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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 2 Chapter 1

All credits to actual translator!
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Chapter 02-01 ~ Another World:Began

When I opened my eyes, before me was….

“An unknown ceiling……….
Like hell!!”
Before me was a blue sky without even single cloud present.

(Where the heck am I….!?)

I stood up in a hurry and looked at my surroundings.


A meadow. Everywhere was green. It was simply beautiful. A grassland as far as the eye could see…..

“What a pleasant scenery. But, where is this?
That Supreme God said something about me waking up in another world but…..”

I could hear a girl talking to herself in the middle of the grassland. Her voice might be around the lower-range for girls, but it sounded a bit high-pitched in general.

Though, the girl turned out to be me all along.

(Ah right. That Supreme God certainly said so.
Then, this must be somewhere in another world, right?)

“That is cor~rect♪
We’re currently in the Meadow of Maltai. This place is just a little bit west from the capital, Kranclan☆”

Suddenly, the voice of the Supreme God resounded in my head.

“Urgh! How disgusting! A weird voice is entering my head!
This feels bad……. as bad as a hangover….I wanna throw up now (ㄒoㄒ)”

―I feel really down to the point where it can’t be explained.
―I recall the time when I stayed over at an intimate couple’s house.
―The memory of being shown a doll-like smiling face for a long time vividly came to             me.
―The sound of an incoherent quarrel at night when one should be sleeping echoed in my mind.
―The smile on the next day like nothing had happened.
―Somehow, I came to distrust human. 1

(I can’t take this…… Should I just die…..)

“Sto~~oppp! Why would you suddenly distrust human just like that!!
Please, I’m about to explain a lot of things from now!! (´;ω;`)”

(If that’s the case then fine.)

I revived.


“What’s wrong, Supreme God? Come on, explain quickly.”

“……..I think you recovered a bit too fast.”

(Well, that’s what makes me great, isn’t it.)

“Well, more importantly. Isn’t it inconvenient for you to call me ‘Supreme God’ ‘Supreme God’ every time? I don’t mind if you call me Sue from now on, you know?”

(Sue? Isn’t that the name of the Belgian artist……?)

“Somehow I like it♪
I’ve decided. From now on, my name is Sue Primgott.
Thank you for your attention.

Well then, it’s a bit sudden but I’m going to start the explanation.”

“As long as you like it. Then, the explanation please.”

I patiently waited for Sue to start talking….




(….Eh? Is it not yet?)

“….Hey, Sue. What’s the wait?”

Perhaps it was a mistake to ask.

“Please wait a moment. The explanation material is still being faxed.
Aa~ I typed the wrong number!! Now I have to redo it all over again….. (╥﹏╥)
How could you do this to me! Even though I’ve finally reached the 87th digit!!”

“I know I should apologise here but, A FAX!? How does that even work here!? And why the heck is it so long!?”

I ended up launching a barrage of tsukkomi……

There was a lot more I wanted to say, but first,

“Haa.….sorry. I’ll patiently wait for the fax.”

…….Let’s apologise.

“As long as you understand.
………..Ee~ First is the number of another world administration……7875………..
The code for the management federation…..862019…..registration number…..2……
The ID no is…….22……..the upper state falsification management official…….566577
Location ID…….49………………*push push*”

(This will probably take a while……)
She was then made to hear an endless murmur of numbers, just like a prayer.

(Hurry up fax!!!!)

TL Note:

The names sound horrible I know. If anyone actually have any suggestions please let me know.
Kranclan is クランクラン (Ku-ra-n-ku-ra-n)
Maltai is マルタイ (Ma-ru-ta-i)

I changed the narration style on some parts to make it clearer.

  1.  Unfortunately, it’s a reference that I have no idea of. I tried googling it but I didn’t find anything. I swear this series has too many references.

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