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Hone No Aru Yatsu – Chapter 22

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Hone No Aru Yatsu – Chapter 22: Hone Vs Corrosion Dragon Arc Start


There is no way I can be mistaken……

This is a dragon, no matter how you look at it and it’s a black one too. I am really glad you showed…..


I lowered myself onto the ground and advance slowly. The dragon seems to be asleep. I slowly raised my body and took a stance with my sword and shield.

A chill ran through my spine. Slowly and carefully I advanced one step at a time. The dragon opened its eyes as soon I as stepped.


Wooooww. The eye of the dragon and my eye sockets stared at each other. It’s long iris got thinner. It seems to be judging what I am.


Ok, now what? Do I go forward or backwards?


….I have no choice but to go forward. God, this is horrible. I made another step, there was no reaction. I went one more step and lifted my neck to see it more clearly.


I couldn’t move anymore. This is really scary, pants peeing scary, well I don’t have that so I can’t pee.


First of all, I do not even compare in size. I thought it would it would be as small as a house in the village but it was so much larger.

A castle sized dragon. Wings, neck, and nails on a castle.


How am I supposed to defeat this thing?!? I can only laugh and face it.

I only have a sword, so let’s get in range at least. I slowly moved towards the dragon.


The dragon sees me and does one of two action, either it raises it’s neck or just puts it down. It’s just that big!


I finally reach its front foot. My heart was beating so fast, wait… I’m only bones so I don’t have a heart.

I swing my sword at it. When I swung toward the foot, it suddenly disappeared.


Next moment.




This is the only way I can express what happened. It swiftly hit me and then I went flying.


I hit the ground and bounced several times as well as rolled. Finally, I was able to come to a stop. I was back into a crouching position.

Ok, this is bad, very bad. If that had hit my head, then it would have detached. I would not be able to move and would lose completely.


What should I do? What should I do, run or fight?

I checked my body to see if there were cracks or anything wrong.


Ok, everything is ok.


Do I fight?


…Yes. I slowly advance the same way and move towards its feet again.

I hold the shield firmly. The dragon comes down and like before, does one of the two actions.

I came before the foot and raised my sword.


Unlike before, I saw the dragon move its foot toward me.


Ha! I can now dodge it.



I saw the leg pass by my eyes and make a very large sound. I exchanged blows with the dragon, yes.

But the next second I got blown away again.


Seriously?!? My neck is still good right?


Ok, it is fine. Ha ha.

I got one hit in.

I stood and set up the sword and shield again.


Do I want to stand?


I really want to run. You want to run, impossible.


I see the face of a mother apologizing to the child because there is no food.

Damn it.

Ok calm down. Look closely at the dragon. Attack when there is an opportunity. Approach it and then attack.








I fly back and then proceed again. Each time attacking the foot. I swung the sword.


The scales are hard as iron. There is not a single scar……


No, I made a small dent, the size of a human nail.


Ok refocus. Start again.


I will do this for as long as it will take. I am only able to do this right now too.

Huh? It stood up?

Damn it, I can’t hit on the hand anymore. No, that’s not what I should be looking at.


It has become really tall. The legs are stomping now. Cracks appeared in the cave.


I swung the sword as quickly as I could.


Damn it, still nothing different.


Can I really beat like this? It’s only taking 1 damage each and every time.


It’s not zero percent so let’s keep going until then.


Two hits this time. I got my first two hits in.


As usual with these damn scales. I hit the leg from the left.


I crouch and the go forward to swing down on the shin. I hit the same place and the same scales.



Damn it, now from the right.

I swing my sword and then try to block the incoming leg with my shield. The right leg hit the shield arm and flew off.


I retreated for now to find my arm. Searching for my left arm, I finally found it.

It was in the corner with the shield. I rush to pick it up.


The dragon walks over to me.


I ran towards the exit with my arm holding my arm.


Half a day on a carriage is equal to two days on foot.


I walked from the mountain to the city. I could see the gates, I wondered if I would be let inside.


I am only bones so I doubt that the guards would do it.


But it didn’t matter.


Emily and Misery were both waiting for me in front of the gate.


They didn’t know when I would be back. Why were they there?


When they saw me, they quickly rushed over and hugged me while crying.

“Hone, don’t move I will call a carriage.” (Emily)

“It’s ok I can walk.” (Hone)

But the two did not let go for one second.

When the carriage came, we went straight to the castle. The count and Marga both came towards us.


The count looked at me with a pale face, Marga kept saying ‘sorry’ to me with her hands covering her face and tears.

There was big mirror in the hallway, and I saw myself reflected in that.


I know why they were acting like that now.

My armor which was originally shining sliver is now rusty and black because of the miasma. The armor was dented all over.


My left arm was torn from the root.


I had no helmet and my sword was also gone somewhere. The mirror reflected my skull. A pure white skull is now filled with mud and dust.


My skull face made no expression at all in the mirror.


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