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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Idle Talk 2

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Author Note:

Idle talk The love and gratitude day.

it’s author.

Since i wrote this idle talk, i wonder if the context is a bit weird ?

well then, here.

I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Idle Talk 3 (The Love and Gratitude Day)


Today, the town was covered in a cheerful atmosphere.

Everywhere, from men to women and women to men, everybody gave their love to each other.

That’s right, today is 『Love and Gratitude day』.
It was an event loved by the people since on this day once a year you can convey your feeling that you can’t say on normal days.

Well, in the modern era, it’s also called 『The suffering days of a man who isn’t popular -day』

Though it’s already decided that when you convey your feelings you have to always bring a gift to your opponent, but recently what’s popular is chocolate when you’re “serious(Honmei)” and for “friendship(giri)” is a cookie.

Well then, on this days. here we have our Carla right here …….

[Maruoi-san, you didn’t unexpectedly sell any chocolate right?]

I try to ask him like it’s a whim.
By the way, Maruoi-san is the merchant that often stays in this inn.

[ …. I have you know]

So you sold it ! ? or rather Maruoi-san, that joke is old right ? how did you know ?

[Rather than that, what are you gonna do with the chocolate? There isn’t actually someone you want to give ‘honmei’ chocolate to right ~ ~ ? ? ?] – TL : honmei : love, or ‘real’ feeling chocolate –
Maruoi-san, I think you have built your character a little bit more now, you know?

[No, i just wanted to eat some chocolate] [That bitter thing ! ? You have some strange tastes eh] [i think Maruoi-san already knows about that thing right. Leaving that aside ….. ] [Carla-chan bought chocolate you guuuuyyyyyyyysssss ] [Whaaaaaat this is one serious matter oooooiiii ] [Uoooooooh, Carla-chan, give your chocolate to meeeeeeeee ! ! ] [You foooool ! ! ! It’s already decided that I will be the one who will receive it riiiiiiigghhhhhtt ! ! ]

What’s with this uproar ? If you guys wanted to eat chocolate that much, you guys just need to buy it right, the chocolate. ( In the manner of a certain nobility of a france royal family)

Well then, I already bought the chocolate, let’s just return to the inn.
[Here, carla-chan, i gave you a cookie] [Ah, thank you very much] [Ouh, isn’t it Carla-chan, oi , mooom take out the cookie](TL : kansai-ben] [So, sorry for the trouble] [Ooh ? Carla-chan, it’s rare for you to be here at this hours, aah, right ….. here, cookie] [Thanks]

Somehow i strangely got a lot of cookies today …..

What in the world happened?

While continuing to having such thoughts, I return to the inn.
—- clang, clang.

[ Wazzup. give me water, water] [Kail, what happened today. it seems that you don’t look as energetic you know?]

As I said that, Kail answers as if it’s bothersome.

[Aaah ~, today is the love and gratitude day right? There’s a lot of nobles that bring presents to me you know . Even though I already said that I don’t really need it] [I don’t want any more chocolate . In the first place, why do I have to eat such a bitter thing. Is this torture?] – (TL ;still kail speaking here, it’s in different bracket tho)

What’s with that valentine like event ….. it’s my first time hearing it you know?

[ That’s why I ran away. really ~ this place really calms me down ~ ] [Thanks, it’s alright for you to stay here but don’t be too long and return to work okay?] [Kaa~~ y]

It seems that he really looks tired.
Maybe I should I give him something to relieve his stress? There are various things but he is still a customer that has visited this inn the most after all ~ .

—- Alright.

[Here, I’ll give this to you. I think this has can relieve some stress] [What ? Chocolate ! ? If it’s from Carla then I’ll happily accept it ! !] [ ….. I’m sorry but this is a cake. well, just eat it for dinner. I think tomorrow your fatigue will be gone and you’ll feel refreshed you know?] [ Tch ! so it’s not chocolate …. even now Carla’s defense is still solid eh, *cry*]

Just now, this Kail guy clicked his tongue at me right ! ? I will consider it as he doesn’t need the cake.

[ If you don’t want it I’ll take it back]

Saying that, I reach my hand out to the box.

[No no, I want it. I need it. I’ll eat it. Well then ~ ]

Kail leaves at great speed.
Only at this kind of time do his action become really swift is it really alright for him?

That day, the entire country was clouded with confusion

It’s because of the thing that Carla gave everyone.

“Chocolate cake”

Everyone in the country are disputing whether it is “honmei” or “giri”.
On the other side at the royal castle.

–A card from Carla —

To Kail

Thanks for always coming to the inn.
I think that you got tired because of the government problem, please eat this sweet thing and become energetic again.
Chocolate has a stress relieving effect you know♪

From Carla

[Sebas …. I wonder if it’s alright for me to consider this thing as ‘honmei’ ?] [ Since it’s from Carla-dono. Isn’t it better for his majesty to think about how it is said and what it means?]

The cake is certainly a cake …. but …

“Chocolate Cake”
It seems that the image of the king groaning and rolling around in front of a cake for an hour was seen.

That’s right it’s 2/14.

I wrote this.

Carla’s sweets that caused repercussions.

I wasn’t quite able to write this skillfully.

A sweet mood, it seems I need to learn what’s necessary for it.

Then, in the next chapter I will properly write the main story.

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