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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 2 Chapter 2


Author note :
The explanation started.
it’s the fourth story.

Is this perhaps quite long …. ?

Well then ….


………………….. Guh.

『It’s done ~ ! !
Uuh, the mistake is going about 100 for 7 times……
Finally, I’m able to input the number without making any mistake ! ! !』

[  – – – Uwah ! That’s surprise me, don’t suddenly shout, you]

『 Well , well, isn’t that alright too, well then let me repeat this again ….
I’ll explain it ! ! !』

At the time, Ushin ( the name of the supreme deity by me)
『Regarding a certain assassination fist special skill that didn’t able to do end the century assassination explanation』
shout like that …..

—————- priii — pipipi !  ——– priiip ———- Priiip  —- — priiiip  —— Priiip  —– priiip .

The space in front of me cracked, and huge amount of paper come out from it ! ! !

(  —- papers come out ! ! ? —– ………… awesome ~ ! God’s fax awesome ~ ! ! ! God civilization is cool ! )

[Youshin, this is awesome ! ! so this is something that called FAX eh ! the space is cracked you know ! ! ! ] (TL : sarcasm  I think)

I think myself that gradually voice become louder is not the one at fault here.

I am ( because it’s that Ushin then 『 Ehen ! ! Did it surprise you ? It’s hard you know, sending FAX is…… 』perhaps she will said something like that right~ ) thus, with a mood like that of Old people when looked at the neighborhood elementary school student waited for the answer.

『 ———–  I’ll start with explanation about the character here okay』

(—– she normally start to explain …. )

(—— eh !? What !? Return back my expectation ! !)

『Your name is Carl ….. 』

No matter what I said to Ushin who’s already entered explaining mode is useless. … ..

(  —– Is this some sort of bullying ?)


—- Character Setting —

Name    : Carla ・Grace ( Former : Takashi Ryuuto)
Sex    : Woman (Former : Half Man)
Age    : 20 years old (Former :28 years old)
Height    : 173 cm (Former : 178)
Weight    : Woman’s secret (Former: Half man’s se-c-ret)
3 size    : A proportion that will made everyone jealous (Former : somewhat normal figure)


( —– Wait a minute  ……….. What with this bracket !? I’m not a half man dammit !)

As expected I raise my voice to complaint to her, but then remembered the shocking ignoring that happened just now ……

( —— Ignoring is awful right ~ . Before you realize it, it already spreads all over the class after all ……..
In past, at the time when they learn about bullying in the class at school they do it a lot right ~ ……
Thought there’s a lot kind of bullying but I think that ignoring is the worst after all …..

—- Bullying, no good, absolutely !)

Ignored that emotions of mine the explanation continued ……

Ability    : HP 500 / 189000        (Max 999)
MP 999 / 296870    (Max 999)
ATK 198053        (Max 100)
DEF 8969730291        (Max 100)
MAT 345298        (Max 100)
MDF 86753354960    (Max 100)
SPD 500         (Max 100)

( The HP already decreased !! ? But this ability value is too cheat ! However only the SPD is questionable !?
…… I wonder what is the bracket at the side is ? MAX ? )

『The one in the bracket is the greatest values of the people in this world you know』
『Thought since the creation of the earth a person that have the all MAX is never existed …. 』
『In other word, you’re the strongest ! 』
『As to measure how strong you’re then …..

—– Boasted as the strongest in history, the average stat of the demon lord that able to get hold half of the world in one year is about 78 !

You did it alright ! You’re totally the strongest ☆ ! ! ! 』

*Baban ! ! !*  with a vigor that seems like such SE come with it Ushin declare.

( Aah , is that so ……………….. ————– Wait, it’s too cheat right !?Even thought I wished a bare minimum power to live in this world ! ? Or rather, isn’t the defense power is too big this ability value ! ! )

『 I also include so that you posses the greatest skill ! For something that is created in 3 minutes it’s come out great !』

( ………… 3 minutes !? This kind of ability in 3 minutes ! ! ! ? )

『Bu~t  ……, it’s still to early for you to get surprised you know ! I still didn’t said about the skill after all ♪』

( On the top of that she add more cheat ! ? I already full …. )


Gods 3 minute skill production BGM ; A certain television show that made thing that look impossible to create in 3 minutes but still forcibly create it OP : (TL : saw this on TV once and it’s cool — )

【Fundamental Children】; A skill that somehow ended up named like that by god.
The effect is absolute defense final evolution.
—– basically you’re invincible.
—– Created in『Fu○su Name maker』

【Disorder Information network ( Ultimate・ Wiki ○dia)】; Everything that you wanted to know basically is there/
however, the credibility is questionable. (TL : true enough)
Able to create computer site 『Wiki○dia』inside your head.
—- Furthermore it’ll always updated with the latest article.

【Devilish smile (read : Niko popopon) 】; legendary strongest skill.
The mostly strongest type of protagonist posses 『Smile Blush (TL : nikopo)』at the last evolution.
Whatever the creature will charmed with just the smile.
With the 『*Blush*』rate being  too high it’s also considered as the work of devil.
—— As the side effect made expressing emotion in the face will be hard.

【Woman’s enemy (read: Enemy of Tomato)】; Will never suffered from woman’s worry.
That’s just you’ll totally never suffer from it. 『Diet ? …….. What is it, is it delicious?』condition.
——  While on it, tomato is a word that can also means as Woman.

【God’s Deed (read: Divine act】; Due to the thought of the god(read: Nyonnyon) the skill will increased.
—- Can also called as 【Opportunism】. Perhaps there will be pros and cons.


( This is cheat ………. This is totally cheat …… Furthermore it even considered so that it can add more for whatever the reason the skill that couldn’t be thought in 3 minute . ———- For now at this time is ………)

[ What it this ! ] ( With the style of certain detective in denim fabric trousers)

『Ooh —- Matsu○ Yuusaku right ! It’s nostalgic eh~ 』(TL : to anybody who’s able to read the name of this certain detective :> 松○優作)

Ushin with heartily expression ( If I input an sound effect then it’s decided to be *Honya~~~* ! I will receive no objection ! ) she mutter.
Well, I can saw the face though.

It’ll be a reaction of a old person somewhere that watched a special the end of the years television show if there’s a kotatsu and orange, also japanese tea.

『Well for character it’s this much. The next I’ll go to explaining about the world okay ~ ♪』

(I already greatly tired just because the character thing …….  ——– Didn’t my HP decreased?)

Unshin’s explanation is still continued ……


The blank space at the below of the FAX that sent by Unshin.

—— Compilation of the God’s settings —– (Carla and the other cannot saw this —– let’s made it like that)

Main Character setting :
Main character that dead because of short life span. Because of some reason that the supreme deity didn’t understood it’s decided that he will live in the other world.
At the time when he transported to the different world he wanted to had his sex changed to a girl, a secluded otaku nekama-kun.

Even though he’s quite a otaku however he’s not a neet. He properly had a job.

After his sex changed he’s called as 『Carl・Grace 』.
Her skin’s color is dark brown with that beautiful slight hanging eyes a peerless beautifull woman.
According to supreme deity’s order to arranged the perfect part for her, she get hold of a beauty to the extent that it’s called as【 Divine act】.
Colour of the hair is white-ish silver.
Her attire is, the one that’s perfectly fit for her body, something such as a black dress, it seems that the leg that peeked out from the underfoot slit is dazzling. It can also said that it was a dress that conceal those plumply figure which made people slightly troubled where to look at.
Her cheat ability is not something to look down at ! ! !
A sinful woman that will charm a lot of people from now on.

Main character background setting :
The god arranged for her to get rejuvenated into 20 years old to give a little bit the feeling of getting reincarnated.
By wrapped in black sphere for reconstructed her body she was restructured to the genetic level.
Because of that she was inside the black sphere for 20 years.

Since she was restructured from genetic level , her body composition got  disassembled for once and then she got rebuild from scratch. And because of that, she was growth from baby to 20 years old, but since it’s happened in an instant the person itself didn’t remembered it.

She was given various information as she growth is also given under the name of【opportunism】.

It’s made that she possessed the skill Smile blush-like cheat so that basically she will not laugh.

Supreme deity setting :
Saiko・Ushin as the main character give that name to the 『The highest of the god』(TL : supreme deity = Saikoshin = Saiko Ushin )
Even so, she was the sole god so there’s no other god.

Her appearance is blonde, beautiful girl. (The rest its just do according to one’s imagination)
The attire is “that” thing that common for god.

An awesome person that control over everything. (TL : it’s really said *sugoi Hito* – awesome/ great person)
The 『Ten-chan』that come out for just a little is about her secretary angel.

Almost never come out in society.

Dispatch angel for the sake of the world management.
And thus, all of the god that the country all around the world had a faith in it is the angels of the world scout team.

Supreme deity’s background setting  :
Formerly is a handsome young man.
Was supposedly a person that had a wicked personality that’s scheming to send the main character to another world since she had a lot of free time.

The “thing that’s fun lately” for supreme deity is 『Meteorite billiard for made the solar system 』or that what was she planned to do.

And then for some reason she was planned to speak with kansai-ben.

The reason that her appearance was a beautiful blonde girl is randomly because she was transformed from handsome young man since I didn’t thought about it.

Her age is 《 ——————– Prohibited matter ————– years old 》 (TL:Mikuru(?)’s catchphrase )
Did you perhaps come to understanding.
Author note :
I mixed the story with the setting data.。

Please treat me well too at the next chapter.

1/10  Main character’s age from 17 – > to 20,  addition to the skill’s explanation.

1/23 Made various kind of change.

7/26 Tempered with Carla’s appearance, and the setting for her attire.

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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