
“I am also a master of magic and also have some knowledge regarding necromancy and sorcery.
Originally skeletons like you are made from the power of such artists.
They are alive because of the power and are obedient to the power; they do not possess feelings as well.
But you are not aware of who made you right?
And I do not feel any magical power from you either.
You can freely cry, laugh, get angry, smile and be shy.
You are also not something a mage created in which they have sealed your consciousness in your bones and made the normal functions needed to live just by embedding them in your bones either; you are a miracle existence.” (Marga)
Marga continued what she was saying…
“You have no skin, muscle or internal organs; you do not have magic power or power itself.
But because you are like this I want to ask you this request.” (Marga)
Marga stood up and knelt down before Hone.
“The royal court astrologer Marga, ask this of Hone, Please, please save this country.” (Marga)
She hit her head on the floor after saying it.


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