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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Author note :

It’s chapter five.

I’m totally tired that there’s fever coming out.

Well then …..
beautiful green spread over the verdant prairie – –

『Marutai’s Prairie』

It’s about the swarm of monster that happened about 5000 years ago, it was the prairie that carved with the name of the hero 『Marutai』who’s everybody know that with just 10 people stand up against those monsters.
Though because of there’s no data of what this prairie is called at that time, to gave praise to the Marutai and his subordinates achievement for exterminating the monsters at the prairie, it seems that it’s decided that it was given the name of Marutai who was the captain….

Then as supplement Marutai’s force at that time 『Marutai’s 10 brave warrior』they became called as so, they’re is a big name to the extent that they’re always made an appearance in heroes tales.

But presently the aftermath of the battle at that time is already gone, in this prairie with the image of something that’s idyllic calm somewhere,

One woman who’s bringing massive bundle of paper nodding over empty air …… (TL : It’s actually Aizudchi , mean to saying something to response to someone who speaking, usually with “hmm” “okay” “ahh” or something like that)

Though no matter how people saw it then she look like a woman with a screw loose on her head, but her face is really put in order, no matter what kind of saint, in front of that wonderful body which bend back and forth that it seems to hold prowess will be knocked out in an instant —– especially in sexual way…..

The one who’s had that wonderful body’s 『Carla・Grace 』continued to nodding alone.


『Leaving that aside, I’ll go into the next explanation okay☆』

With the cheerfulness that made me wonder if there’s ☆ mark at the end of her word, 『Saiko – Ushin』’s voice inside 『My(ore)』head declared so.

(Or rather, it’s really had this ☆ mark right !? Also what with that explanation about Marutai !? Is that really needed !? )

『Kaa~y, please don’t give retort to prologue.
Then, next is about this world eh. Please look at page 12 of  the document.』

(But, it’s not needed『Plese loo~k ☆』…………. okay ) – (TL: she seems to remember the ignoring)

『Me』nodding silently and then took one sheet that had 12 written on it from the massive bunch of paper.


― ―World’s setting――

Klan Continent :
A continent with shape of that Diamond mark in trump that’s crumbled a bit.
【Created by the sole god『Klan』】or such legend is stated.
In the middle of the continent, there’s exist Oak Klan Kingdom, at the west, there’s Marutai Plain that’s spreads over thus it was land which abundant with its nature.
In the north there’s 『El-klan empire』, At the east there’s demi-human’s country『Mil-Klan Kingdom』those two large country took up their place, in the south there’s place where Dragon reside the 『Klan Lead Mountain Range』which magnificently lower it’s back, it’s made the one who’s saw it felt overpowered.
As when cross over Marutai’s prairie then there’s a place where demon’s settlement which usually called as 『Demon’s Garden』.

Without any cross-national wars that’s usually happened in fantasy world, they were cooperated with each other in preparation in case there’s massive invasion of monster.
In other word, it’s a peaceful world.

Oo-klan Kingdom :
The first one in the continent which established the Adventurers Guild,the biggest country in the continent as the result of the adventurer 『Kail -Ooklan』who is an adventures that is a former noble which aimed for improvement in status.
The king is not heredity-system, it was chosen in an ritual to choose the person who is suitable to become the king named 『Klan’s Guidance 』.
There’s also that if it’s judged that if the current king is not suitable in his lifetime then by the ritual implement then it’s possible that the king will changed.
Since the king originally is a former adventurer, also as the land where the Adventurer Guild originate the number of the adventurers is numerous.
Currency, language or such using the one which common in the continent.
Their Faith is dedicated to their sole god『Klan』the 『Klan’s Creed』

Two big Major power  :
It’s pointed to the 『El-klan empire』and 『Mil-klan Kingdom』.
Among the country in the Klan continent which is fundamentally close they were specially close.
El-klan Empire is boasted with it’s high level , magic technology, along with it’s Science and tech , it’s also created magic item and such.
Because their trade with Mil-klan Empire, they received abundant amount of the blessing of the nature.
Mil-klan with the high tech received from El-klan, they used it to protected their nature.
However since inside Mil-klan Kingdom other than demi-human is prohibited to live, every human and half-ing had to go to other country. (But there’s no restriction when entering the country thus people can still do trade and such)
Again, is it perhaps because their high pride, high elf race is the only one who openly strongly opposed the coexistence with other country.

Demon’s garden :
The general term for the settlement of the demons.
For demon they didn’t had any sense of something like country and king thus there’s a lot that frankly associated with anybody.
Their livelihood with 20 – 100 person who’re called as elder on the top of the list.
However, about the information how they choosen the elder or how they coordinated inside their village is unknown.
Though they possessed high intelligence and huge amount of magical power, there’s a lot of time that they regarded same as monster so they’re basically never come out from the garden.
(Inside the legend and stuff it’s stated that demon lord born among the demon)

Klan – Lead :
The habitat of the dragon.
Full of people who’s one rank stronger than the other monster.


( ……… It’s unexpectedly common setting eh)

『We~ll it’s the result of trying creating the world where you can do adventure you know♪  ……….  I am, hate that kind of thing where people doing quarrel with each other after all ……..』

[ I understand, that why you created peaceful world eh . —- Then the continue ?]

『Ah ! Then next I will tell you about common thing at this continent』

Klan’s Creed :
The religion that believe over the only god 『Klan』,near 90% of the people in Klan continent is entering the faith of this religion.
[Everything is under the God『Klan』! ! ] or they had such a doctrine.
The fact that there’s a lot of place named after Klan, is also because the world is considered to be the creation of Klan.

The only god 『 Klan 』:
World scout unit’s angel which is sent by supreme deity. Since her purpose is for scouting thus he didn’t got any of divine protection.


(They’re into Klan eh ~ . Isn’t almost all of it monopolized by Klan right?)

『We~ll I’m also surprised you know.  To think that the Angel that I sent to scouting
become called as 『The sole god Klan』right ♪ (LOL)』

(……. Or rather, Klan is really awesome eh. What do you mean with the ratio of the faith is 90% eh!?)

『The culprit itself seems happy that he got called as the 『sole god 』and disregard myself you know …. 』

『 —– Even now he was doing the 45 degree jumping dogeza in front of me you know ….. 』

(Is that so ……… it was hard for him eh, the middle management angel 『Klan』is …… )


Klan Language :
The common language that used everywhere in the continent.
As due to region there will be different accent of speaking but it’s not something that worth concern.
Frankly the letter is just rotate the alphabet 90 degree.
The word is made by Romaji entry. The grammar is no different from Japanese.
The information already done input inside the main character.


( What is this, Input『Finished』thing is !? When did you insert it ! ?)

『Ah, that’s 【Opportunism】. That’s the consideration from me so that you will not have any problem with your daily life.』

[Ah, thank you, very much]

『Don’t worry, then next I will explain about the currency to you. This is will be faster if you could see the real thing right.
Well then from the smallest currency …….. 』

( ….. Hmm ? currency? the real thing ?)

[Wait, I didn’t receive any of that thing you know?]

『 …… eh? Did I didn’t send it ………… So I didn’t send it eh ………..
I’ll send it to you right now. Please wait for a moment』

(Again, I have to wait for a long time eh …… )

Just now, me who heard that she will sent it to me thought that it will be something that took long time like the FAX, lament inside my heart.

But ,

『 ……………… Okay . I already send it 』

( ? eh ? Isn’t this is remarkably fast ? Re-dial ? Anyway it’s good  ……. —- Again, will it break the space just like the FAX I wonder? I’m looking forward to it)


——- *excited*

…………………………….. i .

——- *excited*

…………. i i i .

—— *exci ….. ?

—- Dziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!! ————————– Dboooooooooooooooooooom ! ! ! ! ! ! !

[ WOAH ! ! ! ]

The high pitched tone which seems like it was come from a jet airplane or such that flying straight with the speed faster than the speed of sound
at the same time as that because of something that came flying crashed to the ground, the exploding sound it produce striked my body.

[What is it ! ! ?]

Inside the dense cloud of dust that enshroud me, I am stare at the object that come flying here.

( ……….. Gold ? No, other than that there’s also silver and Copper! ?)

Over there, there’s the thing that perhaps called as real thing by Unsin which is a currency that create approx 50cm crater.

( No no no ! ? For that kind of sound this crater is too small right ! ! — Rather than that……. )

[Isn’t that dangerous oi Unshin ! ! ! Can’t you give it gently like the FAX ! ! ! ]

It cannot be helped that Clara ended up yelled.

『Eeh bu~t , if I send it ~ with something like FAX ~ then inputting the coordinate ~ of the designation ~ , for the space leap or such ~ is really bothersome you know ~ 』

( Annoyiiing, that is an endlessly annoying way of speaking. If she is right here then I already plucking every last strand of that blonde ! )

『— Sorry . Even myself is getting a bit annoying …… Well , since this time I didn’t had much time so I throw it with all my might 』

[ ………. Eh ! ? That’s you throwing it ? ! How strong are you ! ]

『Well after all even if I am just someone who’s have slacking life who is reading the whole volume of 『KO○KAME』in just 2 hours when killing time I am is still the supreme deity after all☆
If it’s something with the distance like 49825 light year then its something easier than throwing ball from one side to the other side of 6 tatami room you know 』
『 ————– Then, I will continue my explanation okay』
( …… Wait, isn’t light year is a distance that will take 1 year with the speed of light right ? These currency are come in just several second !?  …….. or rather finishing the whole『KO○KAME 』in just 2 hours is not on the level of speed reading you know !? )

『This currency is the Klan ….. 』

As expected, no matter what I said to Unshin who’s already entered the explanation mode is useless ………… (Weep)

( Like I said this is a bullying alright ….. )


Klan currency :
It’s divided by 3 type Gold, silver and copper.
1 Gold = 100 Silver. 1 Silver = 100 copper.
Cannot answer if asked how much is it when converted to japanese yen.

As expected or rather at the coin’s surface there’s Klan God picture on it.
Though how this is possible is mysterious but it can be obtained by defeating a monster.


『Well, maybe it’s something like that  …… hmmm ?』

sobbing, weeping.

『Why are you crying ? For now the explanation is over you know ? After this you will be living in other world you know ?』

[ —– Isn’t is because you’ve been ignoring me you know ! ! !]

I felt refreshed after shouting.
Yep, doing something like sobbing is not something like me after all.

『Nyoa ! Don’t suddenly shouting you ! !  !  – – – Rather than that, since the explanation is over it’s about my time to withdraw』

(Eh ? So this is farewell ?)

With the farewell statement, even though it for just a moment, we had our time together so I felt somehow or other lonely.

『Well, from the beginning I am supposed to not meddle to much in the world you know …………. —– Well I will be looking over this world through Klan after all so please enjoy your life after this』

(Is that so , then it can’t be helped right, I will enjoy my life after this with all my might alright]

『Kay, well then good bye ~ 』

While remembered the slight lonely feeling after heard the voice of Ushin’s last word, I am started to walked toward the royal capital.

And thus the short but felt long time together with Ushin end, it was the start of my life as Clara.

[ ——–  as expected maybe it’s better to use the ladylike I(watashi) ? —– What should I do with this bunch of paper ……. ]


『Fyuuh~  I already done the explanation after all, after this it’s gonna be alright if I just take a peek sometimes right』
『 —— ……….. hmmm ? Ten-chan ? Is there’s something matter ? What with that nice smile ….. ! ?』

——— That day, the god’s pleading voice which is echoed inside the sacred place is raised an tremble among all of the angels or so it said.


The blank space at the below of the FAX that sent by Unshin.

—— Compilation of the God’s settings —– (Carla and the other cannot saw this —– let’s made it like that)

The reason that the king is a former noble, 【Noble had power that’s surpass that of the commoner】there was such kind of background setting.
More specific then it means【It’s easier for strength to got higher】【It’s easier for magic power to got higher】Or such.
Please thought this as the status Up assistance that given to the tittle called as Noble.
Again, just to remind that it’s a word that had the outlook of the Role play world so there’s also Level Up and such.
Thus the main spindle is Role play.
It’s stated that the explanation about the currency if converted to japanese yen is cannot be done,

Frankly said it’s because examine each of the thing’s price and applied it is to bothersome that’s why. (LOL)
Can you come to understanding.

This is the last notice from Unshin.

Please treat me well to at the next story.

Though I said that she will not be peerless but I will do it for a little bit.
Since I never done any description of combat, it’s made me bit nervous but I will do it before long.

Well then.

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