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Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 21

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Hone No Aru Yatsu – Chapter 21: Hone Chosen by the Stars Arc (End)

The next day
As soon as we got up, we started to brainstorm some more ideas. Although I don’t have a brain, I can still come up with ideas.

But no matter what, we couldn’t think of a sure way to kill the dragon. Thus we decided to prepare these following four:
– A sword
– A shield
– Full body Armor
– and a ride to the mountain where the dragon is

I was thinking that perhaps I should borrow a horse, but thinking about it now, I don’t know how to ride a horse.
“Teehee.” I tried to stick out my tongue when saying this but I forgot that I don’t have a tongue.

Misery, who was tired from yesterday events was still asleep in the room.
Emily told me that now was the chance to go if I still wanted to go.
The people who were seeing me off were Emily, Marga and the Earl.

“Well then, I am off.” (Hone)

Emily started to laugh a bit when I said that.
“You really look reliable in the outfit.”
‘But… I will always be waiting for you,’ was what the smile she gave me said.

I got on the carriage.
This carriage did not have any walls or any roofs, but it did let me see the scenery much more clearly.
When the carriage started to move, I looked back and saw Emily running towards me and waving, Marga bowing, and the Earl looking at me silently with his hand together.

After passing through the city gates and the outer wall gates, the carriage slowly sped up.
The wind must feel good at this speed but since I wearing armor my bones can’t feel it.

“Hey, how far is Nevillie?” (Hone)
Neville is the name of the mountains, and the coachman said that we would reach it in about half a day.

“Mister, I have the money for returning you safely to the town, do you want me to wait at there?” (Coachman)

Hmm, I wonder if should make him wait…nah.

“No thank you, I don’t know how long I will take, so there is no need.” (Hone)

“You sure?” (Coachman)

“Yeah, make sure to leave the town quickly before you collapse from the miasma.” (Hone)
The carriage sped up a little more and advanced.
I moved up and sat beside the coachman, watching the scenery go as we moved.
As soon as we entered a large plain, I started to see some people and harvest fields. The harvest did not look good and the plants looked like they were sick.
The wheat especially were hanging down.
The farmers who was attending to the plants also had tired and sickly expressions.
As we moved I could see the reason why. The growth of the plants became nonexistent. By the time we arrived at the foot of the mountain, even though there were many buildings, there were no people here.

The air was heavy and stagnant and a foul stench was among the air.

“Drop me off here.” (Hone)

When I got off the carriage, I saw that the coachman had put a cloth over his mouth and nose. He quickly rushed out of the mountain area before he got sick.

I looked up the mountain path from where I was standing. The mountain wasn’t so big.

What I heard seems to be true, the corrosion from the miasma withered all the plants. There was a path clear of plants and void of any life.

The source of the problem seems to be coming from a cave in the mountain. Even though my body had no flesh, I could still feel something clinging to my bones. I wondered if this was the miasma. It did not hinder me in terms of health so all is fine.

I soon started my climb of the mountain with my shield and sword.

I didn’t get lost at all and found the cave very easily. How? I followed the withered plants.

There was some climbing but no tough places or any detours I had to take because I couldn’t climb.

The entrance of the cave was as large as the main gate of the castle. The cave itself was also very large, the light from the sun only reached until the half way through the cave.
The space become wider and wider as I went further in. There was light coming from a hole in the ceiling.

Is this the place where the miasma is the thickest?
There were no signs of life in this cave, no moss on the walls or even rats. There was just one thing living here. I could see it from the light that is coming down from ceiling.

Scales that were black as night, the sharp nails on the arms that seemed to be huge logs, gigantic wings that were folded on its back, and a mouth with teeth that seemed like swords were coming out.

The dragon was there in front of me.

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